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University of Virginia Ranking Highlights

* Ranked 1st as best value college in Virginia for the year 2020 by Forbes magazine. * The institute has been ranked 26th in National universities for the year 2020. * According to the US News website, ranked 44th in the best undergraduate teaching. * According to the US news world report 2021, this college holds 4th place in the best national public university category. * The institute has also been honored at 1st as best value public college by 2019 Princeton review.

University of Virginia World Rankings: THE

With an overall global school of 60.6 of which the major contribution is theteaching parameter that carries 52.1, the University of Virginia is one of thetop institutes of the US Education System that strives hard to set state-of-the-art academic experience to thousands of students creating a home away fromhome for international students.According to Times Higher Education 2021 survey, it currently holds theposition of 117 among 1500 world’s best universities from 93 countries allover the world. They have taken into consideration 13 important factors inorder to decide the university’s position in global academic standards. A fewof the factors that are given to calculate the global score is teaching,research, industry income, citations, global outlook etc.You can check the whole list of world university rankings over.Here is depicted the year-wise global ranking of the University of Virginiabetween the duration of 2010 to 2020 given by Times Higher Education (THE).They had a great start during the year 2010 with the rank 72. As yearsproceeded, the ranking moved further away and went to its peak of 146 in theyear 2016. Later, it reduced and maintained its rank in between 110 and 120.For the past three years, there have been some good improvements that denotethe reduction of rank 121 to 117. The universities such as the University ofAdelaide, Pennsylvania State etc. who have the adjacent ranking closer to therank of the University of Virginia are also tough competitors setting thefield hard.

University of Virginia National Rankings

University of Virginia is a public university that is well-known for its widerange of departments and colleges, excellent teaching pattern and accomplishedfaculty members which secure this a great place in nation-wide universityrankings.According to the top universities survey of the year 2021, the University ofVirginia has been given 50th position in the list of the bestcolleges/universities nationally. The institute stood at par with its othersuccessors in the list including Princeton University with a whopping globalscore of 91 along with Harvard University and Columbia University.As per US News rankings statistics that provided it with an overall score of40.05, the University of Virginia holds 26th position facing tough competitionfrom big names like Carnegie Mellon University, University of SouthernCalifornia, to name a few.In the above chart, you can spot five top universities of the USA as per theUS news website ranking of 2021 along with their global scores. The globalscores are calculated by QS Top universities based on basic parameters liketeaching, research, citations vs faculty, academic reputation, employerreputation etc.

University of Virginia Subject-wise Rankings

Since its establishment, every department and college in this university haveexcelled in their performance and earned many top rankings and prestigiousawards which makes it a coveted choice when seeking to study abroad. FromEngineering to social innovation, they have got it all covered. Few of themajor and renowned departments of this university are computer engineering,political and social thought, psychology, religious studies, civil science,biomedical science, women, gender & sexuality, Material science andEngineering, Mathematics etc.Out of all these subjects, more than 50 departments and programs of Universityof Virginia managed to get within 50 ranks in state-wise and country-wiserankings. Few departments that have done exceptionally well and secured betterrankings than others are Aeronautical and aerospace engineering, nursing,medicine, radiology, arts and psychology.

University of Virginia Subject Ranking: US News

Following is the table which shows the departments and their rankings forUniversity of Virginia that are rated as per US News website for the year2021.Subject | Ranking 2021 —|— Arts and humanities | 122 Radiology, Nuclear medicine and medical imaging | 91 Oncology | 162 Biology & Biochemistry | 102 Cell biology | 137 Microbiology | 175 Physics | 173 Psychiatry/Psychology | 65 Space science | 84 Surgery | 24 Immunology | 62 Social sciences and public health | 140 Economics and Business | 99 Chemistry | 231 Public environmental and occupational health | 60 Molecular biology and Genetics | 166

University of Virginia Subject Ranking: THE

Times Higher Education evaluates rankings on the basis of research, teachingas well as the impact it has. It has given the following subject-wise rankings2021 for the University:Departments | Ranking 2021 (THE) —|— Business and economics | 75 Education | 59 Law | 53 Psychology | 28 Life sciences | 151-175 Clinical and preclinical health | 126 Engineering & Technology | 251 Social science | 126-150 Arts and Humanities | 101-125 Apart from the global, country and subject-specific rankings discussed in thearticle, the institute has also received many miscellaneous awards and titlesfrom different agencies around the world which are as listed below. * According to the Niche website, the University of Virginia has been ranked 5th as the best big college in America. * Among 1580 colleges taken into consideration, this university has taken the 5th place in the category of colleges that offer the best student life in America. * The University of Virginia is one of the sought after colleges by students who want to pursue athletics. Among 1380 universities, it has obtained 14th place in the best colleges for student-athletes in America. * Among the hardest colleges to get into America, the University of Virginia has obtained 63rd position. * Also, among the best universities in Virginia state, the University of Virginia holds the topmost position consistently for 5 years.With a rich history dating back to the 1800s, the University of Virginia isone of the prestigious universities that offers a strong platform to studentswith an excellent curriculum, well-experienced faculty members and a ton ofadditional activities and athletic training.All these rankings are an indicator of the strong global presence and impactthe university has over the academic world which reflects why one should studyin USA and rightfully makes it a favored choice when seeking to studyoverseas.Virginia Commonwealth University World Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-Specific Rankings (2021)Virginia Commonwealth University is a public research university in Richmond,Virginia. It was founded in 1838 and got merged with Richmond ProfessionalInstitute in 1917 to form the present institution. The University has a solidcommitment to consistently upgrading research and academic excellence. In theyear 2019, it spent about $300 million in sponsored research funding, and gotclassified among “R1: Doctoral Universities- with very high researchactivity”. It believes in real-world learning to further civic engagements,creative expressions, and improvement in the quality of human life, that’spropounded in the mission of the University. * More than 25 programs of the Virginia Commonwealth University are ranked by US News & World Report as among the best in the country. * In the year 2012, one of the centers of the VCU- the Da Vinci Center was recognized as one of the 29 best institutes to offer a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) degree. * According to Bloomberg Businessweek and the US News WUR, the School of Business of the Virginia Commonwealth University ranks 51 for the part-time MBA Program and 91st in the best undergraduate business schools in US. * It has moved into the top 100 in National Science Foundation Research rankings, and the sustainable program of the University was awarded the Energy Star Certification for meeting strict energy-efficiency levels set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Virginia Commonwealth University Rankings Highlights

The ranking agencies take account of various factors to accredit VirginiaCommonwealth University and focus on institutions assessing their performancein each. These factors are usually based on students’ experience, researchintensiveness of a college, teaching excellence, citations, and more.Ranking Agency | Ranks —|— Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) (2021) | 651-700 US News (2021) | 402nd Times Higher Education (THE) (2021) | 390th ARWU (2020) | 201-300 Webometrics | 198th CWUR 2020 | 206th

Virginia Commonwealth University Rankings: CWUR

For the year 2020, the CWUR gave an overall score of 78.6 to the VirginiaCommonwealth University, allotting a rank of 206, worldwide. It has used theparameters of Alumni Employment Rank, Quality of Faculty Rank, and ResearchPerformance Rank, garnering the ranks in the world at 983, 74, and 278respectively. The ratings assure that the University has got an impeccableteam of faculties to provide an excellent education to the students.

Virginia Commonwealth University Rankings: Webometrics

Webometrics is an international ranking agency that judges universities basedon their research and their overall impact on the world. The VirginiaCommonwealth University for the year 2020, is ranked 198th in the world, and107th in the European region, while in the USA, it ranks in the top 100 bestinstitutes in research. It procured 95th rank in 2020. The agency takes intoaccount research into different topics like social science, technical science,etc. The parameters on which the University is ranked are:Parameter | Rank —|— Presence | 929th Impact | 149th Openness | 237th Excellence | 306th The major goal of the agency is to give a clear picture of the researchability of the institute. The VCU although has a presence rank of 929 in theworld, the impact that its research makes is under 150 best universitiesworldwide, which shows the assertive and useful research pedagogy of theUniversity.

Virginia Commonwealth University National Rankings

Ranking Agency | Ranks —|— QS | 82nd THE | 160th Forbes | 447th CWUR | 76th In the QS rankings, the university scored 49.7 acquiring the rank of 82nd inthe US universities. US News ranked the VCU at the 77th in the Top PublicSchools of the US, while 105th in the Best Value Schools.

Virginia Commonwealth University Subject Rankings

US News ranked 24 subjects into top-50 programs in the USA. The engineeringdepartment of the university was ranked 125th in the world, while another-Nursing School was ranked 33rd. According to the QS WUR by Subject Rankings,the university was ranked in the range of 151-200 globally.The Art program of VCU is the most popular program of the VirginiaCommonwealth University. VCUArts is the only public university art and designschool in the US to get such a reputation. New York Times called it “that rarepublic research institution that has put the arts front and center”.Subjects | US News | QS —|—|— Cell Biology | 241st | 501-550 Chemistry | 612th | 501-550 Clinical Medicine | 200th | – Nuclear Engineering | 18th (National) | – Pharmacy | 20th (National) | 151-200 Social Work | 25th (National) | 151-200 Public Affairs | 45th (National) | 151-200 Biology & Biochemistry | 368th | 501-550 Material Science | 453rd | – Neuroscience | 185th | – Surgery | 84th | 251-300 Social Science | 218th | 151-200 Psychology | 148th | 251-300 Pharmacology | 107th | 151-200

Online Program Ranking of the Virginia Commonwealth University (US News)

* Best Online Master’s in Education Program: 8th * Best Online MBA Programs: 35th * Best Online Master’s in Nursing Programs: 45th * Best Online Master’s in Nursing Administration Programs: 12th * Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs: 51st

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