Sony Bravia 75in smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV with Google assistant Was

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Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless headphones have come on leap and bounds, as shown from Beats. WhileAirPods and the AirPods Pro may be popular, these take it to the next levelwith premium sound and a handy ear cuffs to ensure they stay firmly in placeeven during high intensity workouts. They are available in a range of coloursand have a battery life of up to nine hours.Currys

Sonos Beam Compact Smart Sound Bar

Transform your home into a cinema-worthy set up with the help of Sonos. TheBeam sound bar provides epic sound quality and can be paired with otherspeakers from the brand to create a surround set-up. It connects to your TVthrough an HDMI cable and then you can control it wirelessly through the freeapp.Argos

A pack of smart plugs that lets them control devices wherever they are

If you’ve ever left the house only to realise you didn’t unplug a hot iron,you’ve likely been in the predicament of deciding if you should return tounplug said electronics or risk it all, keep moving, and hope the housedoesn’t burn down.Your more forgetful friends and family members will appreciate these easy touse smart plugs that they can control and access through any smart device, sothey always have the peace of mind that their electronics are off and theirhouse is safe.* * *

A set of smart light bulbs that they can control remotely and provide

ambianceSpending $US140 on a set of light bulbs is a lot, which is why some peopleprobably won’t buy these for themselves. That’s also why, as the gifter, youtotally should. These smart lights offer 50,000 shades of white light and canbe controlled with an app or their voice, so they can easily adjust the lightto create an ambiance that suits how they want to feel.* * *

A smart TV that has all of their favourite streaming apps already built in

With plenty of streaming options that offer great content and a lower pricethan cable, these days many are cutting the cord and saying goodbye to cablefor good. If you know someone who just did, or is planning to cut cable out, asmart TV is an awesome gift. Once connected to your WiFi, it lets them accessall of the most popular streaming apps for music, tv shows, and movies.* * *

A streaming stick that transforms their regular TV into a smart TV

If you want to give the gift of a smart TV without the price tag of an actualTV, the Roku is a great choice. This streaming stick has thousands of freestreaming channels, as well as their favourite paid streaming sites likeNetflix and Hulu. For tech, it’s a great value at $US30.* * *

A smart speaker that’s small but mighty

For those looking to enter the smart home realm, start them off with an EchoDot. This speaker is the smallest of the Echo family, but it’s Alexa-enabledjust like its siblings so they can use it to do all sorts of cool things likecontrol lights, listen to their favourite songs, or play Jeopardy. The modestsize and updated look mean that this gadget can pretty much live anywhere.*May arrive after Christmas* * *

Best Tech Gifts For Women: 30 Must-Have Gadgets For Her In 2021

* BY Editorial Staff * January 9, 2021If the woman you love considers herself high tech, on her birthday, Mother’sDay, Christmas or just because, add a twist to gift giving. Instead of scentedcandles or necklaces, a tech gift is something that will give her a bigthrill.But don’t worry. Whether she is a tech-savvy or non-techie woman, the giftsthat we pick in this collection are easy-to-use. Any mom, wife, girlfriend,and even grandma, will find these gifts practical and use these gadgets foreveryday activities.From smart devices that ease her house chores to accessories that give afuturistic sense and convenience in her hobbies and routines, you will findamong these tech gift ideas a gift that fits her.

Fitbit versa 3 smartwatch with GPS: Was £199.99, now £159, Amazon

(Amazon)As the most popular fitness tracker on the market, snap up a Fitbit watchwhile it has 20 per cent off at Amazon. It promises impressive featuresincluding; a battery life that lasts up to six days, built-in GPS, heart rate,pace, distance and calorie monitoring and built-in voice assistant. You canalso use it play music and podcasts via streaming services such as Spotify orDeezer.The earlier versa 2 model from Fitbit featured in our review of the bestfitness trackers too. “The sleep tracking is detailed, recognising REM sleepas well as light and deep,” our reviewer said, before adding, “and thecontinuous heart rate tracking is useful and it also has a useful guidedbreathing session to help if you’re stressed.”Buy now

Sony Bravia 75in smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV with Google assistant: Was

£1,999, now £1,599, Currys PC World(Currys PC World)Splash out on a new TV while saving £400 on this model from Sony, with a huge75in screen that will make watching movies feel like a cinematic experience.It claims to deliver a high-quality picture, sound and screen and comes withGoogle assistant so you can control your TV with voice commands. Whether youwant to watch the football or scroll through your apps, you can use all yourfavourite streaming services along with the built in Chromecast and AirPlay.Buy now

List of Tech Gadgets To Make Life Easier

Just keep in mind, while some of these gadgets are practical, others arespecific, and others you might not have heard of until now. Read on!

Smart Bulbs

Yes, it’s time to ditch the traditional light bulbs for good. With smart bulbslike the Philips Hue smart bulbs, you better control the lighting in yourhome.While they’re a definite luxury to behold in the marker, they can makefrustrating lighting situations easier for you.For example, if you need an overhead light source to do a project, cook, etc.then smart bulbs have you covered!You can set these lights on and off without having to walk across the room toget to a light switch. Or, you can have them automatically turn on wheneveryou’re not at home so that the house looks lived in, thus warding off anyintruders.And, when you get the starter kit, it should include three bulbs and a HueBridge (which you’ll need to connect the bulbs to your home network). Sinceone bridge can support up to 50 Hue devices, you can always add more later ifyou have more devices than 50. Hope you like these in tech gadgets to makelife easier list.

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