Top universities in the Nordic countries

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Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

The country’s oldest and largest public technical university, Delft Universityof Technology was founded in 1842, and is currently ranked 52nd in the world,and the highest-ranked Dutch university in 2019. Also known as TU Delft, itteaches about 23,460 students, with a focus on engineering disciplines,computer science, mathematics, applied sciences, and policy and management intechnology. Prometheus, a figure from Greek mythology, is an important symbolof TU Delft, and his statue stands in the center of the newly renovatedMekelpark campus. In the most recent edition of the QS World UniversityRankings by Subject, TU Delft places within the global top five forarchitecture.

Tech Hosts Louisiana’s Only Science Olympiad Invitational

Jan. 26, Louisiana Tech University hosted its inaugural Science OlympiadInvitational.With participating teams from throughout Louisiana and Texas, students had theopportunity to participate in 23 events in two grade-level divisions.In its 35th year, Science Olympiad is an international non-profit organizationdedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing male,female, and minority interest in science, creating a technologically-literateworkforce, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by bothstudents and teachers.The Science Olympiad Invitational is a compilation of competitive eventscomparable to an “academic track meet.” The event tasks reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics,geology, mechanical engineering, and technology. One of the goals of theScience Olympiad is to celebrate and elevate science students and scienceeducation to a level normally reserved only for varsity sports programs,something event coordinator Chris Campbell was captivated by early in hiscareer.“I was drawn to the variety of events when I started an Olympiad team atSimsboro High School around 12 years ago and started hosting an invitationalin Lincoln Parish in 2010,” Campbell explains. “After joining Louisiana TechUniversity’s UTeachTech program in 2015, I was hoping to bring back theinvitational – this time at Tech. I’m proud to say that for the 2018-19 schoolyear, Louisiana Tech hosted the only invitational in the region, whichincludes Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.”

Tech Team Finishes Top 10 in International Debate Championship

Against more than 80 other competitors, Louisiana Tech junior politicalscience major Leah Hannah was Champion of the Varsity Division in the recent2019 International Public Debate Association (IPDA) National Championship, thetop achievement in an exceptional performance by Tech’s team.Tech placed in the Top 10 of more than 40 schools nationwide that competed inthe tournament co-hosted by Tech, Bossier Parish Community College, and LSU-Shreveport. Tech was 11th in the nation in Season Long (total points added upfor each tournament all year), and sixth nationally in both the Varsity andProfessional divisions.

Tech Named One of World’s Top Universities for Sustainable Development

Louisiana Tech University was one of the top 300 institutions globally and top27 institutions in the United States named to the Times Higher Education (THE)2019 University Impact Rankings. In Louisiana, only Louisiana Tech made theinternational list.The University Impact Rankings assess universities against the United Nations’Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The ranking uses indicators to providecomparisons across three broad areas – research, outreach, and stewardship –covered in the SDGs. Louisiana Tech performed especially well in the areas ofproviding access to quality education; working to make the city inclusive,safe, and sustainable, and promoting healthy lives for community members atall ages.> Everything we do as an institution is built upon our mission to provide an> unparalleled educational experience and produce graduates who ignite> innovation in their careers and communities.>> – Dr. Les Guice“The University Impact Rankings recognize that our University is responsiblefor ensuring access to quality education and contributing to the health of ourcommunity and region, and that Tech does a good job of that.”In 2016, THE recognized Louisiana Tech as one of 20 universities in the worldthat will “challenge the elite universities” and become globally renowned by2030. In the report, Tech was one of an emerging group of “challenger”universities that are quickly rising in the world rankings and “have anopportunity to become globally renowned in the next 10 to 20 years.”In late 2018, Tech was included in THE’s World University Rankings for thefirst time. This ranking is based on the University’s global reputation andresearch output.

Top universities in Germany

Offering free tuition to undergraduate students in all but one state, Germanyis one of the world’s most popular non-Anglophone destinations forinternational students. The top universities in Germany are: 1. Technische Universität München(55th in the world, 14th in Europe) 2. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München(63rd in the world, 17th in Europe) 3. Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg(66th in the world, 19th in Europe) 4. Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin (joint 120th in the world, joint 44th in Europe) 5. Kit, Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie(124th in the world, 47th in Europe)+ 41 more top universities in Germany

Top universities in Ireland

A relatively small country in Western Europe, Ireland is home to eight world-ranking universities, of which half are in the capital city, Dublin. The topuniversities in Ireland are: 1. Trinity College Dublin(joint 108th in the world, 37th in Europe) 2. University College Dublin(185th in the world, 80th in Europe) 3. National University of Ireland, Galway(259th in the world, 112th in Europe) 4. University College Cork(310th in the world, 135th in Europe) 5. Dublin City University(joint 429th in the world, joint 189th in Europe)+ 3 more top universities in Ireland

Top universities in Italy

Located in the southern peninsula of the continent and much-loved for itsweather, cuisine and beautiful settings, Italy is the fifth most populouscountry in Europe and boasts 34 internationally ranked universities. The topuniversities in Italy are:1. Politecnico di Milano(149th in the world, 61st in Europe) =2. Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa (joint 177th in the world, joint 75th inEurope) =2. University of Bologna (UNIBO) (joint 177th in the world, joint 75th inEurope) 4. Sapienza University of Rome (203rd in the world, 89th in Europe 5. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa(204th in the world, 90th in Europe)+ 29 more top universities in Italy

Top universities in the Netherlands

This Dutch-speaking country towards the north of the continent boasts 13globally ranked universities. The top universities in the Netherlands are: 1. Delft University of Technology(50th in the world, 13th in Europe) 2. University of Amsterdam(64th in the world, 15th in Europe) 3. Eindhoven University of Technology(102nd in the world, 35th in Europe) 4. University of Groningen (114th in the world, 40th in Europe) 5. Leiden University(118th in the world, 42nd in Europe)+ 8 more top universities in the Netherlands

Top universities in the Nordic countries

Europe’s Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) offer27 internationally ranked universities. Within the Nordic region, Finlandclaims the highest number of ranked institutions, despite being the mostsparsely populated country in Europe, while Denmark offers the highest-rankeduniversity in the group. The top universities in the Nordic countries are:Denmark 1. University of Copenhagen(joint 72nd in the world, 21st in Europe) 2. Technical University of Denmark(112th in the world, 39th in Europe)+ 3 more top universities in DenmarkFinland 1. University of Helsinki(107th in the world, 36th in Europe) 2. Aalto University(134th in the world, 53rd in Europe)+ 7 more top universities in FinlandNorway 1. University of Oslo(119th in the world, 43rd in Europe) 2. University of Bergen(joint 163rd in the world, joint 67th in Europe)+ 2 more top universities in NorwaySweden 1. Lund University(92nd in the world, 29th in Europe) 2. KTH Royal Institute of Technology(joint 98th in the world, 33rd in Europe)+6 more top universities in Sweden

Top universities in Russia

The largest country in the world by landmass, Russia performed very well inthe latest QS World University Rankings, with 25 universities, including eightin the top 350. The top universities in Russia are: 1. Lomonosov Moscow State University(84th in the world, 28th in Europe) 2. Novosibirsk State University(joint 231st in the world, 98th in Europe) 3. Saint-Petersburg State University(joint 234th in the world, joint 99th in Europe) 4. Tomsk State University(joint 268thin the world, 116th in Europe) 5. Bauman Moscow State Technical University(284th in the world, 119th in Europe)+ 20 more top universities in Russia

Top universities in the UK

Second only to the US in the number of total universities included in theranking, the UK is the most popular destination to study in Europe (althoughBrexit may change this in the future). It currently boasts four of the world’stop 10 universities, and eight of the 10 top universities in Europe. The topuniversities in the UK are: 1. University of Oxford(fourth in the world, first in Europe) 2. University of Cambridge(seventh in the world, third in Europe) 3. UCL (University College London)(eighth in the world, fourth in Europe) 4. Imperial College London(ninth in the world, fifth in Europe) 5. University of Edinburgh(20th in the world, seventh in Europe)+ 79 more top universities in the UK

Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland’s growing economy and world-class educational infrastructure attractinternational students from all across the globe. Ireland’s Universities offerattractive courses and study programs which makes Ireland a sought-afterdestination for every international student. With top universities and anenhanced education system, Ireland indeed meets all the expectations of aninternational student.

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