UTC Undergraduate Students Eligible for Graduate Credit

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UTC Undergraduate Students Eligible for Graduate Credit

Students who are within 30 semester hours of completing requirements for thebachelor’s degree at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga may apply foradmission to graduate courses if they have an overall grade point average of3.00 or higher and are recommended by the head of his or her major department.Subject to the approval of the dean of The Graduate School, students may earnup to nine semester hours of graduate credit prior to completing thebachelor’s degree. These graduate hours do not count toward completion of anundergraduate degree. Approval must be obtained each semester by completingthe special application form which is available from The Graduate School website. The approved application must be submitted to the Registration Office atthe time of registration.

Admission Classifications

Several admission classifications are utilized by The Graduate School.Applicants should apply for admission according to the one classificationwhich applies to their educational objectives. International students,however, must apply for admission as Degree Regular Graduate students only.top

Non-degree Graduate Admission

An applicant who meets admission requirements and wishes to enroll in graduateor undergraduate courses and earn credit without reference to a degree programmay be admitted as a non-degree graduate student. Students holding non-degreestatus are not eligible for financial aid.A student classified as non-degree who subsequently wishes to be admitted to adegree program must file a formal request for this change with The GraduateSchool office by completing a degree objective change form. In addition, thestudent must submit supplemental application materials as required for theproposed degree program. A maximum of nine semester hours earned as a non-degree student may be accepted toward degree requirements. The Graduate Schoolcannot assure a student classified as non-degree that all or any workcompleted in this status will apply toward a degree.The UTC Graduate School uses the following classifications to distinguishamong the types of non-degree graduate students.Post-Master’s GraduateAn applicant who has a master’s or terminal degree from an accreditedinstitution and who is not working toward a degree may be admitted as a non-degree graduate student. A graduate application, application fee andtranscripts from the university which awarded the master’s or terminal degreeare required.Post-Doctoral GraduateThis classification includes persons who have earned a doctoral degree from aregionally accredited institution or international equivalent and who wish toenroll in graduate courses offered by The University. The policies andprocedures for a non-degree admission shall apply for the post-doctoraladmission.AuditorAdults who wish to attend classes without earning credit or receiving gradesmay be admitted as auditors. A graduate application and transcripts arerequired. (Elder scholars do not need to submit transcripts.) Individuals mayregister as auditors provided space is available in the class desired and theinstructor accepts auditors. Fees for audit are the same as for creditregistration.Auditors are under no obligation of regular attendance, preparation,recitation, or examination, and academic records are maintained only foraudited courses in which the student attends at least 75 percent of the classsessions. They receive no grades and no credit. The degree of theirparticipation in class discussion, laboratory, or field work shall bedetermined by the instructor of the class. (For fee schedule please see“Student Fees and Expenses” section.)Graduate CertificateAdmission to a graduate certificate program requires that a person meet theminimum admission requirements of the Graduate School and any additionalprogram requirements (see Admission Requirements). Refer to the appropriatedepartment for specific requirements for admission to the certificate program.Admission to a graduate certificate program does not constitute immediate orfuture admission to a graduate degree program. To receive a graduatecertificate, students must be admitted to a certificate program or a degreeprogram.Certificate programs require the student to complete 9 – 18 hours and maintaina 3.00 or higher GPA. Students should check programs for specific hourrequirements. A student only pursuing a certificate consisting of 9 – 18 hoursmust complete the certificate within a maximum time of 3 years. (Approved byGraduate Council spring 2012). A student pursuing a certificate as part of agraduate degree program will have the time allotted for the degree to completethe certificate. (Approved by Graduate Council spring 2012).Students must file an Application for Graduation, Certificate Award andCandidacy form with the Graduate School the semester prior to the semesterthey will complete the certificate course requirements. Students receivingcertificates do not participate in commencement.Transient GraduateAn applicant who has been admitted to a graduate program at anotherinstitution and wishes to take UTC courses for transfer to that institutionmay be admitted as a transient student. A graduate application, applicationfee, and letter of good standing or certificate of transient admission arerequired. The letter of good standing or certificate of transient admissionmust be signed by the graduate dean or major adviser at the institution wherethe student is pursuing his or her graduate degree.Upon completion of approved courses, the student should request that the UTCRecords Office forward a copy of his or her transcript to the appropriateinstitution.top

Degree Program Admission Requirements

An applicant for admission to a degree program should refer to the appropriatecollege or department for specific admission requirements since some degreeprograms require a higher academic average, additional admission requirements,and/or utilize a formula for determining admission.If an applicant does not enter UTC in the semester or summer term for whichapplication was made, the applicant’s file will be destroyed after one yearunless he or she requests and is granted permission to enter at a future date.All application credentials become the property of the University and are notreturnable nor forwardable to other institutions.top

Graduate Admission Tests

All applicants who request admission to a specific degree program must submitscores on the appropriate admission test. Scores must be no more than fiveyears old from the date of application for admission. Admission tests areadministered computerized several times each year. (TOEFL still has paperversions of the test). Applicants should schedule all examination well inadvance of the date on which they wish to begin graduate study. Informationabout the tests are available in the UTC Testing Center 205 Hooper Hall,423-425-4288, email Cynthia –I-Taylor@utc.edu, as well as the Graduate SchoolOffice.The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is required for applicants to the master’sprogram in Counseling: Community and School (or GRE), Criminal Justice (orGRE), and Nursing (or GRE). Students may schedule this test by group orindividual appointment with the Testing Center at 423-425-4288. Additionalinformation is available on the MAT website (milleranalogies.com)The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Exam(GRE) is required for applicants for graduate study in accountancy andbusiness administration. A GMAT score of 450, or a GRE score of 1,000 withminimum score of 400 on the verbal section and 500 on the quantitativesection, is for students seeking admission to the Master’s of Accountancyprogram and the M.B.A. program. Information about the test and applicationforms are available at MBA.comThe Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test (PRAXIS Core) is requiresof applicants for the Master’s in Elementary, Secondary and Special Education.Prospective students must take the reading, writing and math sections.Information about the Praxis is available from the testing supervisor locatedat 205 Hooper Hall, 423-425-4288 cynthia-i-taylor@utc.edu or the ETS websiteat ETX.org/praxis. The test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or theInternational English Language Testing System (IELTS) is required of theapplicants whose native language is not English. A TOEFL score of 550 orhigher (213 on the computer-based test; 70 on the Internet-based test) or 6.0or higher on the IELTS must be submitted before action can be taken on theapplication. Applicants may ask The Graduate School for an exemption from theTOEFL or IELTS requirements in they: 1). Have received a degree from aregionally accredited institution in the United States (or a similarlyaccredited institution in a country/region where the predominant spokenlanguage is English) within the last two years, or 2) have worked full time inthe United States or a predominantly English-speaking country/region for atleast two of the preceding four years. (Applicants who wish to apply for suchan exemption should check with The Graduate School office for appropriateinstruction and/or forms). ETS.org/toeflPlease note that TOEFL/IELTS scores more than two years old will not beaccepted. Information about these tests and application forms are available atthese Websites: ETS.org/TOEFL or ielts.org (IELTS). Some degree programs mayrequire that international applicants also demonstrate the ability to speakEnglish effectively. Programs with this requirement will list the specificassessment procedures that will indicate proficiency in English oralcommunication.The GRE may be substituted for the PPST/CBT in Special Educationtop

Graduate School Select Admission Program

The Graduate School Select Admission Program allows graduate programs torecommend academically outstanding University of Texas at Austinundergraduates for admission to seek a graduate degree in a state formula-funded degree program. Students are normally nominated in the junior year, andprograms are encouraged to limit their nominations each year to one or twooutstanding undergraduates.Nominations are forwarded to the Graduate School by the program’s graduateadvisor or graduate admissions office with the recommendation of the GraduateStudies Committee. Undergraduate candidates may be extended an offer ofadmission and financial aid as early as the junior year, conditional uponcompletion of the baccalaureate degree. Application and transcript fees arewaived; some graduate programs may waive submission of GRE scores. Admittedstudents may enroll in graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates duringthe senior year and reserve the courses for graduate credit.Additional information about the Graduate School Select Admission Program isavailable in the Graduate School and from the graduate advisor of thenominating graduate program.

Admission as a Nondegree Student

A person who would like to take graduate coursework without becoming acandidate for an advanced degree may apply for admission to a graduate programas a nondegree student. Admission as a nondegree student is not available inall graduate programs. Enrollment as a nondegree student is normally limitedto one year. Nondegree students are not eligible to be teaching assistants,assistant instructors, graduate research assistants, academic assistants,assistants (graduate), or tutors (graduate).The applicant must submit an application and transcripts of all collegecoursework to the Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC). As withdegree-seeking applicants, nondegree applicants must possess a bachelor’sdegree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or acomparable degree from a foreign academic institution. The Graduate andInternational Admissions Center (GIAC) will determine eligibility foradmission in consultation with prospective graduate programs. Graduate RecordExaminations (GRE) scores are not required unless otherwise specified by thegraduate program. International students whose native language is not Englishmust also submit scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) unless otherwiseexempt. Admission must be recommended by the Graduate Studies Committee forthe program and approved by the graduate dean.A graduate nondegree student who later wishes to seek a graduate degree mustmeet the requirements for admission, submit all required materials and itemsby the program’s deadline, and must pay the usual application fee. A degree-seeking student may petition to have applied to the master’s degree up to sixsemester hours of graduate credit earned while he or she was a graduatenondegree student.Exchange students. A graduate student who is admitted to the Universitythrough a reciprocal exchange program is classified as a nondegree student. Anexchange student may not register for more than two long-session semesters andone summer session. The transferability of academic credit to the student’shome institution is determined by the home institution.An exchange student who wishes to take a graduate course must 1) obtain theapproval of the instructor and of the graduate advisor for the program thatoffers the course, 2) meet all course prerequisites and, 3) meet any otherrequirements affecting nondegree students. An exchange student may later applyfor admission to the University as a degree-seeking graduate student. To doso, he or she must submit the usual test scores, application fee, and otherrequired material by the graduate program’s deadline.Exchange students admitted as graduate nondegree students. If a graduatenondegree exchange student is later admitted to the Graduate School as adegree seeker, the Graduate Studies Committee may ask for the graduate dean’sapproval to include on the student’s master’s degree Program of Work up to sixhours of graduate coursework that he or she completed as a graduate nondegreeexchange student. All requirements related to courses that may be countedtoward graduate degrees apply, including rules concerning courses countedtoward another degree.Exchange students admitted as undergraduate nondegree students. If anundergraduate nondegree exchange student is later admitted to the GraduateSchool, graduate courses that he or she took as an undergraduate nondegreeexchange student may not be counted toward a graduate degree.

Recommended Application Dates for Graduate Study

Each graduate program sets its own application deadline. Applicationstypically open on September 1 for the following year. Few graduate programsadmit new students for the spring semester; those that do generally havedeadlines no later than October 1. Deadlines posted are the dates by which alldocuments and test scores must be received. It is the applicant’sresponsibility to meet the deadline set by the graduate program. A list ofprogram deadlines is published by the Graduate School. Applicants shouldcomplete and submit their applications, as well as all supporting documents,well in advance of the application deadline. Certain items, such as testscores, take several weeks to arrive and applicants should plan accordingly.To apply for financial aid in the form of gift aid, which includes grants andscholarships, and self-help aid, which includes student employment programsand long-term loans, applicants are encouraged to complete the FreeApplication for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). More information about theseprograms and deadlines for filing the FAFSA are published by the Office ofScholarships and Financial Aid. Information is also available by mail from TheUniversity of Texas at Austin, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, POBox 7758, Austin TX 78713-7758.Individual graduate programs may also offer financial assistance to theirstudents in the form of assistantships or fellowships. For more informationabout these programs and deadlines for applying to them, applicants shouldcontact the graduate program of interest. Financial aid decisions are madesoon after program application deadlines, and applicants whose materials havenot been received may not be given full consideration.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Graduate Admissions vary depending on the type of applicationan applicant is submitting. Application may be categorized as one of thefollowing:Degree Admission Non-Degree Admission Transient Admission Undergraduate Senior Admission International Student Admissions

Degree Admission

All admission categories require a one-time, non-refundable $25.00 applicationfee.Unconditional AdmissionFor unconditional admission applicants must: 1. Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. 2. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or a 3.00 on the last 30 hours of undergraduate work or hold a graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution. 3. Meet additional admission requirements specified by programs in the graduate catalog (GRE, writing samples, etc.) Conditional AdmissionApplicants may be admitted conditionally if they: 1. Do not meet the grade point requirements. 2. Hold a degree from an unaccredited institution. 3. Have not met additional requirements of particular programs. 4. Have not submitted all necessary documentation prior to initial enrollment.

International Student Admissions

Please enter the following hyper-link to view the detailed information onInternational Student Admissions .Admission Checklist

Application and Doctoral Fellowship Nomination

Applicants first apply for program entry. Once admissions decisions have beenmade, successful applicants will be considered for fellowship awards by thedepartment and the University of Arkansas Graduate School.Due to the rigorous nature of the program, applicants should have combinedverbal and quantitative GRE scores of at least 301, a GRE analytical writingscore of at least 4.0, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the undergraduate level or3.5 in a master’s program. Admission is based on the individual’s totalprofile, with special attention given to those with professional experiencerelevant to education policy. Those students who have completed calculus andstatistics courses prior to arriving on campus will more readily satisfy theprerequisites for the program’s research methods sequence.Any questions should be directed to our Graduate Coordinator Dirk vanRaemdonck, Ph.D., at dvanraem@uark.edu.Step 1: Apply to the University of Arkansas Graduate School.You will need to arrange the following for submission to the Graduate School: 1. GRE test scores, from a test taken within the past 5 years, sent directly from the Educational Testing Service. This is required of all applicants. 2. Official transcripts of all college- and university-level coursework directly from the registrars of the institutions you have attended. 3. At least two letters of recommendation. The admissions website has a function that allows you to invite people to upload letters of recommendation. These letters should be written by persons (supervisors, professors, etc.) who are in a position to evaluate your capability to undertake a demanding doctoral program in education policy. Please ensure that all letters are printed on the person’s institutional letterhead and are signed by hand. Step 2: Departmental ApplicationSubmit directly to the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of EducationReform: 1. The program application form 2. Your application essay of 1,000 words or fewer, in which you share your background and reasons for your interest in research related to education reform. 3. A curriculum vitae

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