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Guiding principles and martech stack trends

First, it’s about money. Thus, you should understand how much budget to put onthese tools. Gartner says that in 2019 CMOs spent on martech 26% of thebudget.The lion’s share of companies’ investments. So, the priority is clear. But howto navigate the marketing software landscape?We’re picking new tools for our stack much quicker than we deploy themIf you’re like me willing to test every new marketing tool, that’s a problem.In 2019 marketing leaders reported utilizing only 58% of their martech stack’spotential.That was a signal to rethink and optimize tools’ choice. And they did.Marketing tech stack 2020 doesn’t imply a shiny penny approach. The businessfocus shifted to building smart tech stacks. That means: * All-in-one tools shift Companies move to CRM and platforms instead of using multiple software. Thus,business eliminates the need for disparate point solutions and streamline theworkflow of sales, support, and marketing with a single solution. * Integration It’s ok that your teams use different tools, the problem comes when you needto play them together. Like messengers, email, and chat on the website interms of customer onboarding. Thus, the companies opt for API first solutionsthat provide a free-flowing exchange of data between channels, tools, andsystems. * Data priority Here at Dashly, we are working to personalize your website visitors andclients’ experience with the help of data. That is one of the key jobs ourservice does. Marketing intents to understand customers and their problems.Thus, they are looking for options to deliver the right message to the rightpeople at the right time.These are the 2020 martech stack trends. But 2021 is on the horizon, whichmeans changes and forecasts. Here is one of them — “Martech stack manifesto”:There is a new shift from all-in-one suites to the best-of-suite marketingtech solutions. That is the next step of martech optimization.Now, when the trends are clear, we move to the practice step.

Collect your perfect martech stack

Let’s summarize all the options we offered for your marketing tech stack intoa table:Tasks| | Solutions| —|—|—|— Marketing automation| –| Dashly $39+/month| – SEO| Serpstat $69+/month| Ahrefs $99+/month| ScreamingFrog $190/year SMM| Hootsuite $19+/month| SproutSocial $99+/month| – CRM| LessAnnoying CRM$15+/month| SalesForce $25+/month| ZendeskCRM $89/month CMS| WordPress free| Wix $8-$24/month| Joomla! $99+/month Project management| Trello $9,99+/month| Asana $13.49/month| Wrike $9.80+/month Analytics| Google Analytics free | Mixpanel $24+/month| Optimizely $4.166/month Read also: Intercom alternative: Why is Dashly a good choice?

Martech stack FAQ

What is a marketing technology stack?It’s the suite of tools and technologies for streamlining and speeding upmarketing processes along each step of the marketing funnel: collect leads,personalize communication, support, analyze the campaigns’ results.How to choose the right marketing tech stackStart with business goals and convert them into a strategy. Evaluate themarketing tools you used previously. Think about each step of how your teamwill reach it and try to speed up the process with the right technologies. Themore connected tools you have, the better.Who should own what in the martech stackUsually, the decision-maker is a CMO, CEO. But a manager, who will use thistool, also influence the choice.When is it time to reevaluate the martech stack?The start of the next OKR period is perfect (quarter). But still, marketingtechnology reevaluation could be twice a year when you plan company’s globalgoals and strategy to reach them.How to get to know the experience with a marketing tech stackThe best option is to consult the marketing teams, experts in your niche, whattools they use, how they choose it.And, of course, subscribe to our marketing blog 🙂Profit Only. Once a Week In Your Inbox

Marketing Tech Stack Terrain: ESRI

ESRI’s infographic on TechStacks is constructed as a map; inspired by what thecompany is all about. The example presented follows a path through the listedtechnologies used by ESRI’s marketing department.The marketing initiative cycle divides into 6 main categories of marketing: * Acquisition * Nurturing * Retention * Insights & Analytics * Productivity * CommunicationA total of 24 tools runs the whole operation of ESRI. Tools like Salesforce,Moz, Pardot are crucial parts of their technology stack. ESRI Tech Stack, image by ESRI

Digital Marketing Tech Stack: PitchBook

One of the winners of the 2016 Stacks Awards was Pitchbook, an investingcompany.They used a marketing tech stack flowchart to represent their platforms,dividing them into 6 main dimensions.There is a creation, collaboration, capturing, execution and analysis.The main tool for the company’s automation is Marketo, a widely knownsoftware. PitchBook Marketing Tech Stack, image by PitchBook

MarkCom Technology Stack: Acquia

Digital Experience Platform, Acquia, has a simple clean layout of theirstacks. A pyramid structure demonstrates marketing tech that starts with teamcollaboration. There’s a blend of growth-hacking tools for prospecting,website CMS, inbound marketing, and analytics.Acquia has depicted that marketing and sales are intertwined.Worth of mention, they use Asana software for team collaboration and workmanagement. Acquia Marketing Tech Stack, image by Acquia

Marketing Technology Stack Example: Absolutdata

Custom AI platform, Absolutdata, shows advanced and technologically orientedmarketing stack. Divided into 5 segments which all present scalable andelastic nature.The infographic of marketing tech tools depicts the integration of all datasources.This technology-oriented company chose tools that are not that popular butstill serve the purpose, especially for advanced actions.

Marketing Technology Stack: Cramer

Cramer is a marketing agency with a focus on events. Their Technology Stacksshows how salesforce can cover the sales enablement element of their reach.This marketing tools infographic is an answer to key problems – content, salesenablement, and social amplification. Moreover, there’s a really cool mix ofwell known and small start-up tools. Cramer Marketing Tech Stack, image by Cramer

Martech Stack for Data Integrations and Automation Stack: Merkle

The data-driven company, Merkle, illustrated their approach to digital stacksby displaying areas of brain as they relate to tools.Each marketing function of the tech stack infographic is divided intosubsections.It helps visualize which marketing tools make up the different parts of themarketing process.Further, data management and integration are the biggest parts, as that iswhat it lays on the core of this business. Merkle Marketing Tech Stack, image by Merkle

Marketing Tech Stack Infographic: Tennant

Tennant’s martech stack is shown on the picture of one of its products: floor-cleaning machine.The loop revolves around the main themes: * Attraction * Engagement * Collaboration * Revision & revive.Subsequently, 4 main marketing focuses are then divided into subcategories,which are simple and understandable for the reader. Tennant Marketing Tech Stack, image by Tennant

The Sales Tech Stack 3.0:

Clemmens’ sales stack is oriented on sales funnel.An outbound sales process divides into * Analytics * Research * Outreach * Deal pipeline.The marketing tools flowchart below shows the company’s approach of gettingcustomers. The “less is more” approach by Effin Amazing keeps it simple. Only 6 marketingtools are included in their 2020 tech stack.Simplicity can be a thing of beauty when trying to avoid Stackpocalypse.They believe that having a variety of choices of tools does not imply everycompany should have dozens of them.As a result, their digital marketing tech stacks integrate togetherseamlessly.

Marketing Technology Infographic: Venture Scanner

Venturescanner decided to show marketing technology used currently. In orderto choose platforms, they checked 900 companies.The division into 13 main categories of marketing helps the reader to navigateand find needed marketing technology tools.

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