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Transfer Students with 18 or More Hours

I will have more than 18 hours earned (excluding developmental courses) by thebeginning of my transfer semester.

Transfer Associate Degree

If your aim is to transfer to a four-year school, earning a Louisiana TransferAssociate degree is a great place to start. This degree offered at Louisianacommunity colleges includes the foundation courses needed for a four-yearprogram, and pursuing this degree can help students choose a major best suitedto their interests. Upon earning this degree, students will have completed thefirst 60 hours of college credit towards a four-year degree. Southeastern willrecognize the following Associates degrees: Associate of Science, Associate ofArts, or Associate of General Studies. Southeastern will not recognize anAssociate of Applied Science.Louisiana Transfer Associate Degrees (AALT/ASLT)

Transfer Course Guide

Southeastern uses the Louisiana Board of Regents Statewide Transfer Guide as abasis for determining general education course equivalencies. This transferguide includes most general education courses taught at public colleges anduniversities in Louisiana. Below are guides that show courses from 2-year and4-year schools and how these courses transfer to Southeastern.Louisiana Master Transfer Matrix: 2-year and 4-year Schools (2019-2020)

Current Students taking a Course Elsewhere

Any current Southeastern student wishing to take a course at anotherinstitution may do so as long as the course has an equivalent and is approvedby Admissions and the department of the student’s major. Click here to accessour Course Elsewhere Approval form. * * *Students who do not meet the regular admission criteria may be admissiblethrough an alternate path. Contact an Admissions counselor at 985-549-5637 to review your options.University Transfer Office

Should You Transfer to a Four-year Degree Program?

In many cases, students can finish a bachelor’s program in just two yearsafter earning an associate degree. Students should discuss this possibilitywith their academic advisor. Many colleges hold transfer agreements withnearby universities, although some schools may not accept any or all of astudent’s associate degree credits, particularly if their degree is notproperly accredited.

Transfer Your Credits to National University

At National University, we know how far you’ve come and how hard you’ve workedfor your community college credits, which is why we make the process oftransferring as simple and streamlined as possible. NU has articulationagreements with more than 116 community colleges, so you can get the credityou deserve for previous coursework.Here’s why NU is the top choice for California community college transferstudents: * Over 75 degree programs offered online, on campus locations across California, or a combination of both * Flexible four-week classes with year-round enrollment, so you can start sooner and finish faster * Financial aid and scholarship opportunities, including the CCC-ADT transfer scholarship and the Transfer to Success Scholarship (available to those who qualify) * Dedicated support from academic and career advisors, faculty, and a host of student resources * Yellow Ribbon school with tuition discounts for military personnel and their dependentsContact an admissions advisor today to learn more about transferring to NU.

Associate Degree for Transfer Scholarship

Transfer students who have recently earned their California Community College(Associate degrees that use the CSU Breadth or IGETC patterns as generaleducation for degree completion) Transferable Associate of Arts (AA),Transferable Associate of Science (AS), or Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)are eligible for National University’s CCC-ADT Transfer Scholarship. Throughthis scholarship, students can complete a bachelor’s degree in 90 quarterunits or less and pay just $7,000 per year* for tuition. Transfer students whohave recently earned a transferable associate degree from a Californiacommunity college are also eligible for this transfer pricing. Contact anadmissions advisor to learn more about the scholarship.View our full list of transfer-friendly bachelor’s programs and read throughour FAQ’s for more information.*Assumes eight courses per year at $880 per course (max 20 courses)

Transfer to Success Scholarship

Qualified California or Nevada community college students, or students fromanother approved out-of-state community college transferring to NationalUniversity are eligible for the Transfer to Success Scholarship – an award ofup to $5,000. Learn more about the Transfer to Success Scholarship.Multidisciplinary Studies – AAT to BS – TechTeach – Texas Tech University(TTU) 2017-2018

Associate Degree Transfer Scholarship

Students must meet all of the following: * Associate Degree * 3.0 cumulative GPA * Regular admission to the University * U.S. Citizenship

What grades must I make to earn the Transfer Degree?

You must earn a “C” or higher in each course that applies to the degree. Ifyou earn less than a “C” in any course, you must either retake that course orearn at least a “C” in an equivalent (replacement) course. Only the “C” (orhigher) grades are guaranteed to transfer with the degree.

Does it really guarantee that I can transfer from a community college to a

four-year university in Louisiana without losing credits?Yes. When you earn either a transfer Associate of Arts (AA) or transferAssociate of Science (AS) degree, you can be assured that your 60 course hourswill transfer for credit. Four-year university faculty have participated inthe process of identifying General Education courses that will transfer as ablock. Also, remember that in addition to earning the transfer degree, youmust satisfy the university-specific admission requirements and know whatcourses will actually apply to your major when you transfer. Please talk witha college advisor as soon as possible to chart your course work.

As I’m planning for my Transfer Degree, where can I find the university-

specific requirements I would have to meet to qualify for admission?Grambling State University (Baton Rouge) http://admissions.lsua.eduLSU-Shreveport Tech University State University State University State University http://admissions.nsula.eduSoutheastern Louisiana University University (Baton Rouge) University (New Orleans) of Louisiana at Lafayette of Louisiana at Monroe of New Orleans

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