What to look for in cheap robot vacuum deals

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iRobot Roomba i7

Powerful suction in a newer modelSize: 33.8×33.8×9.2cm | Weight: 3.37 Kg | Carpets: Yes | Hard floors: Yes |Self-charging: Yes | Mapping: YesSelf-cleaning and chargingPowerful suctionSophisticated mappingHigher price tagThe Roomba i7 is a more recent instalment in iRobot’s line of industry-leadingrobot vacuums. It will set you back about $100 more than the 960 below, butyou’re getting a serious step up in power and features for your cash. Improvedsuction and a self-cleaning station are the two main draws (that’s right, thisrobot’s smart enough to clean its own dust tray), but a slightly lighterprofile, intelligent mapping features that learn individual rooms, and GoogleAssistant and Alexa compatibility also make this robot vacuum excellentquality for its price. We’re seeing robot vacuum deals hitting this model alittle more frequently now, as well, so you might find a better price herethan you’re expecting.

iRobot Roomba 960

The biggest brand in robot vacuumsSize: 35x35x9.1cm | Weight: 6.42Kg | Carpets: Yes | Hard floors: Yes | Self-charging: Yes | Mapping: NoReliable Roomba qualitySelf chargesWon’t get stuckNewer model available belowIt might not be the cheapest robot vacuum, but the Roomba has dominated themarket for a long time. While Roombas were the first robot vacuums to reallyexcite people, this isn’t a retro choice. The range has got smarter with everymodel and the 960 sits at a sweet spot of price right now, even if it’s notthe newest release. It delivers almost everything its 980 sibling does forless money, its navigation is superb and you’ll rarely find it confused in acorner or stuck under a sofa. It self-charges and can detect significant dirtdeposits – all it really lacks is the 980’s more powerful motor and carpetcleaning, or the i7’s more expensive mapping and self-cleaning features. Thereare also some excellent robot vacuum sales on the Roomba 960 model, whereasthe later versions are less likely to drop in price right now.(Image credit: Neato Robotics)

Neato Robotics Botvac D4

Cheap robot vacuum with mapping featuresSize: 32×33.5×9.9cm | Weight: 3.4Kg | Carpets: Yes | Hard floors: Yes | Self-charging: Yes | Mapping: YesMapping featuresStrong suction powerSmart assistant integrationApp is a little slowThe Neato Robotics Connected series of robot vacuum cleaners has been hit andmiss. Thankfully, they got all the connectivity features of the D4 model justright. Mapping features allow you to create a model of your home within theapp and direct your robot vacuum according to the layout of each room. You’llfind this cheap robot vacuum offers such features for a great price – thiskind of tech is usually only found on more expensive models. While some havebeen disappointed with the software’s inability to keep up with the precisionand performance of the vacuum itself, this is a nifty little robot vacuum withsome important features not seen in its price rage, which makes it even betterwhen those robot vacuum deals come around.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

A cheaper Eufy robot vacuumSize: 32.5×32.5×7.2cm | Weight: 2.65Kg | Carpets: Yes | Hard floors: Yes |Self-charging: Yes | Mapping: NoCheaper than 30C modelDrop sensing technologySelf-chargingNo smart assistant or app compatibilityThe 11S isn’t actually any slimmer than the more powerful RoboVac 30C – bothof them sit at 2.85-inches thin. That said, the 11S does have its place in therobot vacuum arena. It’s cheaper than the 30C and can run for just as longwith the same BoostIQ technology to keep the carpets clean too. The onlydifference you’ll notice in your cleaning between the two models is that the11S cuts the suction power to 1300Pa – only 200 difference maximum and at amuch lower price tag. You do lose support for smart assistants as well as theEufy app, however – the 11S ships with a remote you can use to schedule yourcleaning and switch your cleaning modes. We see regular robot vacuum dealscutting the price on this model as well, so you’ll find it available on saleregularly.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum

Cheap robot vacuums always on saleSize: 12.6×12.6×2.6-inches | Weight: 5.1 pounds | Carpets: Yes | Hard floors:Yes | Self-charging: Yes | Mapping: NoMassive discountGood performanceReduced pricesPrices have dropped nicely on the Shark ION, from its original $449 MSRP tomuch more wallet-friendly prices. Unlike the pricier robot vacuum sales, theShark navigates randomly, but its low profile means it can get under furniturethat frustrates some bulkier rivals. If you wish, you can use the suppliedmagnetic boundary tape to make no-go areas. It’s very simple, and the app isnice, but the original MSRP was hopelessly optimistic. You can get much betterrobot vacuum deals on this model nowadays.Note: Not available in the UK.

Are the cheapest robot vacuum deals worth it?

The very cheapest robot vacuum cleaners are often more hassle than they’reworth. You can get these for as low as $50/£50 but often their low suctionpower and poor connectivity make them little more than incredibly slow remotecontrol disks. You might also struggle to pick up spare parts and refills forsome of the less well-known brands. The robot vacuum deals listed here,however, bring you the most trusted brands with products that are tried andtested at low prices. While the iRobot Roomba is your best bet for highperformance cleaning, there are also plenty of excellent robot vacuum deals onoffer at the $150-$200 / £150-£200 price tag below.

More robot vacuum deals

If the models above aren’t fitting the bill, you’ll find plenty more robotvacuum deals at the retailers below.

UK robot vacuum sales:

* Very – frequent discounts on iRobot products * Currys – a wider range of devices on offer, with regular sales * John Lewis – focuses on iRobot, but Miele and Dyson products on offer * Amazon – big savings on Eufy and other cheaper brands * Argos – cheap robot vacuum sales and bundles are frequent

What to look for in cheap robot vacuum deals

It can be tempting to pick up a super cheap robot vacuum deal, but quite oftenwhen these offers are too good to be true they are just that. We regularly seeknock off brands putting their devices out for under $100 but it’s well worthpaying the extra cash to make sure you’re getting your full money’s worth. Ifyou’re shopping for robot vacuum sales between $100 and $180 you’ll want adevice with auto-charging, scheduling, fall detection and powerful enoughsuction to function on anything from hard wood to medium pile carpets. Movingbeyond the $200 range, you’ll want to take a look at mapping capabilities andother integrations like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.Still looking for a decent robot vacuum cleaner deal? We’ve roundup up loadsof other models in this comparison chart below if you fancy checking out somemore prices.Round up of today’s best dealsThe 40 best gifts of 2020— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchasesyou make through our links may earn us a commission.It’s hard to believe the holidays are here, meaning once again, it’s time toshow your loved ones (and your coworkers and third-cousins) how much they meanto you. I think we can all admit that gift buying can be tough. Everyone hasdifferent interests and you don’t want to feel too generic.That’s where the shopping experts at Reviewed come in. We’ve spent the entireyear testing products to see what’s actually worth the money, coveringeverything from vacuums to reusable straws. Not only that, but we’ve closelymonitored shopping trends, as well, and have great insight on what gifts arethe most popular this season. From streaming subscriptions to Apple AirPods tocast iron skillets, these are the 40 gifts everyone will be asking for thisyear, according to our product experts.Need help finding products? Sign up for our weekly newsletter. It’s free andyou can unsubscribe at any time.

25. Sonos One

Anyone who loves entertaining or listening to their latest curated playlistaloud needs the Sonos One in their home. It’s fully compatible with Alexa andGoogle Home, but packed with the high speaker quality we’ve come to expectfrom Sonos. Plus, it can interface with other Sonos speakers, which means youcan gift multiple to create seamless music throughout their home. We tested itrecently, and found that it still holds up with impeccable sound and believeit’s completely worth it, despite it not having Bluetooth.Get the Sonos One (Gen 2) from Amazon for $199

20. For the tech-savvy: Amazon Echo Dot

At Reviewed, we love voice-controlled smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, butthe diminutive (and affordable) Echo Dot is a perfect way to bring thatfunctionality to other rooms in your house. It’s our top pick if you’re abeginner looking for an entry-level Echo. I use mine in the kitchen, whereit’s perfect for streaming music while I cook, setting timers, or entertainingmy kids.Get the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020) from Amazon for $29.99

46. For the one who has everything: AncestryDNA Kit

Is he really Prince William’s long-lost second cousin? Probably not—but he canfind out who he is related to, along with other fascinating genetic and familyinfo, with a home DNA kit. AncestryDNA is one of the most well-known (and mostpopular) ones available because it’s very detailed and all he’ll need to getstarted is a simple saliva sample.Get AncestryDNA from Ancestry starting at $59

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