Technical University of Berlin Departments and Faculties

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Energy Management MBA

The Master Program Energy Management at TU Berlin has been a truly fantastic 1½ year experience. The major strength of the MBA proposed at TU Berlin is thetransverse knowledge proposed in the program. Technical issues, economicalassessments, and regulatory aspects are all three core elements that arenecessary to gain a deep understanding of energy topics in a globalized worldand to build a valuable analysis for public and private energy projects. Iparticularly enjoyed studying these topics in an international class withprofessionals coming from all over the world with different backgrounds andpoints of view. Our differences challenged us on a daily basis andparticipated to enlarge our comprehension of the world. For all these reasons,I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend this program!Manish (India)Now in this first semester of the Master Program in Energy Management at TUBerlin, I am thrilled and excited to meet and work with people from all aroundthe world with diverse backgrounds in a very friendly and challengingenvironment. The campus truly has a buzz with many start-ups and establishedcompanies experimenting with the latest tech and ideas. The courses are greatwith excellent internationally recognized professors from academic as well asindustrial backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy the highly interactive sessions,and the supervisors put in a great effort at creating a relaxed environmentfor the students to get acquainted with all aspects of the subject. I ameagerly looking forward to the next semesters and can highly recommend thisprogram!Xavier (France)The MBA program Energy Management is very well structured and thought through.Professors and lecturers come from various energy backgrounds and are highlyinvolved academically, politically and economically into Germany´sEnergiewende. I can apply my acquired knowledge directly at my workplace butalso actively engage in the large and inspiring energy scene in Berlin andGermany. Excursions give us insights regarding relevant market players andopportunities to connect with future employers. It is particularly inspiringto study with such an international student crowd since we can share andcritically discuss our diverse knowledge and experiences in the energy fieldfrom many different regions in the world.Ulrike (Germany)The broadness of its carefully selected content makes this program perfect forstudent’s career growth into global business leadership and policymaking inthe energy sector. It is truly multicultural and provides additionalopportunities through close collaboration with both transnational and startupenergy companies. Technical University Berlin is a world-class scientificacademic environment, allowing interdisciplinary initiatives, encouragingteamwork with experts’ supervision, offering frequent and relevant seminarsand excursions to boost the practical experience. Students enjoy superb andindividual support from both the academic and administrative staff.Oladipupo (Nigeria)Since January 2018 I am working with Uniper and putting into practice most (ifnot all) the experience from the MBA program Energy Management.”Gonzalo (Colombia)The MBA “Energy Management” at TU Berlin has been a fascinating experience.Technical, economic, regulatory and managerial aspects of the energy marketsare covered to understand this crucial sector and its relation to the globaleconomy and the environment. Professors and lecturers experienced in variousenergy topics from traditional to more innovative aspects of the energymarkets shared insights and knowledge. I enjoyed the EUREF-Campus environmentwhere I had the opportunity to see in practice how the energy and mobilityturnaround are already a reality in this CO2-free urban district. Sharing theCampus with research institutions, start-ups and established companies with afocus on energy, mobility and digitalization allows students to do networking,work while studying and open up perspectives for future career choices. One ofthe highlights of the program was the multiculturality and internationalbackgrounds of my fellow students. Some of them became life-time friends tome. We enjoyed a great time with discussions and exchanging diverse points ofview and playing volleyball at the Campus after lectures.”Liani (Peru)The MBA in Energy Management at TU Berlin offers a diverse style of education,alongside a healthy environment to develop your skills in BusinessAdministration. The coursework is diverse enough to allow for people from allwalks of life to benefit from new core skillsets. The courses ability toidentify key skills in the economic, technical, legal and management sectorsallows for a better understanding of the energy transition and thus give’s allstudent an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the energy sectoras a whole. The skills that I have learned from the course have allowed me toput forth an in-depth MBA thesis which has furthered my career prospects bothin Germany and back in my home country of Australia. Finally, the courseprides itself on diversity amongst the cohort, which allows people from allcorners of the world to learn different perspectives, different work ethics,and ideologies. This alone was a highlight is it allowed for in-depthassessments amongst our case study work and subsequently long-lastingrelationships to foster beyond the classroom. I would highly recommendapplying for the MBA in Energy Management at TU Berlin as a result.”Byron (Australia)Building Sustainability(MBA)

Building Sustainability – Management Methods for Energy Efficiency MBA

The master’s in building sustainability program at TU Berlin was a greatopportunity to work closely with the Germany industry in an academic setting.I loved how the program was designed to let students work in projects withexternal industry partners. Combined with great professors and teaching staff,the overall learning package let students take control of their learning anddive deep into their interest areas. The program also provided me theflexibility to work at CBRE GmbH throughout the study duration. Having workedin the German real estate sector for a few years now and looking back at theprogram, it was a great stepping-stone in my career.Manan (India)I studied MBA building sustainability, which give me wide insights to thebroad topic of energy transition in building sector from architecture tobuilding facilities and real estate up to urban and regional planning. Havinglecturers with different energy related backgrounds builds an ideal atmospherefor cross sectoral discussions in energy and sustainability fields in builtenvironment. Locating in a dynamic environment of the Euref campus in oneside, and high range of international students from the other side prepare aproper networking opportunity for the students. Personally innovation andtechnology management course supported me methodological in approaching mycareer goals in the area of innovation management and business development forthe energy transition.Nastaran (Iran)The Building Sustainability program opened my eyes to the different aspectsthat comprise what we call sustainability. As an architect, I found theperfect added value I was looking for. The master’s degree gives you the toolsto technically support construction projects from an economic, social andenvironmental point of view.The MBA provides you an international and interdisciplinary environment, whichallows you to expand your personal and professional horizons. The mastercounts with experts in the different areas of the program and the coordinationteam will always be there to support you in any situation. I am currentlyworking in the area of sustainability for an architectural and engineeringcompany in Berlin and I believe that I owe this in large part to the Master’sprogram.Andrés (Mexico)I have always been passionate about architecture and resource efficiency, howto help the world in the fight against climate change. There master inBuilding sustainability allowed me to learn from A-class experts, in whatmight be one the most innovative and inspiring campuses around the world, theEUREF campus.The business background and real project assignments provided me with theexperience and tools to take the knowledge to the real world and perform in anoutstanding way. Studying in one of the most prestigious universities, alsoallowed me to start working from the very beginning in a fascinating companythat is driving the change in the energy sector.So far it has been the most enriching experience of my life and it went beyondall expectations.Jesica(Colombia)European and International Energy Law (MBL)

European and International Energy Law MBL

The MBL in European and International Energy Law at the Euref Campus Berlinwas a terrific opportunity to fully untangle the intricacies of the fast-pacedchanging energy sector.The Master’s program combined a multidisciplinary approach (law, economics,and technical knowledge) together with various lecturers ranging fromacademia, public institutions and the private sector, which provided me with asolid and wide-ranging knowledge base of the energy industry.I believe that this unique, empowering and inspiring experience kick-startedmy professional career in the energy sector as I was then hired for atraineeship at the European Commission Director-General for Energy.AdrianoCapitanelli, (Italy), MBL (2016-17)Prior to attending TU, I was working in an Oil & Gas Company in Ankara,Turkey. I decided to undertake MBL and choose to study here because of itsunique curriculum with technical, economical and legal aspects of energy. Thecourse offers not only theoretical knowledge but also practical informationwith its excursions. The lecturers have impressive academic and professionalexperiences. The classes are very interactive and relevant to what ishappening globally in the energy industry.Also, I have found a great chance to improve my German language skills, thanksto TU’s language school. I definitely recommend the MBL Programme andencourage people to apply for a place, too.Seher Cirak Ates (Turkey), MBL(2015-16)The energy sector is a growing and complex area and the European andInternational Law MBL program at the TU Berlin strives to place energy law ina multidisciplinary and international context. Coming from a legal background,I have enjoyed developing my understanding of the economics of the energysector. A further strength of the program is its practical focus with many ofthe lecturers being industry professionals and experts in their respectivefields and we have had some interesting excursions to energy companies andenergy-efficient power plants. There is a diverse mix of students from aroundthe world with different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities thatthe energy and renewable sector face.The TU EUREF Campus is a great place to study with many different energy andrenewable companies and start-ups situated here (and as an added bonus hassome nice restaurants!).Kristen Ellerker (Australia), MBL (2015-16)I chose the master course on European and International Energy Law offered bythe Technische Universität Berlin because of its outstanding reputation,highly qualified lecturers, course preference compared to other universities,and proximity to my country, Spain.I wanted to combine my interest on European and International Law with EnergyLaw, specifically renewable energy issues, and I feel that the coursesuccessfully merges the two. The course offers an extremely solid base oncompetition law, regulatory law and economic fundamentals. The general vibeand dynamic structure of the modules is really enjoyable since we areconstantly debating and discussing different issues. I loved the InternationalRegulatory Law classes in particular wherein lectures were delivered byprofessionals practicing in the field. Lecturers are able to teach you thetheory and at the same time tell you about how it works in real life.Looking back, teaching and constant supervision have been excellent so far.Making this Master in Berlin definitely means outstanding networkingopportunities that come with being in the financial, cultural and politicalcenter of Europe. My experience at the Technische Universität Berlin hasprepared me to take on the challenge of establishing a career in internationallaw.Jacobo Fraile (Spain), MBL (2015-16)Wonderful experience during the Energy Law Master program! Challenging topicsand interesting lecturers. Meeting people from all over the world! SinceFebruary 2019 I am working as a Junior Expert at Bulgaria’s Energy and WaterRegulatory Commission and putting into practice most of the experience fromthe MBL program on European and International Energy Law.Velina Kozareva (Bulgaria), MBL (2017-18)Before studying the Master in European and International Energy Law I wasworking in an Oil and Gas company and teaching Law in the same field at aUniversity in Colombia. My motivation to do the Master was widening myexpertise to other sources of energy as well as to study the midstream and thedownstream market.The master was far beyond my expectations! A mix between the most highlyregarded academics and practitioners from the most important universities,institutions and firms, pictures the complete spectrum of the energy marketfocusing on competition law and regulation. Besides, Berlin has an amazingatmosphere and a rich cultural life that makes this experience reallyenjoyable. Tomás Restrepo (Colombia), MBL (2015-16)The program helped me gain a deeper understanding regarding the impact theenergy transition has on climate change. The modules about the economy,regulatory and competition law allowed me to learn how energy markets behaveunder certain circumstances, which has helped me understand the differentconditions Latin American countries have. This knowledge has been very usefulin my role in EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services division. Thevisit to different facilities and the contact to other international studentsmade the experience complete.Laura María Salazar Kruse (Costa Rica), MBL 2016/2017Sustainable Mobility Management (MBA)

List of Tuition-free universities in Germany for International Students*

* Humboldt University of Berlin * Technical University of Munich * Ludwig Maximilians University * Karlsruher Institute of Technology * University of Hamburg * Heidelberg University * Free University of Berlin * Technical University of Berlin * Darmstadt University of Technology * University of Stuttgart*The list on this page does not, in any way, give ranking of the universities in any order.


Humboldt university is one of such tuition free universities in Germany famousin its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses spanning acrossnatural sciences, arts and humanities – being one of the best universities inthe world. The Humboldt University of Berlin was established in 1810 andlocated in the borough of Mitte, Berlin with student population that numbersup to 32,000.The school has made a lot of mark with over 50 Nobel laureates counted amongthe alumni of the university and is further associated with criticalbreakthroughs in science, including findings by Albert Einstein himself.


Heidelberg University, officially known as Ruprecht Karls UniversitatHeidelberg, is a renowned public research university based in the Heidelbergprovince of Germany. It was established in the year 1386 which puts her amongthe oldest existing universities in the world. It is also one of the topranking universities in the world as well in Germany.

When was Technical University Berlin Established?

The Technical University of Berlin was founded in 1879 and was the firstGerman university to adopt the name, “Technische Universitat”. It was formedby merging the Royal Trade Academy and the Royal Building Academy under thePrussian state.

Where is Technical University Berlin?

The Technical University of Berlin is located in Berlin, Germany and theuniversity is scattered among various locations in Berlin. It has fourcampuses wherein the main campus is in the borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and two campuses are in Wedding and gasometer place in Schonebergand one is in Berlin. It also has a satellite campus in Egypt.

Education at Technical University Berlin

The Technical University Berlin offers various courses and it’s well-known forits engineering studies. It offers courses in the fields of science,mathematics, management, human sciences, technology, and many more. Theuniversity offers all degree, diploma, and certificate programs.

Why choose Technical University Berlin Germany?

The Technical University of Berlin is a member of the TU9 German Universitiesand is also known as the University of Excellence. The institution is one ofthe notable German universities and is ranked 144th in the world for itstechnical research and studies. Some other reasons to opt for TUB are: * The university intakes around 35,000 students out of which 8,443 are international students that are attracted by the beautiful scenic beauty of the heart capital of Germany. * The TUB has a reputed partnership with high-profile organizations that help the students to find on-demand jobs and placements with good stipends. * The university also excels in technological research and engineering studies producing a large number of entrepreneurs for business or for multinational companies. * It is also a part of the federal government that makes it a reputed university and so attracts students from over 130 countries. * The university also focuses on the development of society through its research knowledge and teaching. * Technical University of Berlin notable alumni include Bruno Ahrends (architect), August Borsig (businessman), Carl Bosch (Nobel Prize winner), Wilhelm Cauer (mathematician), Carl Dahlhaus (Musicologist), Gottfried Feder (economist), and many more.

Technical University of Berlin Departments and Faculties

The Berlin Institute of Technology homes professionally trained experts andprofessors that support the students to excel in academic life as well inpersonal life. The institution includes around 800 professors and sevenfaculties. Find below the Technical University of Berlin faculty: 1. Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences 2. Faculty of Process Sciences 3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems 5. Faculty of Planning Building Environment 6. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 7. Faculty of Economics and Management

Technical University Berlin Scholarships

The Technical University Berlin is offered 80% financial assistance by theGerman government and so provides various subsidies and grants to its studentsthat cover their tuition fees. These grants and scholarships are also providedby the German government too. Berlin Technical University Scholarships are asbelow: * The TU Berlin President’s Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to only one applicant every year and has a free tuition fee with the registration of €60. * Study Scholarships * Research Grants * Scholarships for International Students * General Student Loan: Valued at around $5,000 to $20,000. * Federal Student Loan * Study portal Scholarships

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