US Black Friday Apple Watch deals in 2021 our predictions

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Best Apple Watch Series 6 deals

(Image credit: Apple)(Image credit: Apple)The Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest and greatest Apple Watch model. Interms of upgrades, it’s more like a Series 4.5, with a similar design andspecs to the Series 4.The Series 5 is improved with a always-on display, compass, and upgradedEmergency SOS features.As it’s the newest model, discounts could be difficult to come by. These arethe best prices we can find:These are the best Apple Watch 5 GPS + 4G prices we can find:(Image credit: Apple)Announced alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max at Apple’s September event in2018, the Apple Watch Series 4 was the first time that Apple updated designand size of the Watch since it was first released.The new design featured a larger screen that reaches closer to the edges, aslightly thinner body, and impressive ECG monitor.Now that this model is a year old, you’ll start to see some impressive dealspop up. This could be the model to go for if you’re not interested in the newtitanium model or always-on display.These are the best deals you can get on the cellular Apple Watch Series 4:(Image credit: Apple)The biggest update to the Apple Watch Series 3 was a cellular connection,enabling you to use the smartwatch free from an iPhone or Wi-Fi network.You’ll even be able to make voice calls over cellular, again, without aniPhone present.This is really useful for people who use their Apple Watch for running, andhate taking their iPhones with them – you’ll even be able to stream music fromApple Music.As the Apple Watch Series 3 is now the last generation we can expect somepretty serious discounts, so if you’re looking for an Apple smartwatch, andaren’t fussed about having the latest model, the Apple Watch Series 3 shouldbe the one to go for.(Image credit: Apple)

Best Apple Watch Series 2 deals

The Apple Watch Series 2 saw a big update to the Watch internally, even if itremained largely unchanged on the outside but has now been discontinued infavour of the Series 3. Still, that means there will be some good deals on it.Apple Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals: what to expect in this year’ssales – TechRadarsacelebat.blogspot.comApple Black Friday deals always present a prime opportunity for those seasonalsales hunters looking to snag themselves a cheap price on a top tech device.iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, MacBooks and even AirPods will all be on themenu this year, and we’re here to tell you what to expect come November 27,and also potentially help you score an early-bird deal.Apple Black Friday deals quick linksAlways an integral part of the larger Black Friday deals event, Apple devicesare always hot ticket items over the holiday period, and we’re expecting thisyear to be no different. We’ve been covering the Black Friday and Cyber Mondaydeals events for quite some years now, so we’ve put together this handy littleguide to clue you in with everything you’ll need to know come November.Key dates, last year’s deals, top retailers, and even some handy predictionscan all be found right here just below. Everything’s been sectioned out intoneat categories so if you’re simply looking for one device or another, justskip straight through to the part that’s relevant to you. We’ve also got someof this week’s best early Black Friday Apple deals here for you to check out.Yes, really, we’re already seeing some great price cuts from leadingretailers, so definitely make sure you give them a browse.Nearly every Apple device will probably get discounted, but some price dropsare sure to be better than others. There’s a number of factors in play here -firstly how new is the device, and, secondly – are you looking to buy fromApple themselves, as it’s normally other retailers which have the top-dollarsales over Black Friday.As you probably already know, recent weeks have also seen a bevy of fantasticnew releases from Apple, including the iPhone 12, iPad Air 4, and the 2020iPad 10.2. If you’re wondering our thoughts on whether these excellent newdevices will go on sale, simply scroll down to the relevant sections and havea browse.

Apple Watch deals

Yep, you guessed it, Apple Watch deals hunters should also be more than wellcatered for in this year’s Black Friday sales event. Two new devices havelaunched recently – the Apple Watch Series 6, and the Apple Watch SE, andthey’re already gracing the shelves of many leading retailers in the US as wespeak.Amazon Prime Day, the second biggest sales event of the year after BlackFriday, actually yielded some great, albeit small $25 discounts on the AppleWatch 6 and we expect we’ll be seeing something similar over Black Friday. Wehaven’t seen anything yet on the Apple Watch SE so far, although it’s verymuch early days.We’ll definitely be seeing some price cuts on the Apple Watch Series 3, whichshould, fingers crossed, be breaking its prior price cut record of $169 onBlack Friday. The Series 5 might be seeing some good deals too, althoughstocks are looking pretty depleted right now and we’re not sure they’ll bereturning in time for November.Today’s best Apple Watch dealsApple Watch Series 3 GPS,…Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS,…

Last year’s Black Friday deals at the Apple store

$50 Apple Store Gift Card when you buy select iPhones Buy a SIM-free iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and get a $50gift card.View DealApple Store Gift Card up to $100 when you buy select iPads Bag yourself an Apple Store Gift Card of up to $100 when you purchase an iPadPro 10.5 ($100), iPad 9.7 ($50) or iPad mini 4 ($50) from Apple.View Deal$200 Apple Store Gift Card when you buy select Macs You can nab a sizable $200 gift card (which will easily cover a pair ofAirPods) when you buy a MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro orMac Pro from the Apple website.View Deal$50 Apple Store Gift Card when you buy Apple Watch Series 3 Whichever variant of the Apple Watch Series 3 you decided to buy, Apple willgive you a $50 store card. Unfortunately, there’s no such deal if you want tobuy the newer, Apple Watch 4 though.View Deal

Top Black Friday Apple deals from last year

iPad 9.7 (32GB, 2018): ~~$329~~ now $249 at Walmart This is quite simply a great price for the new iPad, and it’s currently instock. Be warned though, availability comes and goes. There’s no guaranteethere will be stock when you click through, so you’ll want to act quick.ViewDealMacBook Pro (13.3-inch, 2018): ~~$1,799~~ $1,649 at B&H Apple’s best 13-inch laptop to date is available from B&H Photo for a neat$100 off list price. That includes an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a256GB SSD, plus the Apple Touch Bar.View DealApple MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018): ~~$2,799~~ $2,499 at Amazon The latest 15-inch MacBook Pro is the most powerful MacBook yet, and it can beyours for a whopping $300 off on Amazon.View DealiPhone XR / XS / XS Max / X: $100 to $300 at Verizon Verizon is offering $100 off new iPhone models and last year’s iPhone X forupgrading customers or $300 off for new lines with a trade in.View DealiPhone XR: free lease with second iPhone at Sprint Sprint is offering a free iPhone XR lease when you lease another iPhone X,iPhone XR, iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.View DealiPhone XR / XS / XS Max: up to $750 off with trade-in at T-Mobile T-Mobile is offering a substantial discount on new iPhones when you trade inan old phone. You can get up to $750 off in total. If you want an iPhone XRfor free, this is the deal for you.View DealiPhone XR / XS / XS Max / X / 8 / 8 Plus: Buy one, get one up to $750 off atAT&T AT&T is offering a buy-one-get-one deal on new iPhones with a qualifyingservice and new line. The deal is available on iPhone 8 and newer, and willdiscount the second iPhone by up to $750.View DealApple Watch Series 3 38mm: ~~$279~~ now $229 at Best Buy This is a great deal for the third-generation Apple Watch. You get to save acool $50 off the list price, and in return treat your wrist (or a loved one’swrist) to the stylish 38mm Series 3 watch in either Space Grey or Silver.ViewDealApple Watch Series 3 42mm: ~~$309~~ now $259 at Best Buy This is a great deal for the third generation Apple Watch. You get to save acool $50 off the list price, and in return the stylish 42mm Series 3 watchgives you a larger screen and longer battery life than the smaller 38mmversion.View DealApple AirPods: ~~$159~~ now $154 at Walmart It’s not a huge discount – just $5 to be exact – but this is currently thecheapest Apple AirPods Cyber Monday weekend deal, so if you’re in the marketfor the wireless buds this is as good as you get right now.View Deal

Which retailers have the best Apple Black Friday deals?

* Amazon – simply awesome deals on all devices, but they sell out fast. * Best Buy – always hot on the heels of Amazon with the best deals over Black Friday. * Walmart – again, a top, top choice for all Apple devices. * B&H Photo – a wildcard option, always surprises with competitive prices. * Adorama – a fantastic retailer to check if you’re looking for Apple deals on older devices.

How to get the best Apple deals on Black Friday

Apple rarely ever discounts its own devices, particularly not its latest andgreatest gadgets, like the iPhone 12 or latest iPads. The company sometimesbundles in some extra App Store credit with a deal, but that’s about as far asit goes from Apple directly.That means you’ll need to pay close attention to online retailers in order tofind the best iPhone deals, you might even find a sale on the new iPhone 12’s.And, even when the price is cut, there’s a premium to Apple devices, so set abudget and stick to it – could you get a faster, newer product in a similarcategory if you don’t buy Apple? Consider any Android or Windows alternatives– there are sure to be plenty of Dell Cyber Monday deals out there.Oddly enough, camera hardware retailers in the US, particularly B&H Photo andAdorama, are known to sell MacBook products at below list price during CyberMonday weekend. Specifically, last year’s models will be found at favorableprices. Here are the current top MacBook Pro 13-inch deals:

Best Black Friday smartwatch deals

Right now is a great time to find excellent Black Friday smartwatch saless ona variety of different brands. Apple Watch deals are also currently availableon the Series 3 and Series 6.

Best Black Friday monitor deals

Computer monitors are some of the most highly sought after tech this year.We’ve gathered some of the best Black Friday monitor deals on 4k, ultrawide,and standard work monitors below:

US: Black Friday Apple Watch deals in 2021 – our predictions

One of the best way to predict what will happen in 2021 is to look back atlast year’s best Apple Watch Black Friday deals. In the US, we saw the top-tier Apple Watch 6 discounted by up to $70 over Black Friday, with the 40mmGPS model dropping in price from $399 to $329.98 at Amazon.There were also big price cuts on the lower-spec but excellent value AppleWatch SE. (It isn’t as high-end as the Apple Watch 6, but we think it’s bestApple Watch you can buy because it has all the best bits of the top-tierversion, but it costs less money.) The lowest price we saw here was $229 forthe 40mm GPS model at Best Buy – that’s a $50 discount from the full $279.Meanwhile, 2017’s best smartwatch – the Apple Watch Series 3 – dropped as lowas $119 at Amazon and Walmart.So what does this mean for 2021? Well, Apple has released a new smartwatchevery year since 2015 (in 2020 there were, of course, two). If this yearfollows the same pattern as others, we expect an Apple Watch 7 to launch inSeptember, and for it to receive a small discount in the 2021 Apple WatchBlack Friday sales. The more exciting discounts will likely occur on the now-older Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 5, as well as the Apple Watch 3.To give you some context, here are the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals wesaw most recently – some of which are still running now…

The best Black Friday Apple Watch deals last year (US)

Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, GPS): ~~$399~~ $329.98 at Amazon The all-new Apple Watch Series 6 got a massive $69 price cut at Amazon in thisBlack Friday deal. The all-new 40mm smartwatch features a new S6 processor,blood oxygen monitoring, an ECG app, and elevation tracking.View DealApple Watch SE (40mm, GPS): ~~$279~~ $259 at Best Buy (save $20) The Apple Watch SE previously dropped to $229 for those in the US, so we’drecommend waiting to see if that deal returns. If you’re desperate to buyright now, the best price is $20 off from Best Buy. You’re getting a SportBand here, and your color choices are gold, silver or black.View DealApple Watch Series 3, 38mm: ~~$199~~ $179 at Best Buy (save $20) Best Buy maynot currently have such a great price for the Apple Watch Series 3 as the $119discount we saw earlier, but the retailer does have consistent stock. Ifyou’re desperate to get your Apple Watch 3 today, we’d recommend using thislink.View DealApple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm: ~~$229~~ $214 at Best Buy (save $15) You can also get the 42mm Apple Watch 3 on sale at Best Buy for $214. Whilethat isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen for this model, which includes GPStechnology, it’s near to that price (but it’s only available in black).ViewDealApple Watch SE (44mm, GPS): ~~$309~~ $289 at Best Buy (save $20) This model has previously been on sale for $259, but $289 is the best priceright now for the smartwatch. You’re also getting a Sport Band here, and yourcolor choices are gold, silver or black.View Deal

UK: Black Friday Apple Watch deals in 2021 – our predictions

Black Friday Apple Watch deals were a little more limited in the UK last year,with most price drops focused around the Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 3. Oneof the biggest discounts saw the Apple Watch 5 Black Sport Band 44mm (GPS +Cell) discounted by £250 – the price dropped from £749 to £495.99 at Amazon.The 40mm GPS + Cell version was discounted too, from £699 to £458.99. Youcould also buy the regular Apple Watch 5 (44mm GPS + Cell) at Amazon for£399.99, down from £529.At the cheaper end of the scale, the Apple Watch 3 (38mm, GPS-only) was onsale at Currys for £179, down from £279; while the larger 42mm model wasreduced to £199.If Apple releases an Apple Watch 7 in the coming months, then we’d expect tosee better Apple Watch Black Friday deals in 2021 on all the existing modelsin the UK – particularly the Apple Watch 6.

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