Sony XB10 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

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Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth 360° speaker, $50 on Amazon

Amazon.comSometimes music needs to get wet. The Soundcore Flare Portable Bluetooth 360°speaker has a waterproof rating of IPX7, meaning it can be completelysubmerged. It delivers sound in all directions, making this a great gift forpeople who like to be in the middle of the action. With robust bass and a ringof LED lights around the bottom, this wireless speaker will be the life of theparty.Buy the Soundcore Flare Portable Speaker here.

18. For the music lover: The best portable Bluetooth speaker

If you’re shopping for someone who loves listening to music or podcasts,consider giving the gift of our favorite portable bluetooth speaker, the JBLFlip 5 speaker. It’s the best portable Bluetooth speaker we’ve tested, andit’s waterproof, meaning it can be used anywhere, rain or shine. A portablespeaker is always great to have to bring on hikes, use at home, or listen tooutside. They’re especially great for outdoor socially distant gatherings.Get the JBL Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon for $99.95

Cheapest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If your choice is based on price, then the OontZ Angle 3 is the cheapestoption we reviewed. The OontZ Angle 3 is also ultra-compact and lightweightweighing only 9oz. Even though it’s cheap, the OontZ Angle 3 comes withpremium features like a speakerphone, bass radiator, and an IPX5 waterproofrating. For its size, the Angle 3 makes some serious noise. Cheap in price butby no means in quality.If you’re after the best audio quality, then the Marshall Kilburn is way aheadof the competition. The best description of the Kilburn is it sounds likebutter. Smooth sounding with rich bass and exceptional clarity in the mids andhighs.

Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to get a party going, there’s only one portable speaker for it.The Altec Lansing XPEDITION 4 delivers 200W of power output with some seriousbass as well as flashing lights to get a party started. If you pair a secondXPEDITION 4, you’ll have 400W of sound. No speaker portable Bluetooth speakercan match the power and sound of the XPEDITION 4. The Altec Lansing XPEDITION4 is also our best waterproof and best bass portable Bluetooth speaker.Sometimes size does matter. If you want the most compact portable speaker,it’s a close call between the OontZ Angle 3 and Sony XB10 with almostidentical size and weight. While the Angle 3 delivers good sound, the SonyXB10 does a significantly better job. Both speakers have an IPX5 waterproofrating with a built-in speakerphone and bass radiator. The XB10 is, however,$100 more than the Angle 3.For its size, the OontZ Angle 3 is surprisingly loud! Not only is it loud butalso produces a significant amount of bass for such a small speaker.

Sony XB10 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker Conclusion

At under $60, the Sony XB10 is an absolute steal offering great sound withpremium features. The speaker is so light and compact you can pack it in abackpack or laptop bag without feeling the extra weight. Great for travelersand those on the go.Altec Lansing is well known for producing high-quality professional andconsumer audio products. They are an American brand started back in the 1920’sand are most famous for their participation in the original 1969 WoodstockFestival where Altec Lansing speakers were used for the PA. Skip forward topresent day and they’re still rocking with arguably the best portableBluetooth speaker on the market, the Altec Lansing XPEDITION 4 (ALP-XP400).The XPEDITION 4 is an absolute beast, which is fitting since the speaker has aBEAST Mode, which we’ll get to in a bit. The speaker carries an IP67 whichmeans the XPEDITION 4 can be submerged to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes. TheXPEDITION 4 is built to float face up so you can still play music while thespeaker floats around the pool. You do lose a lot of bass with the speakerfloating around the pool so it’s best to have the speaker out of the water.The XPEDITION 4 features dual 4” woofers, a 1” tweeter and dual bass radiatorsdelivering a staggering 200W of power. That’s 10 – 20 times the power of mostof the portable Bluetooth speakers we feature in this article. The bass theXPEDITION 4 delivers is mind-blowing for a speaker of this size. You canactually see the 4” woofers flex back and forward with the bass line and kickdrum which is awesome to watch for hip-hop, dubstep and bass especially. Themids and highs are really clean and crisp with good clarity at both low andhigh volumes.As mentioned, the XPEDITION 4 features what Altec Lansing call BEAST Mode.There is a small button on the front of the speaker which switches in and outof BEAST. When activated, the XPEDITION 4 comes alive with a serious bassboost. The bass boost on the XPEDITION 4 is much cleaner than any otherportable Bluetooth speaker which tend to go a little loose and wooly. TheXPEDITION 4’s bass retains a good amount of definition without muddying themids or highs. The overall sound is amplified and more exciting in BEAST Mode.Not that running the XPEDITION 4 in this mode will eat into your battery life.The XPEDITION 4 features a 24-hour battery which, again, is more than themajority of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. The speaker also comeswith a USB charging port to top up mobile devices.The XPEDITION 4 offers the choice of Bluetooth or ⅛ inch AUX inputs. Bluetoothis really quick and easy to pair with solid 33ft range and connectivity. Thereis also NFC for Android devices.Aside from producing some incredible sound for the party, the XPEDITION 4 alsofeatures two separate light modes. There are color changing LEDs around thespeakers as well as strobe lights to the left and right of the speaker grille.Each light can be independently controlled by switching between a fast or slowlight pattern. In addition, LEDs light up the buttons and around the volumeknob. At night, the XPEDITION 4 looks and sounds like a party starter.One thing to note is that the XPEDITION 4 is not as portable as most of theother Bluetooth speakers in this article. The speaker won’t fit in a laptopbag or handbag but may fit in some larger backpacks. The XPEDITION 4 comeswith a shoulder strap and the speaker has a handle so it’s really easy to pickup and carry around. The speaker weighs a little over 10lbs making itlightweight to carry.Want even more power? If you have a second XPEDITION 4 you can link them for astereo pair of speakers with a total of 400W of power!

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

See its price on AmazonUE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker is the speaker you should get if you wantportability as well as high volume. This new and improved wireless speakergives incredibly high volume without compromising at all on the range ofsounds and it takes up a very small space. The response range for this speakergoes from 125 Hz all the way up to 20 kHz.This speaker gives seamless connectivity and hours of wireless playback sothat you can keep the party going. The speaker is engineered such that themusic is warm, clean and clear to the ears. When it comes to the device’sperformance, it’s made to give a high level of precision in terms of theoutstanding music range.Compared to Bose and Marshall, it may have some shortcomings, but it’s still avery powerful speaker that gives loudness and clarity as well as a wide musicrange so that you can enjoy all types of music. It’s portable and affordableas well, so you can rest easy that you’re getting a good price.10 Best Gadget Gifts for College Students

What is the best Bluetooth speaker?

Our pick for the best Bluetooth speaker is the UE Megaboom 3. The Megaboom 3sounds great when playing all genres of music, offers an impressive 20 hoursof playback and is sturdy enough to face the elements outdoors. It’ll evensurvive an accidental drop in the pool.The best Bluetooth speaker for those on a budget is the Anker Soundcore 2. Forless than $50, the SoundCore 2 delivers loud sound in a durable, compact body.While it’s a bit small for the average backyard party, it’s great to toss inyour bag for a beach venture or other outing. Its 24 battery life will surviveany day trip you have in mind, too. If money is no object, the massive, $399Sonos Move has the most features of any Bluetooth speaker we’ve tested, thoughwe like its newer, smaller sibling — the Sonos Roam — even better.Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker to buy right now? Read on for our fulllist of picks.

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker for you

There are a couple things you’ll want to consider when shopping for aBluetooth speaker, the first of which is whether you want it to be wireless orwired. While a number of wired speakers like the Amazon Echo provide excellentBluetooth listening, you can’t bring them outside your kitchen or living room.Stick to a speaker with a rechargeable battery for on-the-go audio.With that, you’ll need to decide if an option with a voice assistant is thebest Bluetooth speaker for you. If you plan to use your speaker in yourbackyard, it could be useful to have Google Assistant’s or Alexa’s powers atyour disposal. That way you can change the music using your voice, rather thancontrolling the audio through your phone. These smart features will not workbeyond your home’s Wi-Fi, so opt for a non-smart Bluetooth speaker for thebeach or other outdoorsy locales.

How we test the best Bluetooth speakers

Every product on this list is considered the best Bluetooth speaker for one ormore standout features, however each must meet basic requirements during ourtesting to be considered. We spend several hours listening to music, makingcalls and toting around every speaker to make sure it sounds great across allgenres, provides solid call quality and withstands minor bumps or splashes.If a speaker offers smart features, we enable the supported voice assistant tosee how it fares against other top rated smart speakers. We’ll use it tocontrol smart home devices, browse playlists and get answers to other commonqueries.We also test battery life, exhausting each speaker’s battery after a fullcharge to see how long it can last under realistic conditions. A smart speakerconnected to Wi-Fi should last at least 10 hours, while a standard Bluetoothspeaker should last around 20. Most people want to know how much play timethey can expect when their speaker is brought along for a day trip.Best Bluetooth speaker 2021: Portable, wireless and waterproofWe’ve been spending a lot of time in our homes this year, haven’t we? Ifyou’re anything like us, too much time spent sitting in a quiet room with justour own sparkling personality soon becomes unbearable. The saviour is music –but how best to listen?We’re not talking about music streaming services – that’s another kettle offish entirely. Once you’ve made that decision, a more important questionarises: which speaker will have the privilege of playing your suspectplaylists and favourite throwbacks?It’s the most important aspect, of course, but the best Bluetooth speakersaren’t just about sound. With audio technology so good now that sound qualitydifferences are sometimes indiscernible to the layman, brands go the extramile to make sure your entire listening experience is as good as possible.From clean, Scandi speakers to flashy light shows, the Bluetooth audio gamehas really gone up a notch.Prices have also dropped as technology becomes more widespread, with somespeakers available for surprisingly-low prices.High-quality speakers have also joined the Bluetooth race, to the extent thatthe term “Bluetooth speaker” now encapsulates much of the audio market. Onthat point, we’ve tried to give you as wide a range of offerings as possible,from super portable poolside devices to boombox party starters and luxury,desktop setups.Read more:Ultimately, there’s now something for everyone’s tastes in the Bluetoothmarket. So, whether you’re looking for a backpack-friendly offering or areready to invest in something for home; after hours of listening and testing,we have you covered.You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of theretailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formedfrom real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fundjournalism across The Independent.

The best Bluetooth speakers for 2021

* Best Bluetooth speaker –Transparent small transparent speaker: £375, * Best outdoor Bluetooth speaker –Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1: £199.99, * Best sounding Bluetooth speaker – Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd gen: £749, * Best budget Bluetooth speaker – KitSound diggit 55: £39.99, * Best Bluetooth radio speaker – Ruark R1 Mk4 review: £229, * Best battery life Bluetooth speaker – Marshall emberton: £119, * Best home Bluetooth speaker – Sonos move: £399, * Best poolside Bluetooth speaker – Sony SRS-XB33: £99, * Loudest Bluetooth speaker –Ultimate Ears hyperboom: £359, * Best looking Bluetooth speaker – Audio Pro BT5: £129.97, * Best portable Bluetooth speaker – Bose portable smart speaker: £289, * Best waterproof Bluetooth speaker – JBL Charge 4: £99, * Best Bluetooth speaker with lights – Soundcore flare 2: £64.99,

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker

There’s a frankly bewildering selection of Bluetooth speakers available tobuy, from large and stylish home speakers engineered to make as much noise aspossible, to pocket-sized speakers built to survive an accidental dip in theocean.Deciding which speaker fits your needs starts with figuring out where it willsee the most use. Do you need a rugged Bluetooth speaker to strap to your bikeas you zip around the city? Or a party speaker that connects to multipledevices and delivers room-filling sound, but can withstand having the oddglass of prosecco tipped on to it every now and then?Once you’ve narrowed down your options, consider what features are mostimportant to you. Battery life isn’t so important if you’re never far from asocket, but perhaps connectivity or the ability to make and receive calls is.We’ve thought about each of these qualities when putting our list together,but deciding on the best Bluetooth speaker for you will depend on your ownpersonal preferences in these key areas.

The verdict: Bluetooth speakers

For a static speaker that has looks and sound all wrapped up in a neatpackage, Transparent’s small transparent speaker is the best product on theBluetooth market. Based on pure sound alone, the Naim takes the title, whileat the more portable end, the Beosound A1 2nd gen from Bang & Olufsen is astylish accompaniment to any day out.More audio recommendations:

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