Should I Buy Slack Stock Points to Consider

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Where to Buy Slack Stock

If you want to invest in Slack Technologies (WORK) stock, we recommendcreating a stock account with one of our recommended brokers. If you’reoutside the United States, select eToro. If you’re inside the US or Canada,choose Stash Invest.

Should I Buy Slack Stock? Points to Consider

Before you buy Slack stock, or other stocks like Microsoft stock, we alwaysrecommend making sure you have a sound understanding of the investment you’remaking. Taking a closer look at the company fundamentals and researchinghistoric price movements and forecasts can help you decide whether it’s theright stock for you. Here are a few points to consider when buying and sellingSlack stock.

Slack business model and share price history

Slack’s name is an acronym of the rather less snappy ‘Searchable Log of AllConversation and Knowledge’. It first emerging in 2013 as an internalcommunications system developed by Stewart Butterfield for his former company,Tiny Speck. It set out to allow users to create collaborative channels thatcan be set up for different projects and teams. It also integrates stocktrading apps, of which there are already thousands, that can be used toimprove productivity and communications in numerous ways. It proved to be a rapid success, attracting 8,000 users within 24 hours of itslaunch in 2013. By February 2015, 10,000 new daily active users were signingup each week and the platform boasted more than 135,000 paying customers. Thatyear, Slack reached 1 million “simultaneously connected” users. By March 10th2020, that figure had grown to 10 million. One week later it had leapt to 11million, then 12.5 million the following week. It’s clear to see the impact ofthe Coronavirus pandemic on Slack’s userbase.To get an idea of Slack’s profitability – a question that has troubled themarkets – we can look at its fiscal year fourth quarter 2020 results, releasedon March 12th. Slack’s revenue grew 49% year-over-year to $181.9 million,while calculated billings grew 47% year-over-year to $254.7 million. The signsare encouraging; it has gained 25% more paying customers and subscription-based revenue topped $630 million for its most recent fiscal year, up 57% on2019.Slack’s biggest challenge is perhaps the competition it faces from MicrosoftTeams, which launched in 2017 and closely resembles Slack (which Microsoftconsidered buying for $8 billion). However, Slack has the advantage ofsuperior customization which should enable businesses to create a more bespokesolution than Teams is likely to allow.

Slack stock dividend information

Slack doesn’t currently pay shareholders a dividend and it isn’t clear ifthere are plans to do so in the future.

Slack stock forecast and prediction

The average 12-month stock forecast according to 23 Wall Street analysts is$28.95, this represents an 8.94% increase on the current price of $26.58. Theconsensus is that WORK is a buy stock, but only just.Of those analyst ratings, there’s currently 1 sell rating, 9 hold ratings and13 buy ratings, with a high target price of $44.00 and a low target of $14.00.

How to Buy Slack Stock from eToro

Providing you have a funded online broker account, follow these simple stepsto buy Slack stock on our recommended stockbroker, eToro.Note: You need to verify your account to lift the deposit limit on youraccount.

Step 1: Search for Slack (WORK) Stock

Look up Slack by typing the ticker symbol WORK into the search box.

Should I buy Slack stock or wait?

All things considered, we think Slack is a buy stock right now and, onbalance, analysts seem to agree.

Google Stock Price Today

When we speak about Google, we must look at the Alphabet Inc. stock, which istraded under the ticker symbol GOOGL. The current price for today of the GOOGLstock is $2 408.49. Below is an interactive GOOGL stock price chart:

Google Stock Forecast 2022

Below is a Google share price forecast for 2022. The Google stock future looksrosy, with a nice target growth of the stock towards the end of the year:Year|Mo|Min|Max|Close|Total% —|—|—|—|—|— 2022|Jan|2484|2802|2643|26.95% 2022|Feb|2609|2942|2775|33.29% 2022|Mar|2739|3089|2914|39.96% 2022|Apr|2602|2934|2768|32.95% 2022|May|2472|2788|2630|26.32% 2022|Jun|2596|2928|2762|32.66% 2022|Jul|2660|3000|2830|35.93% 2022|Aug|2725|3073|2899|39.24% 2022|Sep|2861|3227|3044|46.21% 2022|Oct|2852|3216|3034|45.73% 2022|Nov|2995|3377|3186|53.03% 2022|Dec|2980|3360|3170|52.26% Source: Longforecast

Google Stock Forecast 2023

2023 is quite a long-term prediction, which means we have to be careful andnot go into too much detail. According to the Google share price forecast,Google will start 2023 at $3,171, then rise to $3,284 within the first sixmonths of the year and end 2023 at $3,777.Year|Mid-Year|Year-End|Tod/End,% —|—|—|— 2021|$2,473|$2,615|+24% 2022|$3,156|$3,171|+50% 2023|$3,284|$3,777|+79% Source:

Long Term Google Stock Predictions 2025-2030

The long-term Google stock price prediction for 2025-2030 looks very positive.If this turns out to be true, it’s a good time to buy GOOGL shares now. Pleaseremember that such long-term predictions are too approximate to be consideredreliable. Realistic earnings expectations cannot be made on speculation.Year|Mid-Year|Year-End|Tod/End,% —|—|—|— 2025|$5,073|$5,530|+162% 2026|$5,862|$6,001|+185% 2027|$6,227|$6,355|+201% 2028|$6,489|$6,629|+214% 2029|$6,775|$6,927|+229% 2030|$7,086|$7,253|+244% Source:

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