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Bluetooth Headphones for Running Buyers Guide

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting to browse through products on theinternet, regardless of what you’re looking for! There are so many productsavailable, and how can you know which option is right for you? The search forthe best headphones is no exception. The market is saturated by them, from theApple Airpods, to the Jaybird Vista, and the Bose Soundsport Wireless. Butdon’t worry, there are good alternatives in every price class, as long as youhave an idea of what you’re hoping to find.


If it’s important to you not to have to deal with wires, and if a Bluetoothheadset is what you want, make sure this is specified in the productspecifications of the item you intend to buy. This is a new and innovativetechnology that allows you to listen to music and take calls without having tophysically connect your earphones or buds to a device. This is instead donewith Bluetooth, and it’s extra useful for people practicing sports on bothhobby and professional levels.Bluetooth lets your buds interact with your phone or music device so that youcan run and exercise without getting tangled up in wires. You just sync it toyour device the first time, and then it will usually auto-sync to the samedevice the next time you use it, making it quick and simple to get the musicflowing. It even allows you to share one headphone with a friend as you workout, as long as your friend stays close enough for the Bluetooth signal toreach your phone or whatever another device you use to listen to music.Keep in mind that true wireless earphones won’t come with any wires – just theearbuds. If you opt for headphones that connect to each other with a wire andcreate a necklace, these are not truly wireless. Don’t count them out, however- non truly wireless earphones are just as good and comfortable to wear astrue wireless headphones. True, or truly wireless, buds may even be the bestoption for you, depending on your needs.Consider charging, too. You will have to charge wireless buds up, whetherthey’re truly wireless, true wireless, or not. Some true wireless buds comewith a charging case. Getting a charging case for your truly wirelessearphones can save the hassle of plugging them in, especially when you want tolisten to your sound out and about.

Best running earbuds?

The impressive reach and sound quality of the ‘SENSO Bluetooth Headphones’make them the best choice both for experienced runners and for those who arejust starting out.However, there are other headphones that are the best for running but haven’tbeen mentioned on our list. Also consider the Apple Airpods Pro, the JaybirdTarah, Jaybird Vista, Jabra Elite Active 75t, and the Aftershokz Trekz. All ofthese some of the best products, as well as the ones on our list. Check out ifthey’re truly wireless to find the best pair for you. However, as mentionedabove, truly wireless isn’t the be-all and end-all.

Best headphones for running in hot weather?

The ‘Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones’ have a lifetime sweatproofwarranty, meaning there’s no risk of you having to throw away your earbuds dueto sweating too much! They’re best for people who really go for it whenthey’re working out and want the best sound.

What to look for when buying running headphones

* A comfortable fit: There’s nothing worse than your headphones digging into the side of your head in the final miles of a long run. These days, you can get all sorts of headphones designed for sport that wrap around your ears in various weird and wonderful ways. When scrolling through the list below, have a think about whether you’d prefer wireless headphones that are still connected to one another with a cable, or earbuds. It’s worth highlighting the Powerbeats Pro here, which have an innovative over-ear hook design that all runners testing found extremely comfortable. * Waterproof casing: Sure, you can run with a ‘normal’ pair of headphones, but they probably won’t be built to withstand heavy rain showers, or a great amount of sweat (nice). A good pair of running headphones will have a waterproof casing that probably can’t be submerged underwater, but will save them from getting destroyed if you’re running a rainy race. * Sound quality: Of course, you’re using headphones to distract yourself as you clock up the miles. They might not pick up as much as your day-to-day headphones, but a good pair of running headphones will still have a decent sound quality, while still letting you hear the traffic. For those who are guilty of blasting their music, the AfterShokz Aeropex below are worth taking a look at.

7. AKG N200a Wireless Earphones

Samsung AKG N200 Wireless HeadphonesSamsung£64.99 * Quick and easy to connect * Speed charge feature is handy * Sound quality a little on the tinny side Our score: 7/10 These are waterproof earbuds designed to get you through those sweatysessions. It takes less than 30 seconds to put them in, connect to Bluetoothand hit the music – even on first use. And with an eight-hour battery life,they’ll only need charging every few uses. A nice touch is the speed-chargefeature, which will give you an hour’s worth of power in just 15 minutes. Theycome with three sizes of silicone hooks and four sizes of buds so that, aftersome experimentation, you can find the right combination for a perfect fit.Sound quality is adequate, but a little on the tinny side, so if lack of abooming bass to rattle your brain is a deal-breaker for you, you’ll need tolook elsewhere. The reflective cable is another nice feature, helping toensure you can be seen in low light. * * *

The best running headphones: JLab Epic Air Sport

Why you should buy them: With a truly world-class 10 hours of battery life,total sweat protection, and sound quality that will inject new energy intoyour workouts, the JLab Epic Air Sport are epic indeed.Who they’re for: Those who want it all — great battery life, comfort, soundquality, and sweat-proofing, at a price that won’t force you to cancel yourgym membership.Why we picked the JLab Epic Air Sport:Is it possible to buy true wireless earbuds that deliver great sound, greatcomfort, battery life that is more than capable of lasting a full day, andsweat-proofing that withstand the most strenuous of workouts, all withoutspending upwards of $250? Even as recently as May, the answer would have been“no,” but things have changed, thanks to the latest version of JLab’s Epic AirSport.These true wireless earbuds seem to do the impossible: They offer up a no-compromises truly wireless audio experience for a price most people canafford. Their 10-hour battery life (70 hours if you include the juice in theportable charging case) is astounding, and even (ahem) beats the BeatsPowerbeats Pro, the previous record-holder for endurance. Though not quite ashi-fidelity as the Powerbeats Pro, the Epic Air Sport’s built-in, app-free EQadjustments will help most people find a sound signature that fits theirpreferred music genres. You can control volume, play/pause, trackforward/back, EQ, voice-assistant access, and even “be aware” mode which pipesin outside sounds — all with a few taps on the sides of the earpieces.With a protection rating of IP66, the JLab Epic Air Sport will be immune toany dust or water that comes their way, so long as you don’t take ‘em for aswim — making them among the most rugged on this list. They fit well and theystay in place during running workouts, and did we mention the price? Theseearbuds are just a great all-around value.Read our full JLab Epic Air Sport review

The best running headphones for iPhone: Beats Powerbeats Pro

Julian Chokkattu/Digital TrendsWhy you should buy them: Glorious sound quality with a battery that’ll outlasteven the longest runs.Who they’re for: iPhone users who want truly wireless earbuds that give themhands-free Siri, and sweatproof performance.Why we picked the Beats PowerBeats Pro:iPhone users who wanted a set of truly wireless earbuds that could take fulladvantage of everything their smartphone could offer only had one choice untilthe PowerBeats Pro were launched: Apple’s own AirPods. With middling batterylife, no ability to deal with sweat or lots of movement, and sound qualitythat impressed no one, AirPods weren’t exactly a runner’s first choice. TheBeats PowerBeats Pro changed all of that.With a gargantuan nine hours of playtime on a single charge, it’s unlikelythese earbuds will need to stop for a break before you do. They’re also morethan able to deal with the moisture generated by even the most vigorousworkout (though you should probably shower without them), and they’ve got thatclassic Beats sound: Punchy in all the right places, especially in the low-end.The PowerBeats Pro offer a comfortable yet secure fit, keeping the over-the-ear clip design of the not-fully wireless PowerBeats 3 while managing toimprove on that formula. Siri can be summoned simply by calling her name (orpressing a button), and the included volume rocker switch is a hugeimprovement over the AirPods which lack such a feature.These earbuds don’t offer pass-through audio from the embedded microphones, soyou’ll have to be cautious when working out near traffic or other hazards, butthey do have an excellent (and customizable) auto-pause feature when youremove an earbud, which at least makes stopping for a chat more convenient.Apple’s AirPods Pro, with their IPX4 rating and pass-through audio, are anexcellent alternative for iPhone users, though we think serious joggers willprefer the more secure fit of the Powerbeats Pro.Read our full Beats PowerBeats Pro review

The best budget running headphones: Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100

Why you should buy them: These headphones are built from the ground up forrunning, but won’t make your wallet sweat.Who they’re for: Serious runners who want a good pair of headphones under$100.Why we picked the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100:If you’re looking for a more affordable audio option that still doesn’t skimpon running-friendly features, Plantronics workout headphones are right foryou. They’re waterproof and sweatproof, have a very secure fit, and include areflective finish around the band so that you’re easier to see when jogging atnight. The eartips are also designed to let in a certain amount of ambientsound so nothing easily surprises you.A full charge of the battery will last for up to seven hours. Keep in mindwith the ambient sound design and low cost, audio quality isn’t going to beperfect all the time, but it’s good enough to enjoy music while working out.The BackBeat app is also capable of some cool feats, including the ability totap on the BackBeat FIT 2100 to begin a preset timer and playlist without everpulling out your phone.

The best running headphones for Android: Amazon Echo Buds

Riley Young / Digital TrendsWhy you should buy them: Comfortable and secure, they give you hands-freeaccess to Alexa, making them a great jogging companion.Who they’re for: Android users looking for a set of true wireless earbuds thathave a bunch of running-friendly features for a reasonable price.Why we picked the Amazon Echo Buds:We don’t know for a fact that Amazon designed the Echo Buds for runners, butit sure feels that way. These compact true wireless earbuds have a variety offit options thanks to three different ear tips and three different “wing tips”which help lock the Echo Buds securely in place.Their IPX4 water-resistance may not be as hardy as some other models on thislist, but as long as you don’t try to swim in them, they should handle eventhe sweatiest workouts.But two features will make you appreciate the Echo Buds as a joggingcompanion: Hands-free access to Alexa so don’t have to constantly raise yourhand to your head to do simple tasks like skip tracks, change the volume,answer a call, or even trigger pass-through mode when using the excellent BoseActive Noise Reduction.These features combined with great sound quality, a five-hour battery life,and — although Amazon is currently experiencing a stock shortage until August14 — a price tag that means you don’t need to scrimp on your next set ofkicks, make the Echo Buds a fantastic choice for runners.Read our full Amazon Echo Buds review

The best running headphones with bone conduction: AfterShokz Aeropex Open-

Ear HeadphonesWhy you should buy them: You want unique headphones with strong sound thatstill keep your ears open.Who they’re for: People who don’t want to compromise on their runningheadphones and are willing to try innovative technologies.Why we picked the AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Headphones:“Bone conduction” headphones use vibrations on bones near your ears totransmit sound, leaving your ears free for comfort and the ability to hearambient noises while you are out jogging. This particular model uses smalltabs that rest tightly on your cheeks just beside your ears, while earlyversions struggled with bass and definition. AfterShokz has made steadyimprovements to audio quality in newer models with notable improvement andless audio leakage.The AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Headphones can last up to eight hours on asingle charge, and they are fully water and sweat proof (no swimming, though).They’re also surprisingly lightweight and comfortable despite the uniquedesign. The experience isn’t exactly like traditional headphones, but thisoption keeps you safe while still allowing you to enjoy any music or podcastsyou want when out and active.Read our full AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Headphones review

The best running headphones with a heart rate monitor: Jabra Elite Sport

Ted Kritsonis/Digital TrendsWhy you should buy them: Between fitness tracking, sound quality, and fullwireless design, the Jabra Elite Sport are decked out with features thatserious athletes want.Who they’re for: Runners who want the best mix of sound, features, anddurability.Why we picked the Jabra Elite Sport:When looking for headphones you can wear while running — or engaging in anyexercise — you’re likely looking for the lightest and least cumbersome optionthat also sounds great. Jabra’s true wireless Elite Sport headphones are allthe above and are some of the best fully wireless headphones we’ve had thepleasure of testing. They are waterproof, offer great performance, and have aflexible-yet-secure– fit that puts them a cut above most other true wirelessearbuds on the market.In terms of performance, not only do the Elite Sport sound great, the lack ofa wire eliminates that annoying jostling sound you get when wearing a pair ofwired headphones that tend to ruin your listening experience. The lack of wireactually allows them to stay firmly in place in your ears too, as there isn’tan annoying cable pulling on them while you run.Jabra went an extra step in making them great for runners by putting a heartrate monitor in the right earpiece. When paired with Jabra’s Sport Life app,the headphones provide heart-rate readings during workouts — you can even addand track specific workouts for more in-depth statistics.We’re hoping Jabra releases an update to these buds soon — we love everythingabout them except their 4.5-hour battery life. These days (as you can see fromthis list) it no longer ranks among the best. That said, if you’re laser-focused on running, it should still be plenty to get you through yourworkouts. Their charging case has enough juice to recharge them fully twice.To top it off, the Jabra Elite Sport are IP67 waterproof, so rainy runs, oreven short swims, are a go.Looking for deals? Check out the best Black Friday headphone deals we found,so that you can take advantage of the Black Friday sales.Read our full Jabra Elite Sport review

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