What Is An Employee Background Checking Service

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Types of Background Checks

There are different kinds of background checks you can conduct depending onyour needs. Here’s a list to help you pick the one that suits you best.

Employment Background Check

When a position needs to be filled fast, we sometimes forget to do our duediligence. However, one negligent hiring could lead to serious liability ifthe worker ends up hurting your staff, stealing from you, or wrecking companyresources. And let’s not forget the costs of getting a new hire.Therefore, a background check for employment is paramount for businesses to beon the safe side. It shows a potential employee’s education, work, criminal,medical, social media usage, motor vehicle, drugs, certifications, and credithistories.Depending on your state, you’ll get an applicant’s information dating back upto ten years.To carry out the check, you’ll need their SSNs, full name, past and currentaddresses, as well as their date of birth.But what happens if a good employee suddenly starts engaging in criminalactivities? Apart from carrying but background checks for employment duringthe hiring process, you can also do them on a semi-annual or annual basis.However, note that you’ll need to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA) to carry out this verification lawfully. Following FCRAS’s regulationswill save you from statutory and civil penalties.The rules companies must follow before doing background checks on employeesinclude: * Give a written disclosure notifying your new hire that you intend to carry out an employee background check and that findings could affect your decision. * If the result leads to them not getting a job in your company, issue them with a pre-adverse notice. It includes a summary of their FCRA rights and a copy of the report. * Wait at least five days after issuing the pre-adverse notice before taking drastic action due to the findings. * Issue a post-adverse notice with the name and contacts of the credit reporting company. It should also contain a statement explaining that the agency had nothing to do with the decision not to hire on your behalf.

Criminal Record Background Check

This type of background check displays a person’s criminal record. It can flagsex crimes, embezzlement, fraud, felonies, and other illegal activities.While many people confuse criminal checks with general checks, there is adifference. A criminal check searches for an applicant’s participation inunlawful activities, and a general check includes work and educationalinformation.

E-verify Background Check

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) manages the E-verifydigital program. It screens workers to check their eligibility to work in theUnited States.It’s not a mandatory check for every profession, and most employers use Form1-9 instead. However, state and federal subcontractors and contractors mustuse E-verify according to the law.Not understanding the ins and out of this check can lead to some serioustrouble. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: * You should only run an E-verify check after hiring an employee. * It’s also critical to note that you MUST do it within three days of hire.

Universal Background Check

Universal background checks surround the purchasing of firearms to ensure noguns end up in the wrong hands. Statistics show that the number of deaths fromgun violence in 2021 as of March is 7,000+. Therefore, it’s vital to properlyverify buyers if you sell guns or need to fill a position requiring applicantsto use firearms.But only 22 US states require gun dealers to perform a universal backgroundcheck on their customers. The National Instant Criminal Background CheckSystem (NICBCS) under the FBI handles this work and operates in 29 states.However, not everybody who sells guns is a federally-licensed gun dealer. Soyou can imagine the number of slip-ups that happen in this complicatedprocess, and unfit people end up owning dangerous weapons. That is especiallycommon online or on flea markets.Additionally, some sellers may be too lazy to get the necessary backgroundcheck information. Others might not fully grasp the danger that lies inselling firearms without appropriate verification. A universal screening couldensure that all private purchases run through proper regulation.

OIG Background Check

OIG is an acronym for Office of the Inspector General. It’s a subsidiary ofthe US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and has 1,600+ auditorsand investigators.An OIG check is a must for employers in healthcare. It aims to protect HHSrecipients from fraudsters and mismanagement. Examples of bodies it regulatesinclude: * The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) * Medicare * Medicaid * The Center for Disease Control (CDC)Every month, the department updates a list of entities that have anyinteraction with the above institutions. That means contractors,subcontractors, and employees of companies whose services are payable usingFederal healthcare.OIG advocates for pre-employment and periodic screening, ensuring thecontinuous integrity of all healthcare programs.

International Background Check

While a person’s record may be clean in one country, they may have a criminalhistory in another. That’s why international background information can comein handy when hiring nannies, other professionals, or leasing your property tonew tenants.Depending on the country, it could take between two to ten days. But in somecountries, where there’s a high degree of secrecy, results could take weeks oreven months.Here are things that the screening can reveal: * Education and employment details * Professional searches * Criminal information * Credit histories * Driving recordsThis verification also combs watch lists to see if there are any warranties oralerts issued against your applicant.

Personal Background Check

It’s common knowledge that employers, landlords, or financial institutions dobackground checks. Therefore, it’s normal to want to know more about theinformation they read about you. Or perhaps to catch any misinformation thatcould paint you in a bad light.This verification gives you the chance to correct any false offenses ornegative financial information against your name.Here are some things that you can find out: * Signature forgeries * Arrests that didn’t have any charges * Incorrect SSN * Fake claims of unpaid credit cards or loans * Bad check arrest warrants * False license suspensions * Name misspellings * Purported criminal offenses that you didn’t commit * Multiple entries of one charge

Credit Background Check

In simple terms, credit checks show how responsible an applicant is withmoney. They are essential in positions of employment that require one to dealwith cash. Lenders and landlords can also benefit from the reports.Here’s the kind of information that you can be able to view from this check: * Tax liens * Civil judgments * Bankruptcies * Payment history * Credit inquiries * Collections recordsNote that you will not be able to view credit scores using this report. Youalso must notify the person whose credit information you want to check for andobtain written consent from them.

What Does a Background Check Show?

Background checks show everything that a potential employer, lender, landlord,or even spouse would want to know about an individual. It’s incrediblyimportant to make sure businesses hire the right people, landlords rent outtheir properties to the right type of tenants, and banks lend money to peoplethat will pay it back.So, what can a background check reveal?It depends on the type of background check, but the most common ones cover: * Employment history * True identities * Criminal records * Driver history * Certificate confirmations * International crimes and felonies * SSN verification * Credit histories * Public records * Dismissed charges

What Is An Employee Background Checking Service?

An employment background check service is exactly what the name implies: it’stypically a web-based service that offers employers, and sometimes consumers,the ability to check a variety of different, public databases for backgrounddata on designated individuals. The data these services access is almostalways publicly available, so the value they’re offering is in convenience,breadth of data access, and ability to parse that data effectively so you canuse it to make a hiring decision. All that’s offered for a price, which istypically calculated per report, though there are other pricing methods.The majority of background check services are standalone. Businesses willaccess them whenever they want to run a report. Some, however, are offered aspart of a larger integrated HR software solution that makes the featureavailable for an added cost. Others specialize mainly in the data portion andprovide application programming interface (API) that developers can use tomore seamlessly build background check integration into their specific in-house solutions, existing third-party human resources (HR) systems, or otherrelevant software. HR departments often rely on multiple services to produce amore balanced or insightful candidate profile. Engaging multiple services,however, can soon become expensive and redundant if they generate much of thesame background data.While conducting a screening is usually just a matter of setting up an accountwith a service and inputting some key data points, HR managers should refrainfrom simply jumping in and running scans. Employers and third-party companiesthat provide these services to HR managers must adhere to certain laws, whichvary from state to state as well as between counties and even municipalities.This means, before obtaining and reviewing any report for the purpose ofhiring new employees, be sure you’re clear on the laws for your state and thatof any third-party participants, too.If you have a legal department, then it’s a good idea to run through this withthem before starting your screening process. As an employer, you are requiredto get an applicant’s written consent before getting any reports. Yourapplicants have the right to all of those records, can dispute inaccuracies,and seek damages from companies that violate their rights or discriminateagainst them. Good employment background check services provide a means fortheir clients to comply with this requirement, so verify that before making adecision.

The Different Kinds of Background Checks

The eager HR manager can choose from several different types of backgroundchecks, including credit checks, employment history verification, drug tests,driving and criminal records, and certainly academic history verification. Anew development centers on social media searches, and this has become a hotlydebated topic among HR professionals and employment background check services.That’s primarily because these screening processes tend to wind up containinginformation about which potential employers aren’t allowed to ask an applicantstraight out: things such as sexual orientation, political affiliations,religious background and similar data. Aside from ethical issues, social mediabackground checks don’t directly inform employers on a potential candidate’swork history and could color decisions based on a number of biases. Not tomention that most social media background checkers are generally untrained asthere is no consistent framework for analysis. There are more argumentsagainst than for integrating social media checks overall.Social media checks can also provide a far more candid glimpse into anapplicant’s personal life than that person may have wished. So, it’s a fairquestion to ask if simply scraping this data off the web is akin to invadingsomeone’s privacy? This argument is all the more relevant because backgroundchecks are considered consumer reports by the Fair Credit Reporting Act(FCRA). This is federal legislation designed to promote accurate, fair, andprivate background checks as well as other consumer reports. It also sets thestandards for employment screening. Additionally, it oversees the collectionand use of consumer credit information. For these reasons and more, two of oursix vendors do not offer this service.Some companies only background-check certain groups; for example, they checkfinance, HR, and legal department applicants but don’t necessarily check onanyone who seeks to work in creative fields. The reason behind thisspecialization can be market-driven or be because the software targetsresources that verify specific data points for the groups about which theycare. This can be attractive to many vertical customers and it’s a good wayfor employment background check services to differentiate themselves.

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