The Ideal HD Webcam for Streamers YouTubers

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How to Choose the Best Webcam for Streaming

A webcam can either be built-in or sold individually. Unfortunately, built-inwebcams have lower quality, thus resulting in a poor video resolution. If youneed a webcam for streaming purposes, you need to invest in a standalonecamera instead. Here are the factors you should consider:

One of the Best Webcams for Twitch Streaming

The C922X Pro Stream from Logitech is the ideal camera for gamers with itshigh-quality specs. It offers a very sharp 1080p resolution with a 30 FPSframe rate. As such, it has one of the highest resolutions in this list,making it a worthwhile investment as far as quality and resolution areconcerned.Albeit a bit too expensive, it does have the specs that make for an excellentstreaming camera. Overall, it’s among the best options when it comes to lowlight performance. Thus, if you’re streaming in an environment with a poorlighting setup, the C922x will make use of any lighting available to give youa clear and high-quality output.It also has a special background removal feature so your game can be placed inthe background instead. This allows you to remain as the focal point of yourstream instead of your surroundings. Simply use it with a decent gaming PC andyou’re all set.Specs: * 1080p HD resolution at 30 FPS * Background replacement feature by Personify * H.264 video compression feature * Omnidirectional microphone with noise reduction featurePros: * Offers professional HD quality for pro-streamers and live gamers * Has a mic that offers advanced noise reduction * Full HD glass lens with autofocus featureCons: * Some customers complained about incompatibility with Windows 10 * You need to manually install driversCheck Prices

Great 720p Webcam for Live Streaming

Lifecam has a beautiful glass element lens and an HD video quality at 1080presolution. It also has a Lifecam TrueColor Technology for lighting up darkplaces. Lastly, it sports a high fidelity microphone that rivals even some ofthebest mics for streaming.Although it does feature a 1080p recording resolution, it can only go up to720p while streaming. Though it’s not that bad, it’s still a far cry from afull 1080p streaming capability. The LifeCam Studio is marketed as a go-todevice for businesses, although it’s still a great option if you plan to startstreaming on Twitch.Specs: * 1080p Sensor * 720p HD video chat camera * TrueColor technology * Skype-certified software * Microsoft Lync optimized * High fidelity micPros: * Provides sharp and beautiful quality * Mic has a voice cancellation feature * Works perfectly with SkypeCons: * Compatible only with Windows * The rubber clamp is not too sturdyCheck Prices

Ideal for a Complete Video Conferencing and Streaming Experience

The Logitech Brio is full of innovative features that can give you a fullstreaming experience. Primarily, it’s known for its 4K ultra HD camera thatprovides amazing quality for conferences or live streaming.In terms of performance, the Logitech BRIO is capable of producing very sharpimage quality which can easily get sharper by adding more light to thesubject. Also, the sound quality is quite outstanding. Its omnidirectionalmicrophones have an active noise cancellation capability which, in most cases,eliminates the need for a headset for conferencing purposes.Due to its 4K resolution, the BRIO is quite expensive compared to the otherproducts in this list. However, if you have the budget and would like toexperience 4K video and sharp photos and videos via HDR functionality, this isfor you.Specs: * 4K image sensor * High dynamic range * Rightlight technology * Windows Hello optimization * 5x ZoomPros: * The Rightlight 3 light correction * 4k Ultra HD video * Has an infrared sensor that supports facial recognitionCons: * Expensive * Doesn’t support still image capturingCheck Prices

Ideal for Streaming, Videoconferences, and Video Chats

Capable of full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution and equipped withautofocus, dual mics, and a built-in ring light, this Plug and Play webcam isperfect for a wide array of activities. You can use it for live streaming,video chats, and even filming homemade movies!Furthermore, the Vitade 960A is easy to set up as it supports adjustablebrightness (3 levels), facial enhancement technology, and zoom in and out ofthe image. The ring light is activated by touch, which makes it easy tocustomize while the camera is in use, and the 80° wide-angle lens captures asmany details as you want.Finally, the camera uses H.264 encoding to deliver smaller videos at highquality for live stream. You also get automatic low-light correction, for amore lifelike image, and real-time autofocus to avoid mishaps that could leaveyour face blurry while streaming.Pros: * Easy to install and mount * Records in full HD 1080p * Equipped with a noise-canceling mic * Built-in ring light with three levels of brightness * Instant autofocus and low-light correction * It rotates at 360 degrees * Compatible with most OSs on the market * H.264 video compression technologyCons: * The light ring only helps if you’re standing in front of it * Touch control is easy to activate by accidentCheck Prices

The Ideal HD Webcam for Streamers & YouTubers

As a streamer, you’ll need a high-end webcam that supports at least 1080presolution and can be used in a wide array of settings. Well, the C920S Pro isjust that: an HD webcam, with widescreen video calling and recording, that canbe placed on a laptop’s top rim or on a desk.With the C920S Pro, video quality is crisp and vivid. Even more, the autofocusand light correction features automatically adjust settings, so you won’t haveto keep filming in the same room for every session.The camera supports stereo audio and has dual mics to capture the naturalsound of your voice during both recording and calls. It also has a privacyshutter, which comes in handy when you want to be absolutely sure no one isspying.Since it can be used with Logitech Capture software, there are plenty ofcustomization options that help you tweak even the smallest details. It’s alsoquite versatile as it can be used with a wide range of video calling apps fromSkype to Google Hangouts.Pros: * HD video quality * Dual mics for clear recordings and calls * Easy to use in various settings * Wide customization possibilities * Perfect for live streaming and YouTubeCons: * A bit difficult to make it work on Mac * Doesn’t provide any lightingCheck Prices

Comparison with Logitech Brio 4K Ultra HD and Logitech C525

Left to Right: Logitech C930e, Logitech Brio, Logitech C525 (Daylight)Above is the comparison between the image captured by Logitech C930e, Brio 4k,and C525. We put the image side by side so you could conveniently see thedifference. Both pictures shown are in the daytime with natural and nigh timewith full light. Frankly said, Brio outcompete the other 2, as it has anoutstanding image quality. Brio 4k delivers a bright and sharp image withflawless complexion shown by the tiny details like hair color. We’d said itsquality deserved its price. We also have an in-depth review of Logitech Brio4k if you want to know more about this top-notch webcam. Logitech C525, as thelowest in price among these three, shows a low quality of a daytime image. Theexposure is dark with a cool tone. It also delivers a noisy image and lackingsharpness. Logitech C930e itself success in delivering a bright and highquality white balanced image.Left to Right: Logitech C930e, Logitech Brio, Logitech C525 (Nightime withFull light)During night time, the Brio still showing excellent results, especially thequality of its color adjustment 👏. On the other side, C525 surprise us byhaving better pictures compare to Logitech C930e in the night time setting.The C930e image result shows a pretty distracting and noticeable yellowishtone, the camera fails to radiates the color complexion as everything turnsyellow.Left to Right: Logitech C930e, Logitech Brio, Logitech C525 (Zoomed In)Furthermore, when we cropped and zoomed in the image on the books in the room,we can see a difference in the webcam’s resolution. Both Brio 4k and LogitechC930e have excellent resolution. At the same time, C525 is a pretty blur, andwe almost couldn’t see the writings in the book that said The Hotel Boat.

Video Quality 🎥

VIDEOVIDEOWe did video testing under two lighting conditions. The first one was in thedaytime with natural light and the second one was at night time with roomlights. The videos above are using 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second(fps). With a 90° field of view, you can show off a conference table orwhiteboard behind you as you speak or presenting. During the daytime withnatural light, the results are excellent; the video quality is sharp, clear,and well balanced. The Logitech C930e always compensated well and stayed infocus. During the nighttime, the video quality is still good except for theineffective auto color correction that causing you looks yellow. However, Wecould prevent this by making sure you have a white light setup in your space.When we try using Skype, you’ll get to use Tilt, Pan, and Zoom options forcontrol. However, it’s all digital; there are no motors. Logitech C930eclaimed to have 4x digital zoomed, but it’s pointless, except if you don’tmind the significant decrease in your video’s sharpness.

Audio Quality 🔊

We also tested audio quality during the Zoom call. We were using LogitechC930e’s built-in microphones. The voice sounded clear, and the noisecancellation did an excellent job reducing the external sound like fan andstreet noise while keeping our voices heard.

2. Logitech C922 HD Pro

The best webcam for most peopleDisplay resolution: 1080p | Recording resolution: 1080p 30fps | FOV: 90degrees | Special features: Dual microphonesExcellent picture qualityGood low-light performanceGreat PriceMost readers can stop here. Unless you’re looking for specific features in awebcam, then there is no better value than the Logitech C922 HD Pro. Its sharp1080p images, paired with a wide field of view and great autofocus, make it afantastic video conferencing choice. Lowlight performance is great; the noiselevel didn’t shoot through the roof when I turned off a few lights. Whitebalancing was accurate most of the time, although the default saturation canmake the scene look a little washed out in bright lighting conditions.Most of the settings can be adjusted through Logitech’s Camera App. Streamersshould also appreciate C922’s excellent compatibility with the backgroundreplacement app, ChromaCam. All in all, the Logitech C920 performs its coreduties exceptionally well and won’t break the bank.For streamers, the C922 is a versatile webcam that will help make you lookyou’re best when live streaming to your legion of rabid followers.Image 1 of 4(Image credit: Razer)Image 2 of 4(Image credit: Razer)Image 3 of 4(Image credit: Razer)Image 4 of 4(Image credit: Razer)

4. Logitech BRIO

Display resolution: 4K | Recording resolution: 4K 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 720p90fps | FOV: 90 degrees | Special features: Windows Hello compatible, HDRsupport, 5x digital zoomSuperb image qualitySupports HDR recordingAs expected, the BRIO’s high resolution bumps up the detail to a much higherlevel than any standard 1080p webcam. Besides, its 90-degree field of view caneasily capture your entire room and any guests in it. So be careful; you willbe in the shot.White balance and saturation are both perfect, as is its low lightperformance. The only slight detractor in image quality is its iffy autocontrast settings. Alongside the main color, the sensor is infrared, makingthe BRIO fully compatible with Windows Hello, Microsoft’s facial sign-infeature.In addition to its astounding capturing resolution, the BRIO is also the onlywebcam that supports HDR capturing. This means that viewers who have an HDR-compatible screen will be able to enjoy richer, more vivid colors.The BRIO has three major weaknesses, however: buggy autofocus, high price, andnarrow niche. Our test unit consistently had trouble re-focusing on objectsfarther away after locking focus on things up close. This was very annoying asI had to either adjust it manually or maniacally dance around, hoping that itwould eventually track me again. Considering 4K is its only major strength,the nearly $180 asking price is hard to accept. Lastly, widespread support for4K streaming isn’t here yet. So, while you can still upload your 4K recordingsto Youtube, it’s impractical for conferencing or streaming as the streamquality would automatically be compressed.Best gaming keyboard | Best graphics cards | Best gaming headset Best controller for PC gaming | Best gaming PC | Best mechanical keyboardImage 1 of 1(Image credit: clearone)

The hottest TV tech: 4K and HDR

Recently, two new exciting technologies have dramatically changed the qualityof TV screens: 4K resolution and HDR.TCL TVs offer 4K and HDR on their best (and biggest) sets, and the improvedimage quality is worth every penny, so be sure to familiarize yourself withboth features before you buy. * 4K TV sets have four times as many pixels as a typical 1080p HDTV, resulting in an unprecedented level of detail and image quality. Whether it’s a vast landscape, an over-the-top explosion, or your favoriteanimated feature, a 4K TV will deliver a stunning picture. * HDR is a feature that allows the TV to display even more colors than normal. It also allows content producers to specify how bright a TV show or movie should be. HDR is available on many 4K Netflix and Amazon videos as well as most 4K Blu-ray discs.Did you know?In addition to the video apps included on TCL TVs, you can also download andinstall unofficial third-party apps. Hundreds of unofficial apps are availablethat showcase content from around the world, from drone photography channelsto international newscasts.STAFFBestReviews

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