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45 Best Master’s (MS) in Analytics in USA

As an industry, big data is growing at a rapid pace, with nearly 2.3 trilliongigabytes of data being generated every day. The data galaxy is doubling upevery couple of years. So, the ability to make sense of all this data and useit to change the way we live and interact with one another is set toinevitably become a vital part of the business.While Business Intelligence (BI) is concerned with measuring past performance,Business Analytics (BA) programs tend to focus more on prescriptive andpredictive techniques (e.g. “what should we do?” and “what happens next?”).Data Science is closely related and overlapping with data/business analytics.MS Data Science programs are primarily focussed on data modeling &programming. In contrast, MS Analytics degrees usually concentrate on miningdata in order to achieve specific business goals (e.g. more profits).For those who are interested in pursuing MS Data Science, please refer to thearticle on Top Universities for MS in Data Science in USA.If you are not sure about the right program, read MBA vs MS Business Analyticsvs MS Data Science and MS Machine Learning & AI vs MS Data Science vs MSAnalytics.It’s a bit hard (and sometimes not fair) to rank programs as each curriculumhas its own strengths and uniqueness. Hence, I have listed the best MSAnalytics programs in the US in tiers. Priority has been given on the full-time programs, curriculum, student feedback, and reviews on popular & credibleportals like Analytics Vidhya, Data Science Central, Masters in Data Science,KDnuggets, MBA Crystal Ball, Predictive Analytics Today, Masters Portal etc.

University of Texas at Austin (McCombs)

The MS Business Analytics at UT Austin focuses on statistics, programming, andpredictive analysis in a business context. It’s a great program for the folksfrom math, computer science, and engineering backgrounds. The 10-month programprepares students for how to harness vast amounts of data and use it to builda better business.Industry partners include names like Walmart and Deloitte. It’s a greatprogram and provides offers excellent opportunities and support to thestudents related to the field of big data and data analytics.Read MS Business Analytics Admit Story at UT Austin for Indian Candidate withRetail & E-Commerce background.Related Posts:How to Get into Ivy League Schools for MS from India18 Best Online Courses on Data Science and Machine Learning in 201918 Best Online Courses for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI & DataAnalyticsWork-Study Programs at Colleges in US & CanadaCareer Journey after MS in USA | Q&A with Manoj Mittal (VP, Gartner; Ex-Harvard MBA & Stoodnt Investor)

North Carolina State University (Institute of Advanced Analytics)

North Carolina State University is considered to be one of the premiuminstitutions for data science. It also offers a Masters in Analytics program.In fact, it is the first and preeminent analytics degree in the US. In termsof placements, acceptance rate, curriculum, and value for money, the MSAprogram at NCSU is placed along with MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley andHarvard for data science talent.It is a 10 months master’s program that teaches all the tools and skillsregarding data science. The curriculum in the NCSU changes regularly on thebasis of the business and market conditions. The curriculum includesMathematics; statistical techniques; analytics tools, methods, applications;analytics practicum. Various techniques and tools related to the data miningdata analysis and data engineering are taught to the students with real-timeprojects. Read MS Analytics at NC State: Interview with Admissions Head.VIDEO

University of Rochester (Simon)

The MS Business Analytics program at Rochester provides excellent training inPython, R, and Tableau to help you leverage the big data insights. It’s agreat program for the folks who are from Economics, Marketing, and Non-Engineering (but quantitative) backgrounds.Students can finish the MS program either in 10 months (without internship) or17 months (with internship). Please be advised that the institute does notguarantee an internship; though the careers service of the Simon BusinessSchool has got a good reputation among the employers.Book a 1:1 Consultation Session (Skype / Telephone)

Southern Methodist University (Cox)

The Master of Science in Business Analytics program at SMU Cox providesstudents with the expertise and specialized Analytic skills. Careeropportunities are available in IT, marketing, operations, consulting, andother domains.The broad and intensive curriculum across a range of management disciplinesand functions explores the latest methods of translating data into relevantinformation for decision-makers.The program can be finished in two semesters. The program attracts candidatesfrom a wide range of backgrounds that include economics, math, engineering,marketing, and science.Students have the option of two program specialization or tracks: * Business Process Analytics- DB Concepts & Applications * Customer Analytics – Marketing Research & Customer-Centric Analytics

Michigan State University (Eli Broad)

The Master’s program at MSU is taught by the Faculties from the Schools ofBusiness, computer science, and statistics. It’s a one-year program and verypractical-oriented in nature. The program offers students the opportunity towork on data sets arranged with corporate and faculty support. It is also afull-time, fixed curriculum, cohort-based program to help ensure a solid teamfocused program.The curriculum includes courses in business strategy, data mining, appliedstatistics, project management, marketing technologies, and communicationstaught by leading MSU faculty.The annual base salary for the class of 2016 was $85,200. For the class of2017, the summer internship average pay is approximately$26/hr. 32 of the 33students landed a summer internship.Read:Top Universities Offering MS Data Science and Analytics in the Spring Intakein the USJobs and Salaries after MS Business Analytics

Georgia Institute of Technology

The one-year MS analytics program at Georgia Tech is designed for studentsfrom a wide range of backgrounds – business, computer science, economics,linguistics, engineering, theater, statistics, and history.Georgia Tech’s interdisciplinary approach to analytics gives students theopportunity to learn and work in cross-disciplinary teams. Students gainhands-on experience with cutting-edge analytics techniques in statistics andoperations research, big data, and high-performance computing.The core curriculum lays the foundation; 15 hours of electives allow studentsto specialize in one of three analytics tracks.Additionally, students receive funding to attend an analytics conference; haveaccess to free cloud computing resources, software, and training; and takepart in Georgia Tech’s Business Analytics and Big Data Industry Forum.Last but not least, opportunities for networking and career placement areexcellent at Georgia Tech.

Bentley University

Since the last 20 years, Bentley University has been in the industry of dataanalytics training. Bentley University helps in developing the distinctiveskills and the knowledge to translate the data by combining both the analyticsand business together which in turn adds up the value in decisions taken inthe organization. It offers 3 Major programs in Data Analytics like AuditAnalytics, Business Analytics & Marketing Analytics which allows the studentsto select a core subject as a career elective.Book a 1:1 Session with Tanmoy Ray

Other Top Universities for MS Analytics in USA (Tier 3)

* Louisiana State University – MS Analytics * Emory University – MS Business Analytics * Harrisburg University of Science and Technology – MS Analytics * Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Lally) – MS Business Analytics * Washington (Olin) – Masters in Business Analytics * Boston University – MS Computer Science with Data Analytics Concentration * Rutgers – MBS Analytics: Discovery Informatics & Data Sciences * Texas A&M – MS Analytics * University of Maryland – MS Business Analytics * Columbia University – MS Information and Knowledge Strategy * Cornell University – MEng Data Analytics Track * University of Iowa (Tippie) – MS Business Analytics * Virginia (McIntire) – MS Commerce: Business Analytics Track * UC San Diego (Rady) – Master of Science in Business Analytics * UC Davis – MS Business Analytics * San Francisco State Univesity – MS Business Analytics * University of Florida – MS ISOM: Business Intelligence & Analytics Specialization * Fordham University – MS Business Analytics * University of Miami – MS Business Analytics * University of Colorado Denver – MS Business Analytics

Data Science and Analytics

Data science is one of the most upcoming areas in the tech industry. Accordingto a KPMG survey, 81% of enterprises now rely on analytics to improve theirunderstanding of customers. For example, 92% of C-level executives useanalytics to get better marketing insights.Most companies have realised that robust analytics can help them make betterdecisions. However, analytics is one of those areas where you can generatemeaningful insights only when you have the right talent. Companies need peoplewho have a solid problem-solving ability as well as technical knowledge ofanalytics tools like Tableau, R, and Visual Analytics. That’s why analytics isone of the most sought after tech careers today.Data scientists are in demand not just in technology companies but even moretraditional sectors like supply chain, finance, and real estate. Therefore,Hong Kong, with its strong services sector, is hiring data scientists andanalysts on overdrive.To get started, we recommend taking on a powerful yet accessible codinglanguage: Python.Related articles:Data Analytics vs Data Science How to Become a Data Scientist in Hong Kong

UI/UX designer

Technology has now become a big part of people’s lives with apps and websitesfor daily tasks being a major part of the everyday routine of most people.It’s now more important for companies to keep these apps and websites assimple and easy to use as possible.That’s the job of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designers tounderstand how users engage with tech products. They then design productswhich give customers the simplest yet most attractive layout and the smoothestexperience. As all tech companies are competing with many others that offer asimilar service, having an intuitive UI/UX has become critical.Those who have experience or interest in graphic design should definitelyconsider a career as a UI/UX designer in Hong Kong. We do offer a course in UXDesign as well.

How is Accenture unlocking the potential of data science and analytics for

its clients?Today, organizations are dealing with huge volumes of data. At Accenture, wehave a dedicated team that works on helping organizations extract the most outof this data using data science, advanced analytics and artificialintelligence to transform their businesses. This work is done by our AppliedIntelligence unit, which is a part of Accenture Digital. It helps businessesdevelop intelligent solutions that solve real business problems and allow ourclients to do things differently and do different things.

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