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Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch:

1. GT Biopharma Inc. (GTBP Stock Report) 2. miRagen Therapeutics Inc. (MGEN Stock Report) 3. vTv Therapeutics Inc. (VTVT Stock Report) 4. Amarin Corporation (AMRN Stock Report) 5. Sesen Bio Inc. (SESN Stock Report)The remainder of the week might be focused on technology. But heading into anew month next week, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Everythingfrom data readouts to industry and investor conferences, which can all becometheir own catalysts as well. So with one more day left before all that, here’sa list of penny stocks to watch heading into the final session of October.

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 1: GT Biopharma Inc.

GT Biopharma Inc. (OTC:GTBP) is one of the biotech penny stocks that hasexperienced a strong year in 2020 and it hasn’t been based on coronavirus. Thecompany focuses on immunotherapy. While there’ve been plenty of developmentsover the last few months, it’s been the last 45 days that has built more upinterest in the company.In its last update, GT Biopharma announced the publication of “NK-Cell-Mediated Targeting of Various Solid Tumors Using a B7-H3 Tri-Specific KillerEngager In Vitro and In Vivo”. This was in the journal Cancers. B7H3 is highlyexpressed on the surface of several types of cancers and when targeted by thecompany’s TriKE™ the findings were favorable. GT found that it has thepotential to enhance natural killer cell immunotherapy in solid tumor settingssupporting further clinical development.But it hasn’t just been TriKE™ as a standalone. This is actually the company’streatment platform and the one its lead candidate, GTB-3550 is built on.GTB-3550 is GT Biopharma’s candidate for treating acute myeloid leukemia andhas already shown a favorable response in Dose Level 3 of its Phase I/IItrial. Furthermore, interim data was chosen for presentation at the upcomingASH conference. GT also said that an abstract will also be published online inthe November supplemental issue of the journal Blood. The first publicationwill be in the online ASH meeting program on November 5, 2020.Given the surge of interest growing in the market, GTBP stock has managed toclimb significantly over the last month. What will November bring?

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 2: miRagen Therapeutics Inc.

We just recently began covering miRagen Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:MGEN) thisweek. On October 25th we discussed it among a list of other penny stocks onRobinhood to watch. The main focus for taking a closer look at MGEN after anuptick in trading activity late last week. One thing we preach is researchover the weekend. In this case, research certainly was worth it. Since Monday(the article was on Sunday), MGEN stock has climbed from around $0.50 to highsso far of $1.50; up 200%+ considering aftermarket trading on Thursday.Read MoreEarlier this week, the company announced that it had acquired ViridianTherapeutics in a play to gain access to its thyroid eye disease treatment.Worldwide rights to develop and commercialize VRDN-001 for all non-oncologyindications that do not use radiopharmaceuticals, including the treatment ofthyroid eye disease, were exclusively licensed by Viridian from ImmunoGen,Inc.Why is MGEN stock still on the radar right now? Aside from the fact that thecompany’s stock continues holding recent gains, new filings came out onThursday showing a 9.5% stake by none other than Steven Cohens Point72 AssetManagement. It will be interesting to see what happens next as several keydevelopments have definitely extended drastically this week. Is a pullback instore or are new 52-week highs in store?

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 3: vTv Therapeutics Inc.

vTv Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:VTVT) saw one of its most active trading days inmonths, Thursday. The biggest question mark for VTVT stock is whether it willbe a buy the rumor/sell the news event or not on Friday. The company is set topresent preliminary data on the baseline characteristics of participants inits Phase 2 Alzheimer’s drug study next week. While topline results aren’texpected until December this could shed some light on how the trial is going.November 4th is the date to keep in mind. vTv presents at the 13th ClinicalTrials on Alzheimer’s Disease Digital Event. This trial is treatingAlzheimer’s patients also suffering from type 2 diabetes. In light ofThursday’s move in VTVT stock, it will be interesting to see if the momentumcontinues heading into next week’s presentation.

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 4: Amarin Corporation

Amarin Corporation (NASDAQ:AMRN) has been an interesting story to follow tosay the least. Shares dropped from over $7 to under $5 in early Septemberafter a ruling on its VASCEPA ANDA patent litigation. The outcome was clearlyunfavorable as you’ll see on the AMRN stock chart. However, the company’s mostrecent developments could shed some positive light on the company this month.Amarin presented new data of its REDUCE-IT study showcasing the potential ofVASCEPA®. The principal investigator of REDUCE-IT Dr. Deepak L. Bhatt said,“The statistically significant substantial benefit in reduced coronaryrevascularization procedures seen as early as 11 months provides clinicianswith a potential additional intervention in a patient population for whom timeis of the essence.”A follow on to this was reported this week at another conference, AmericanSociety of Nephrology Kidney Week 2020. Further details will be presented atthe American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in November.

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 5: Sesen Bio Inc.

Sesen Bio Inc. (NASDAQ:SESN) has been steadily holding gains for most ofOctober. It had pulled back slightly from highs. October was the first monththat had several key developments that helped boost momentum. The companyselected Cardinal Health as its exclusive provider for third-party logisticsand specialty pharmaceutical distribution services. These were related to thecommercial distribution of its Vicineum in the United States. Vicineum, alsoknown as VB4-845, is currently in the follow-up stage of a Phase 3registration trial treating non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.[Read More] Are Penny Stocks Worth It? 4 For Your Watch List This WeekThis week Sesen completed a successful pre-submission meeting with theEuropean Medicines Agency for Vicineum in Europe. Dr. Thomas Cannell,president and chief executive officer of Sesen Bio explained, “Europerepresents one of the largest regions in terms of unmet need for patients withNMIBC, and we appreciate the agency’s guidance and confidence in Sesen Bio topursue an MAA submission for approval of Vicineum.”Sesen said that it aims to complete all necessary pre-submission activitieswith the European Medicines Agency by the end of 2020.Click here for full disclaimer* * ** * *Midam Ventures, LLC | (305) 306-3854 | 1501 Venera Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33146| news@pennystocks.com5 Biotech Penny Stocks for 2020Investment Opportunities

5 Biotech Penny Stocks for 2020

By Matthew MakowskiOriginally posted July 15, 2020Updated on January 29 at 10:44 amPenny stocks can be a risky bet. But with that risk comes the potential forhigh reward. And biotech penny stocks have been some of the most rewarding in2020.The hunt for a coronavirus vaccine has propelled former penny stocks into thebig time. For instance, Novavax (Nasdaq: NVAX) was trading for less than $5 atthe beginning of 2020. Then came the news that it was rolling out clinicaltrials for a COVID-19 vaccination.The news propelled the stock price upward. And the good news continued forthose who had already invested in the company. It got a $1.6 billion injectionof government funds through Operation Warp Speed. Despite its midcap status,Novavax’s share price is on pace with much larger companies like AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV) and Novartis (NYSE: NVS).Meanwhile, lots of other biotech penny stocks have also had a breakout year.Shares of Opka Health (Nasdaq: OPK) have more than doubled on news of thedevelopment of its antibody testing. Co-Diagnostics‘ (Nasdaq: COSDX) COVID-19testing kits propelled the company’s shares up more than 1,850%. And wheniBio’s (NYSE: IBIO) vaccine got fast-tracked, it sent the company’s shares upmore than 633%.All of these gains have investors scrambling to find the next greatcoronavirus stock. But the simple truth is trying to pinpoint the next biotechpenny stock to break out with a COVID-19 treatment is a fool’s gambit.There are much more telling and reliable metrics. Potential investors shouldbe looking at more than a firm’s press release touting a novel coronavirustherapy.And with that, here are three more valuable characteristics that biotech pennystock investors should be looking for. Keeping an eye on these can mean thedifference between a four-bagger and watching your investment go up in flames.

Biotech Penny Stocks: Look for Cold Hard Cash

When a small biotech firm doesn’t have a lot of cash on hand, it’s common forthe company to sell more shares. This helps it fund future clinical trials ofits therapies. And when a glut of shares suddenly enters the market, shareprice usually falls.That’s why one of the safest metrics to look for in a biotech penny stock iscash. Make sure the company has plenty of cash on hand. Because when a companyhas hundreds of millions of dollars to cover operating costs and futuretrials, it’s unlikely it will resort to watering down its share price byoffering additional ones.

Top Biotech Penny Stocks for 2020

Based on the criteria above, we’ve put together a list of five biotech pennystocks that could be poised to have a breakout year. 1. CymaBay Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CBAY) 2. InflaRx (Nasdaq: IFRX) 3. Five Prime Therapeutics (Nasdaq: FPRX) 4. Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: TNXP) 5. Cleveland BioLabs (Nasdaq: CBLI)

Tonix Pharmaceuticals

Tonix Pharmaceuticals’ pipeline of products is the very picture of diversity.Its stable of potential therapies are being developed to treat PTSD,autoimmune conditions, cancers, radiation injury, fibromyalgia, depression,smallpox and monkeypox.Tonix’s broad spectrum of applicable biological options are sound enough intheir own right. And the company has also recently partnered with SouthernResearch on a COVID-19 vaccine. This shotgun approach puts Tonix in a goodposition for rapid growth in the not too distant future… which could lead tobig rewards for those who invest in this biotech penny stock.

These 5 Biotech Penny Stocks Saw A Surge This Week, Will That Continue?

Now that 2020 is behind us, 2021 could be the year for biotech penny stocks totake off. While the pandemic negatively affected most industries last year,biotech managed to come out better than before COVID started. This makes sensegiven both the massive subsidies for the industry and the focus on creating avaccine. In the past six months, biotech penny stocks have continued to seethe spotlight from both retail and institutional investors. One of the aspectsto note is that most biotechs tend to have a high correlation with oneanother. As they say, “a rising tide lifts all ships” and this is somethingthe industry has experienced during the past 12 months.One example of this came on Friday, January 8th as Citi raised its rating ofRegeneron Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: REGN) to a Buy. This resulted in many otherbiotech stocks rising alongside it. On the other side, because the industry isspeculative right now, volatility is very high. It’s not out of the ordinaryto see certain biotech penny stocks jump or fall in the double or tripledigits during a given trading day.With solid growth in the past few months, investors are hopeful about thefuture of the biotech industry. Following the stock market crash that occurredearly in 2020, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index is up by almost 70%. With viruscases still rising around the world, some investors believe that biotech couldcontinue to be in focus for the near and distant future. With all of this inmind, here are five biotech penny stocks to watch in January 2021.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.

The third penny stock on this list comes in as TNXP. Tonix Pharmaceuticals sawits shares climb by around 17% on January 12th, signaling a high amount ofbullish sentiment. While many gains are made without news, Tonix announced anexciting update on January 11th. On Monday, the company stated that it pricedits $40 million common stock offering at $0.80 per share.With the issuance of 50 million shares of TNXP stock, the company should havemore than enough capital to continue research and development for the nearfuture. The company has raised a lot of attention in the past few months dueto its TNX-1800 vaccine candidate. This vaccine is based on the horse poxviral vector platform, and could potentially protect against Covid-19infections.The company states that it should have preliminary data from animal studies assoon as the first quarter of this year. While it may seem like the vaccineindustry on covid is saturated, there is plenty of room for competition.Companies like Tonix Pharmaceuticals are working on alternatives to the bigname vaccines that exist right now.In addition to its covid vaccine, Tonix has several other drugs that are usedto treat human diseases. This includes TNX-102 SL, which is currently in aPhase III trial to see its efficacy in treating fibromyalgia. Because of itsrole in the covid industry, TNXP is seeing heightened attention in the pastfew trading sessions. With a solid 13% gain on January 12th, is TNXP a pennystock to watch?

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