Sr Animal Care Technician Resume

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Animal Care Technician Resume

Headline : Provided animal husbandry to a variety of animals including non-human primates (NHP). Daily observation, feeding, watering, exercising andproviding environmental enrichment to research nimals housed in multiplefacilities. Monitored animal room light cycles and document room environment(temperature and humidity) on a daily basis.Skills : Food & beverage, Customer Service.Description : 1. Cleaned kennel runs, cages, and shelter buildings as well as fed, hydrated, and cared for impounded animals. 2. Provided animal care and shelter upkeep to maintain a clean and disease free environment for impounded animals. 3. Assisted field officers in unloading, checking in and relocating animals in the shelter and documented animal dispositions in a computer record keeping system. 4. Performed other related duties and responsibilities as required. 5. Animal Control Officer Patrolled City and County streets and parks searching for stray domestic animals and responded to public inquiries regarding animals. 6. Enforced State, City and County animal control laws, codes and ordinances; explained ordinances to citizens; issued citations for violations of animal control ordinances. 7. Investigated animal bite cases and issued quarantine notices. 8. Prepared and maintained a variety of files, records and reports following established procedures; answered telephone relaying messages to appropriate personnel.Experience5-7 YearsLevelExecutiveEducationBachelor’s In Psychology* * ** * *

Veterinary Animal Care Technician Resume

Objective : To obtain a position in research where I can utilize my educationand experience to work as an integral member of a team and make contributionsto the improvement of human health and well-being.Skills : Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving Skills, Analytical Skills, TimeManagement Skills, Project Management, Presentation Skills, OrganizationalSkills.Description : 1. Provided for the care and well-being of animals in the shelter through the daily performance of the following duties; Thoroughly cleaning clinic and animal areas, which includes cages, floors, dishes, bedding, and other necessities. 2. Cleaning procedure also included sanitizing and sterilizing all equipment for further use. 3. Creating and implementing different animal enrichment activities. 4. Performing the necessary medical and behavioral evaluations needed to prepare animals for adoption. 5. Including, but not limited to; administering vaccinations, blood draws, microchipping, de-worming and medicating. 6. Periodically assisting Animal Control Officers with the containment of wildlife native to Northern Virginia. 7. Openly communicating with the public about concerns of animal welfare in relation to both domesticated animals and wildlife, in addition to collaborating with other employees on various tasks. 8. Performing Euthanasia procedures, emphasizing ethical and humane practices.Experience2-5 YearsLevelJuniorEducationHigh School Diploma* * ** * *

Animal Care Technician Resume

Summary : Flexible and hardworking in deadline-driven environments. driven toexceed sales goals and build long term relationships with customers. Deliverspositive experiences through high-quality customer care. Patient andempathetic with extensive background in conflict resolution and customer care.Friendly Sales Associate adept at working in diverse retail and customerservice environments.Skills : Forklift Operator.Description : 1. Developed dietary and nutritional plans to reach optimal weight, stimulate healing and increase quality of life. 2. Trained and socialized puppies including housetraining and ending destructive behaviors. 3. Captured stray animals, provided housing and care of homeless animals and coordinated adoptions. 4. Ensured public safety and upholding state and regional laws by working with local health departments, police and other law enforcement agencies. 5. Bathed, trimmed and provided other grooming services for domestic pets. 6. Groomed dogs and cats by utlizing tools including blades, brushes, combs, shedding aids, de-matting tools, sheers, nail clippers. 7. Relieved boredom and stress of living in a shelter environment by walking, playing and tending to dogs. 8. Recorded activity and noted any unusualy behavior or medical issues.Experience7-10 YearsLevelManagementEducationAssociate In Business* * *

Animal Care Technician II Resume

Objective : Entry level Veterinary Technician/Assistant with experience inlarge and small animal restraint, breeding, husbandry, animal nutrition andanimal behavior. Works hard to create a positive customer experience, andprovides animals with topnotch care and services. Currently in school toreceive Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. Hardworking nursing aideskilled at wound care, mobility assistance and charting.Skills : Microsoft Office.Description : 1. Performed physical examinations and record case history, weight, temperature and other vitals. 2. Restrained and stabilized animals during examination and treatment to safeguard against accidental injuries. 3. Reviewed vaccination records, and prepare and administer vaccinations according to clinic protocols. 4. Recommended products to sustain optimal wellness, including vitamins and supplements, dental cleaning, flea control, geriatric care and dietary measures. 5. Administered and applied treatments, drugs, oxygen therapy, medications and immunological agents. 6. Organized, labeled and restocked supplies and pet food. 7. Prepared and labeled medications sent home with patient and informed client of administration techniques. 8. Educated the public about diseases that are spread from animals to humans.Experience2-5 YearsLevelJuniorEducationSciences* * *

Animal Care Technician I Resume

Objective : Seeking position within an organization that can fully utilize myskills to achieve their business needs and objectives.Skills : Certified With Glock 17 9MM.Description : 1. Observe animals for signs of illness, injury, or unusual behavior; notifying veterinarians or managers as warranted. 2. Treat animal illnesses or injuries, following experience or instructions of veterinarians. 3. Confer with managers to determine production requirements, conditions of equipment and supplies, and work schedules. 4. Transport or arrange for transport of animals, equipment, food, animal feed, and other supplies to and from worksites. 5. Operate euthanasia equipment to destroy animals. 6. Feed and water animals according to schedules and feeding instructions. 7. Mix food, liquid formulas, medications, or food supplements according to instructions, prescriptions, and knowledge of animal species. 8. Provide treatment to sick or injured animals, or contact veterinarians to secure treatment.Experience2-5 YearsLevelExecutiveEducationDeputy Animal* * *

Sr. Animal Care Technician Resume

Summary : Employment in a dynamic animal care environment to gain familiarityand further experience for a career in the fields of animal care,rehabilitaion, conservation and research.Skills : Relevant Skills And Qualifications: Experience With.Description : 1. Import and export animals across and out of the United States to various countries around the world. 2. Prepare animals for export through veterinary appointments and approval by the USDA through providing proper documentation. 3. Care-taking of domestic and exotic animals while awaiting export, including, feeding, watering, exercising, enrichment, and monitoring. 4. Administering any medication or medical treatment as prescribed by the company veterinarian. 5. Care-taking of any aggressive or special needs animals. 6. Helping to relocate as animals to their forever homes for various organizations and helping owners reunite with pets. 7. Skills Used Husbandry, enrichment, dietary preparation, customer service. 8. Animal transport protocols for various countries.Experience7-10 YearsLevelConsultantEducationWildlife Management* * *

Sr. Animal Care Technician Resume

Summary : Maintain the animal facility to meet the standards of the U.S.Department ofAgriculture Animal Welfare Act, the Guide for the Care and Use ofLaboratory Animals, University policy and all state, federal and local laws,and regulations.Skills : GMP, FDA, SOP, Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines, 21 CFR Part 11,Biopharmaceuticals, Manufacturing Operations, Biotechnology, Compounding,Manufacturing, Sterilization, CIP, Trackwise, LIMS, SAP, V&V, GLP, CAPA, LeanSix Sigma.Description : 1. Perform routine animal husbandry and welfare duties as directed. 2. Supply appropriate food and water for animals housed in the vivarium. 3. Clean and provide animal housing and associated materials/equipment within assigned animal rooms. 4. Observe and report status of animal health, food and water consumption, appearance, behavior; provide support in animal health monitoring. 5. Perform sanitation duties within assigned animal rooms and vivarium areas. 6. Maintain and perform housekeeping of facility support areas. 7. Perform cage wash equipment operations and maintenance. 8. Adhere to Pfizer departmental safety policies and departmental SOPs and guidelines while demonstrating competency in facility safety protocols.Experience7-10 YearsLevelManagementEducationG.E.D.* * *

Animal Care Technician Resume

Summary : To help others, customers and fellow employees when ever needed. Toalways be early and willing to stay late if asked. I will give 100% and notlet this company regret hiring me.Skills : Customer Service Skills, Cash Register.Description : 1. Work one-on-one with animals, while monitoring and maintaining their health. 2. Feed and provide water to animals to ensure their consistent nourishment. 3. Conduct animal examinations to identify signs of illness and administer appropriate treatments. 4. Ensure the proper sanitization of various animal cages, pens and yards through cleaning and disinfecting. 5. Monitor and control animal quarters’ environmental conditions by regulating temperature and humidity. 6. Maintain and update animal records pertaining to genealogy, diet, weight, medications and food intake. 7. Ensure that sufficient inventory levels are maintained. 8. Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the different types of animals being handled.Experience10+ YearsLevelSeniorEducationHigh School Diploma* * *

Animal Care Technician Resume

Summary : As a Animal Care Technician provided daily care for various speciesof animals. Duties included daily observation; feeding and watering;sanitizing and/or sterilizing animal cages and equipment; exercising andproviding environmental enrichment. Assisted veterinary and research staffwith procedures such as collection of biological samples and administration ofmedications and treatments.Skills : Microsoft Office, Editing, Writing, Asset Management, New BusinessDevelopment.Description : 1. Collected specimens expose and develop x-rays and perform laboratory procedures. 2. Assisted in diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures; sterilize and clean animal colonies. 3. Handled particular animals under bio-hazardous conditions while following procedures. 4. Prepared animals, instruments and equipment for surgery; engage in and supervised daily surgeries. 5. Performed administrative functions such as ordering department supplies, coordinating equipment repairs, etc. 6. Performed monthly survey and maintained accurate records. 7. Maintained complete and accurate daily records and report suspected abuse/neglect as mandated by law. 8. Stocked and maintained medicines and supplies.Experience7-10 YearsLevelManagementEducationHigh School* * *

Animal Care Technician Resume

Summary : Dedicated and focused homemaker who excels at prioritizing,completing multiple tasks simultaneously and following through to achieveproject goals. Seeking a role of increased responsibility and authority.Skills : Microsoft Office.Description : 1. Restrained animals during veterinary procedures. 2. Treated sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds, or performing surgery. 3. Advised animal owners regarding sanitary measures, feeding, general care, medical conditions and treatment options. 4. Prepared surgical equipment and passed instruments and materials to veterinarians during surgical procedures. 5. Monitored animals’ recovering from surgery and notified veterinarians of any changes. 6. Assisted veterinarians in examining animals. 7. Adhered to high standards of safety, cleanliness and professionalism. 8. Educated community in responsible pet ownership and wildlife care.Experience7-10 YearsLevelConsultantEducationApplied Science* * *

Animal Care Technician/Consultant Resume

Summary : Successful in completing all tasks in a timely manner. Results-oriented with exceptional communication and strong background in customerservice. Open to new challenges and opportunities. Learns quickly and enjoysbeing part of a dynamic team. Hardworking and able to work long hours and liftup to 50 pounds.Skills : Microsoft Office, Conversational Spanish.Description : 1. Captured stray animals, provided housing and care of homeless animals and coordinated adoptions. 2. Bathed, trimmed and provided other grooming services for domestic pets. 3. Relieved boredom and stress of living in a shelter environment by walking, playing and tending to dogs. 4. Recorded activity and noted any unusual behavior or medical issues. 5. Administered medication, immunizations, and blood plasma to animals. 6. Cleaned kennels, animal holding areas, examination and operating rooms, and animal loading/unloading facilities. 7. Maintained a clean and sanitary work environment at all times. 8. Administered medications as directed by veterinary staff.Experience7-10 YearsLevelManagementEducationDiploma* * *

Animal Care Technician Resume

Objective : Motivated and highly skilled individual with a great track recordin customer service and conflict resolution. Knowledgeable and skilled withfirearms and range safety. Reliable and have a strong work ethic. Ability toadapt, meet, or exceed any standard or requirement.Skills : Ability To Follow Established Procedures And Policies,.Description : 1. Manage shelter for animals and arranging for adoption or euthanasia of confiscated animals. 2. Adhere to high standards of safety, cleanliness and professionalism. 3. Achieve detailed grooming including eye care, cleaning wrinkles and dental care and applying bows and bandanas. 4. Monitor animals’ recovering from surgery and notify veterinarians of any changes. 5. Restrain animals during veterinary procedures. 6. Define techniques and coach owners how to modify aggressive behavior, inappropriate urination and separation anxiety. 7. Advise animal owners regarding sanitary measures, feeding, general care, medical conditions and treatment options.Experience2-5 YearsLevelJuniorEducationGeneral Studies* * *Vet Tech Resume Samples

Animal Sanctuary jobs

Sort by: relevance – datePeace Ridge SanctuaryBrooks, ME 04921 * Barn, habitat, and sanctuary cleaning/maintenance. * Assisting shelter director with animal health checks, health care and treatments. * Commitment to approaching care from a sanctuary/animal welfare perspective and providing the highest quality of care to animal residents.Peaceable Primate SanctuaryWinamac, IN 46996 * No prior animal experience required, but must have aptitude for the care and wellbeing of animals. * This individual will be expected to work closely with other… * Perform hands-on animal care inside the Animal Room. * Applications are being accepted for interns 18 years old or older interested in an internship at a wildlife…$12.50 an hour * We have over 600 pot-bellied pigs including 125 seniors needing extra care. * Shift is 7AM – 3PM – (Summer) 5 days – includes one weekend day and possible…Tabby’s Place: a Cat SanctuaryRingoes, NJ 08551$12 – $13 an hour * No specific experience or education is required, though previous hands-on experience within the animal welfare field is a plus. * Some cats may be fractious.$16 an hour * Feeding and watering of animals. * Participating in animal enrichment activities. * Three Years’ Experience working with farm animals and/or horses preferred.St Francis Animal SanctuaryTylertown, MS 39667$8.00 – $8.50 an hour * To provide necessary animal handling procedures. * Proper methods of animal restraint. * To promote good animal care and responsible pet ownership.Safe Haven Farm SanctuaryPoughquag, NY 12570From $13 an hour| Responsive employer| Urgently hiring —|— * First and foremost, must love animals and be energetic, reliable, hardworking, gentle, and detail oriented. * Flexible hours and days, but weekends are required.From $56,150 a year * Supervision of assigned shelter and animal care team staff, including the following. * Occasional travel may be required to assist with transport for animal…Tamerlaine Farm Animal SanctuaryMontague, NJ 07827Responsive employer| Urgently hiring —|— * Minimum of 1 year of animal care experience, preferably with farm animals, either at a sanctuary or as a vet tech. * Excellent animal behavior observation skills.Barn SanctuaryChelsea, MI * Minimum of one year experience at animal care facility strongly preferred and/or animal advocacy volunteer history. * Daily animal health care and treatments.$12.50 an hour * Occasionally there will be additional sanctuary tasks that come up less frequently in the watering position. * Shift in the summer is 7:30AM – 1:30PM* (approx) 4…Island Safe Harbor Animal SanctuaryPort Clinton, OH 43452From $7.25 an hour * Able to humanely handle animals under various circumstances. * We are looking for employees to provide care for sheltered animals, treat animals with kindness and…Rooterville A SanctuaryMelrose, FL 32666Responsive employer| Urgently hiring —|— * Rooterville Animal Sanctuary is looking for Volunteers to help around the sanctuary! * We provide hands-on training for all individuals and groups wanting to…

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