What doesn t the Transfer Associate Degree guarantee

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What is the Transfer Associate Degree?

The Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer or Associate of Science/LouisianaTransfer are degrees offered by two-year or community colleges as an interimstep to the bachelor’s degree. They allow you to complete the first 60 hoursof college work toward a 4-year degree while you attend the two-year orcommunity college. The degrees are designed to give you the foundation tosucceed in the baccalaureate and to help you make wise choices about themajors that are best for you.

How can the transfer degree help me?

You might find that as you consider college, you’re not sure what field orfields of study you’d like to pursue. That’s okay. Deciding on a major mighttake you a year or two because college offers an array of interesting studiesand learning experiences. The transfer associate degree can help you make themost of your first two years of college, especially if you’re not sure about amajor. When you earn the transfer associate degree (39 hours of generaleducation courses and another 21 hours of more specific courses), that 60-hourblock of courses will transfer to the public university of your choice. Whileyou won’t lose any credits, the university might require you to meet otheradmission standards or course requirements for certain majors. So you shouldvisit with an advisor early as a freshman and chart the coursework that’s bestfor you.

What does the Transfer Associate Degree guarantee?

The degree guarantees: * Admission to a 4-year public university (you must meet that university’s standards); * Junior-level standing, with all of the rights and privileges that come with it; * Transfer of all 60 hours (you must make a “C” or better in each course); and * Equal opportunity to compete with ‘native’ university students for admission to limited access programs

What doesn’t the Transfer Associate Degree guarantee?

The Transfer Associate Degree does not guarantee: * Admission to every university or degree program: you must meet university-specific or degreespecific admissions requirements (e.g., GPA, specific course completions, etc); * That the courses taken for the transfer degree will meet specified course requirements of the major; you need to consult an advisor or the university to make sure.

How many hours must I take to earn the Transfer Degree?

You must complete 60 hours (non-developmental) within several categories ofcourses (see below).

What grades must I make to earn the Transfer Degree?

You must earn a “C” or higher in each course that applies to the degree. Ifyou earn less than a “C” in any course, you must either retake that course orearn at least a “C” in an equivalent (replacement) course. Only the “C” (orhigher) grades are guaranteed to transfer with the degree.

What courses are involved?

See below for detailed course lists, but generally, the transfer associatedegree consists of 39 hours of general education courses (called the GenEdblock) and another 21 hours of more focused course work. The 21 hours of morefocused courses are intended to help you prepare for upper-level study and toenrich your initial GenEd experience.

Does it really guarantee that I can transfer from a community college to a

four-year university in Louisiana without losing credits?Yes. When you earn either a transfer Associate of Arts (AA) or transferAssociate of Science (AS) degree, you can be assured that your 60 course hourswill transfer for credit. Four-year university faculty have participated inthe process of identifying General Education courses that will transfer as ablock. Also, remember that in addition to earning the transfer degree, youmust satisfy the university-specific admission requirements and know whatcourses will actually apply to your major when you transfer. Please talk witha college advisor as soon as possible to chart your course work.

Who is eligible for the Transfer Degree Guarantee?

You are eligible once you enroll in one of these colleges:Baton Rouge Community CollegeBossier Parish Community CollegeDelgado Community College (New Orleans)Fletcher Technical Community College (Houma)Louisiana Delta Community College (Monroe)LSU – Eunice Nunez Community College (Chalmette)River Parishes Community College (Sorrento)South Louisiana Community College (Lafayette)Southern University – Shreveport [SOWELA Technical Community College: whenSACS accredited]

Which four-year universities will honor the guarantee?

All of the following public universities in Louisiana will accept yourtransfer degree, as long as you also meet their university-specific admissionrequirements:Grambling State University (Grambling)LSU (Baton Rouge)LSU-Alexandria LSU-Shreveport Louisiana Tech University (Ruston)McNeese State University (Lake Charles)Nicholls State University (Thibodaux)Northwestern State University (Natchitoches)Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond)Southern University (Baton Rouge)Southern University at New OrleansUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteUniversity of Louisiana at MonroeUniversity of New Orleans

As I’m planning for my Transfer Degree, where can I find the university-

specific requirements I would have to meet to qualify for admission?Grambling State University http://www.gram.edu/admissionsLSU (Baton Rouge) http://www.lsu.edu/paurecLSU-Alexandria http://admissions.lsua.eduLSU-Shreveport http://www.lsus.edu/admissionsLouisiana Tech University http://www.latech.edu/admissionsMcNeese State University http://www.mcneese.edu/admissionsNicholls State University http://www.nicholls.edu/admissionNorthwestern State University http://admissions.nsula.eduSoutheastern Louisiana University http://www.selu.edu/admin/admissionsSouthern University (Baton Rouge) http://web.subr.edu/index.php?id=84Southern University (New Orleans) http://www.suno.edu/Future_StudentsUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette http://admissions.louisiana.edu/basicsUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe http://www.ulm.edu/prospectivestudentsUniversity of New Orleans http://admissions.uno.edu


The Associate of General Studies Degree is designed to provide flexibility tostudents whose needs cannot be met by an existing degree. This programincludes both fully transferrable courses as well as individual courses whichmay fulfill requirements for transfer toward a baccalaureate degree, directemployment, or educational enrichment. Students select an area ofconcentration based upon their interests: Pre-Allied Health, FineArts/Performing Arts, Humanities/Social Sciences, Math/Science, and ComputerTechnologies.Find out more about ANC’s Associate of General Studies Degree!

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