Top E Commerce Programming Languages and Frameworks

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Top Web Development Frameworks

As proficient web developers, we did thorough research at ValueCoders andshortlisted the top 10 web frameworks for your custom software developmentneeds. Let’s start with Angularjs-

1) Angularjs web development frameworks

If you are a bit updated about the latest web development technologies, thenAngularjs is a familiar name to you. Angular is a JavaScript open-source webframework that was designed particularly for single-page web applicationsusing MVC architectural pattern. It is not a full-stack, but a front-endframework dealing basically with your webpages.After the release of Angular 2, a complete revamp of the first version, thisframework created a lot of hype. Now, they have come up with Angular 4(skipping 3) and that’s even better. Hence, this Google product is welldeserved to stay in the top web development framework’s list and consider thisa crucial part of your next web development project.* * ** * *Blockchain technology has revolutionized the web development industry. It hasbecome the most demanding web development technology these days creating webapplications for every industry from fintech to healthcare. The best partabout this technology is that it develops secure, high-quality and scalableapps for you. Hire Blockchain developers to make use of various blockchaintools/frameworks in order to deliver the best blockchain apps.Many web development companies are searching for new and innovative ways toutilize the blockchain technology. Hence, they are offering custom blockchaindevelopment solutions, smart contracts development, crypto walletsdevelopment, ethereum development and much more.* * ** * *

3) REACT.JS web development frameworks

ReactJS is an open-source, JavaScript library maintained by Facebook alongwith a large developers’ community. This library(Also convertible to a top webframework) is used extensively in developing a user interface for webapplications. This particular top web framework was invented with the purposeof building large applications with data that changes again and again overtime.Read more: 7 reasons to choose Facebook’s ReactJSMoreover, React is coming up with something really interesting in the nearfuture termed as React Fibre. It is an ongoing reimplementation of React’score algorithm. It is the culmination of over two years of research by theReact team. It can be a big thing for developers in this year among othersurprises. Hence, you can count on this library and hire React developers foryour next project.* * ** * *

4) NODE.JS web development frameworks

The main idea of Node.js is to use non-blocking and event-driven I / O so thatthey remain lightweight and efficient against real-time applications with alarge amount of data running on distributed devices. In simple words, Node.JSis used for specific reasons to fill particular needs.Node.js is not just a framework, it is a complete environment. It has been thedeveloper’s favorite for a long time and is expected to stay this way longenough. It helps to create scalable and fast network applications since it iscapable of handling a large number of simultaneous connections with highperformance, which provides high scalability. If you want a completeJavaScript environment with all the tools, the development of Node.js may beideal for you.Read More: Top 15 Front-end Development Tools In 2021* * *Right now, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are booming rapidly.Be it customer behavior or an image editing app, AI is everywhere. Moreover,AI chatbots are growing very fast and learning more from human interactions.What can be a better way to build such amazing apps with a JavaScript top webframework? Yes, Tensorflow is one such framework that helps to build AI apps.It’s easy to use, open-source and supported by a large community. Therefore,if you are planning for AI, go for Tensorflow.Guest Blog: TOP 10 WEB APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES TO HIRE IN 2021* * *

6) Symfony web application framework

Symfony is a PHP web framework that’s well suited for large-scale or complexenterprise-level projects. It is a quite stable framework. Symfony 3.1 (thecurrent version) helps full stack developers create scalable websites that areflexible to changing business requirements. Symfony can work with some of thelargest open-source platforms such as PHPBB, Piwik, and Drupal.Symfony comprises of a set of PHP components, an Application Framework, aCommunity and a Philosophy, and all of them work in tandem to help realize acommon goal on the web. These are the reasons that make Symfony an advancedframework for web application development.Read more: Symfony vs Laravel, which one to choose?* * *

7) ASP.NET web application framework

ASP.NET is one of the best Microsoft built web frameworks that is highlyvalued by developers as a powerful tool for creating dynamic websites, richweb apps and web portals since it’s inception in 2002. .NET is built on theCommon Language Runtime (CLR) that provides an opportunity to web developersto write ASP.NET code utilizing any language supported by .NET.Currently, there is a large number of individual developers and softwaredevelopment companies that choose ASP.NET as their preferred web developmenttechnologies. This framework is also open source and has close to 15% marketshare. Hence, if you have a knack for Microsoft technologies, then you musthire ASP.NET developers for your next web development projects.Read more: 5 Skills Your Microsoft .Net Developer Should Have* * ** * *

8) Yii web application framework

Quite similar to, Yii is also one of the remarkable open-source webdevelopment frameworks for PHP. Yii framework works best in developingapplications for systems wherein repetitive tasks are needed to be performed.This web development framework comes with the in-built component-based model,database abstraction layers, event-driven programming features, and modularapplication architecture.The Yii coders follow Rapid Application Development (RAD). In other words, Yiiallows you to get web applications up and running within very less time.Moreover, with the Yii framework, it also becomes convenient for you tocustomize your applications as per changing business requirements. With easydata migration utility, you can conveniently upgrade/downgrade applicationversion on different installations. Hence, you can also consider hiring Yiidevelopers for your web development project.Read more: Laravel Vs Yii: 8 Facts You Should Know Today* * *Meteor is one of the best web development frameworks for rapid softwaredevelopment. By using JavaScript on the front-end as well as the back-end,Meteor allows you to build faster. is a full-stack JavaScript (JS) framework,made up of a collection of libraries and packages, bound together.Meteor has been built on concepts from other frameworks and libraries in a waythat makes it easy to build applications. Essentially, it makes webdevelopment much easier. It’s flexible and requires less code, which meansfewer bugs and typically higher quality and more scalable app. Therefore, itcan be beneficial for you to hire Meteor developers for your next project.Related: Meteor Vs Firebase* * *CakePHP is an open-source web development framework written in PHP and isimmensely popular in the market since its inception. It is built on theconcept of model-controller-view and association data mapping. By usingCakePHP, processionals can easily develop web applications in a structured andrapid manner.One of the biggest advantages of using CakePHP is detailed documentation andpractical guides are available along with the framework which makes it veryeasy to code. Therefore developers can easily create web applications usingthis framework. You would be able to achieve more by writing comparativelyless code if you chose this framework for development. You can even reuse thecode of your old projects through this framework, thus making the CakePHP webapplication development fast.Read More: Top 10 Web Application Development Trends In 2021* * ** * *

Laravel web development frameworks

When we talk about backend web development technologies or web frameworks,Laravel comes upfront. From its inception in 2011, Laravel has shown a brightpath to developers. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, intendedfor building state-of-the-art web applications following themodel–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.Some of the features of Laravel are a modular packaging system with adedicated dependency manager, utilities that aid in application deployment andmaintenance, many ways for accessing relational databases, and its orientationtoward syntactic sugar. These are some of the reasons why it’s considered tobe the best PHP framework and push businesses to hire Laravel developers fortheir next project.Related: Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework?* * ** * *Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces.Vue.js is adaptable and can also function as a web application frameworkcapable of powering advanced single-page applications. It was first releasedin 2013 and now it has 59600 stars on Github which makes it one of the bestweb development frameworks all over.Where Angular itself has 56300 stars on Github and only a four-year-oldframework has surpassed its popularity then it must be something. Isn’t it?Hence, you can also try out Vue.js for your next web development project orhire Vue.js developers* * *Also Read: Vue.js Is Good, But Is It Better Than Angular Or React?* * *

Ruby on Rails web development frameworks

Ruby on Rails(RoR) is considered to be one of the favorite frameworks for webdevelopers. Ruby is a funny programming language that makes the developershappy at work. Some of the big brands like Hulu, Airbnb, Basecamp developedtheir websites with RoR.From 2005, RoR has been completely free of cost and runs on Linux, which isalso open-source. It’s also easy and joyful to work with from a developer’sperspective. Besides, this framework not only does it allow you to move fromthe planning stages to actual development very fast but also easy to handlewhen compared to other technologies. Hence, you can certainly consider RoR asa useful framework for your next web application development.* * ** * *

Top E-Commerce Programming Languages and Frameworks

Software developers implement various programming languages, frameworks, and anumber of tech stacks for building E-Commerce sites. Let’s have a closer lookat some that suit best for E-Commerce development.

Web Development Stacks To Try In 2020

In this article we will discuss Web development stacks and what webdevelopment stacks to try in 2020. So the question is what is web developmentstacks? A Web stack is the set of software that is needed for Web developmentespecially for developing web applications and implementing websites. Webdevelopment stacks are very important components for web applications andwebsites for performing specific tasks.A web stack is also known as a webapplication stack.

Full Stack Web Development Frameworks 2020

ANGULARAngular is a front-end framework that is based on Javascript. Google hasdeveloped and maintained Angular. Angular used for the development and testingof Single page applications.It has a framework for MVC and MVVM architecturesand It is also the front-end part of the MEAN stack. METEORMeteorJS is a web framework which is based on javascript which is free andopen source. Meteor is written by using node.js. Meteor uses its templateengine Blaze or can be integrated with react and angular for client-endoperations. DJANGO Django is a web framework which is written in Python. It has MTV architectureand it’s open source.Django software foundation has developed and maintained.It is used to simplify the creation of complex web sites that are data driven.

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