Which gaming headsets of 2021 have the best sound quality

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Wireless Headset Compatibility

Compatibility is the most important aspect of buying a gaming headset,especially if you’re a console gamer. Headsets with 3.5mm connectors can workwith pretty much anything, but wireless headsets generally use USBtransmitters that require compatibility with your system of choice.Most wireless headsets will work with PCs out of the box, but PlayStation4/Xbox One compatibility tends to be an either/or matter. Due to how the twoconsoles use USB, support for the PS4 and Xbox One are generally mutuallyexclusive. Check the product page and packaging for whether your wirelessheadset is compatible with the PS4 or Xbox One.In addition, check to see exactly how the headset connects to your PC or gamesystem. This is especially important for PS4 Slim users, because somePS4-compatible headsets use both USB and optical audio to work, and the PS4Slim doesn’t have an optical audio port. If this is the case, you might needto get an HDMI adapter that adds an optical output.

Bluetooth Gaming Headsets

Bluetooth can be a nice backup for gaming headsets, but it’s rarely the mainmethod of wireless connection. Bluetooth lets you connect to your phone aswell as your PC, which means you can use headsets with Bluetooth as on-the-goheadphones as a bonus.See How We Test HeadphonesSee How We Test HeadphonesHowever, Bluetooth doesn’t offer the same audio quality and latencyperformance as a 2.4GHz connection, which is why most wireless gaming headsetshave their own transmitters/receivers.

Wireless Headset Microphones

All gaming headsets have microphones, but not all microphones perform thesame. A good headset mic should provide clear voice communication at aminimum, but it probably won’t be broadcast-quality. Some headsets haveexcellent mics that you can use for streaming, commentary, and even podcasts.Others simply let you be heard in voice chat, but might have some wirelessartifacts, sibilance, or simply lack clarity.If you’re serious about streaming or recording, you should consider adedicated USB microphone. Good mics cost $50-$150, and offer far superioraudio quality than nearly any boom mic. You need to be careful with thepositioning and configuration of a separate microphone, but if you want towork professionally, it’s worthwhile. See our story on how to make yourpodcast sound better for general tips that apply to all recording andbroadcasting scenarios.As for the best wireless gaming headset, you can’t go wrong with any of theoptions we’ve tested here. So choose the one that meets your budgets andneeds, and start playing.Best Lightest Gaming Headsets 2021 Review (Buyer’s Guide)Here we have the Best Lightest Gaming Headsets of 2021 that are havingincredible Dolby audio sound, good battery life, foldable design, noisecancellation, crystal clear conversation, and much more. Moreover, theseheadsets bring the amazing sound of any game, movie, music, making them anecessary part of any gaming laptop or PC. So whether you are playing a biggame like PubG or Fortnite, it will give its best performance.However, if you are playing the game with a poor quality headset, it will ruinyour gaming experience. After using the headsets from our review, you willrealize the difference between heavy and light headsets. Good quality headsetsare necessary for the ears. Otherwise, you will face ear problems sometimelate in your old age.Our team has shortlisted the lightest best budget gaming headsets of 2021. Ifyou have no experience of buying a gaming headset, don’t worry, just gothrough our review. You will find the best gaming headset in a wide pricerange here. Plus, our team has reviewed these headsets carefully and chose thebest ones! Also, you will find the best experience with them. No doubt, theseheadsets will pay off every penny of your money.Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at our top picks of lightestgaming headsets!* * *

Best Lightest Gaming Headsets 2021 Specifications Of The Product

Product No | Product Name | Specifications | Price —|—|—|— 1 | Logi Tech G 1 Pro | * Maximum Audio Performance * Premium Leather Ear Pads * Pro-Grade Condenser| Check Price 2 | Logi Tech G430 7.1 Dolby | * 360-Degree Sound Field * Build With Comfort * Noise Cancelling * On-Cable Sound Controls| Check Price 3 | Hyper X Cloud Stinger | * Light Weight With 90 Degree * 50 Millimeter Directional Drivers * Lightweight Headset * Noise-Cancellation| Check Price 4 | Sennheiser Game Zero | * Closed-Back Design * Foldable Design * 2-Year Warranty * Noise-Cancellation Feature * Crystal Clear Conversation| Check Price 5 | Hyper X Cloud Flight Wireless | * Noise Cancellation Microphone * Durable And Adjustable Design * 90-Degree Rotating Ear Cups| Check Price 6 | Astro A50 Wireless (2019) | * Dolby Audio * Detachable Pro Grade Headset * Soft Ear Pads * Battery Life Of 15+ Hours * Immerse Audio And Sound Experience| Check Price * * *

Which is the most comfortable gaming headset?

Some of the most comfortable gaming headsets worldwide are Steel Series ArctisPro; it is a wireless headset and has the best features, including good soundquality, lightweight, and noise cancellation, durable, and much more.

Which gaming headsets of 2021 have the best sound quality?

The best gaming headsets 2021 are Steel Series Arctis 7, HyperX Cloud Stinger,Astro A40 + Mix Amp Pro, HyperX Cloud Alpha, Logitech G Pro X, Steel SeriesArctis 1 Wireless, Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero, and PDP LVL50 Wireless.

What is the best gaming headset of 2021?

One of the best gaming headsets of 2021 is Astro A50 Wireless 2021. It iswell-known because it has premium comfort and audio quality. Moreover, in 2019it was the best headset for gamers. This brand is making a new headset withimproved features for gamers.

Are wireless gaming headsets worth buying?

Wireless headphones are excellent for gamers, and it has several advantagesand disadvantages. You don’t need to hassle with the wire or any cord. On theother hand, these headsets are much costly than the wired one. But wiredheadphones have better sound quality. And wireless headphones have lessbattery life. So you have to charge them more often.

Logitech Headsets Produce Quality Sound Output

Equipped with robust speakers, Logitech headsets produce rich sound output forcaptivating listening. Their wide Pro-G™ audio drivers and built-in equalizerdeliver clear acoustics. Embedded with DTS Headphone:X® technology, a Logitechgaming headset offers enhanced bass rendering. With multi-channel 3D audiosupport, it allows you to enjoy virtual surround sound. Some gaming headphonessupport artificial intelligence (AI) software with functions that let you heardetailed in-game acoustics. Customize your headphone’s equalizer and surroundsound settings using the Logitech G HUB™ application.

Logitech Noise Cancelling Headsets Enhance Your Listening Experience

Designed with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, Logitech headphonesenhance your listening experience. With built-in software algorithms, theyconstantly monitor your environment, eliminating ambient sounds. A noise-canceling Logitech headphone with mic isolates your voice from acousticclutter for clear two-way communication. With a flexible layout, itsmicrophone moves to optimal positions, improving voice capture.Best Gaming HeadsetsThe best gaming headsets can bring the boom, and make all the difference toyour immersion gaming experience. It can be the deciding factor in cruciallife-or-death situations in game, and can provide outstanding levels ofcomfort for that marathon gaming session you’re planning.No matter what kind of gaming setup you have, what gaming headset features youneed or how much money you want to spend, you’ll find the perfect pair in ourguide. From budget gaming headphones to premium, we’ve got top choices righthere.Of course, there are a lot of peripherals out there, and not every one makesthe cut. The ones that make our best gaming headsets list all offer good soundand a comfy fits, but they also tend to go a step beyond their competitors.Sometimes, they do that by offering the basics without charging too muchmoney; other times, they offer a premium experience for a premium price.There’s something here to suit every play style and budget.Underneath our list of top gaming headsets, we’ve also included some usefuladvice on what to look for if you’re shopping for a new gaming headset,wireless or otherwise, as well as information on who we consider to be thebest gaming headset makers. And, lastly, there’s a gaming headset jargonbuster, too, so be sure to consult it if you feel lost in a specs list.

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headsets

Headsets can be either wired or wireless, with wireless models generallycosting more. More important is that each gaming headset supports differentsystem, handheld, and computer connections. For the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, mostmobile devices, and some computers, you can use Bluetooth for a wirelessheadset (the original Xbox One lacks Bluetooth support). Other systems requirea different wireless connection, often with a separate base plugged into yourconsole or computer.Bluetooth has made great strides in the last few years, but proprietarywireless connections generally offer better audio quality and a strongersignal. Proprietary wireless connections are typically designed for only oneconsole, or one console and a PC; you’ll have to choose between Xbox One andPS4 for most wireless gaming headsets.

5 Best Gaming Headsets of 2021:

The new Razer BlackShark V2 is being billed as the “the definitive esportsgaming headset”, but for those of us not affiliated with any 1337-namedesports team there’s another way to look at these new Razer cans: the gamingheadset to dethrone the HyperX Cloud Alpha.Yes, it really is that good. From the audio response, comfort, design, andsoftware, the BlackShark V2 is absolutely one of the best gaming headsetsavailable right now, and potentially the best. The fact Razer has kept theprice down to a vaguely affordable $100 means it goes head-to-head with theclassic HyperX headset, and for my money it’s got it beat.The original BlackShark was introduced in 2012, with a more industrial designthan most and a wireframe microphone to boot. It was immensely popular withthe esports community for its audio quality, comfort, and mic clarity, andthose are the key pillars that Razer has built the BlackShark V2 on this year.But this is an all-new headset, not just some iterative update. There’s a newdesign and this is the first time we’ve seen Razer’s TriForce Titanium 50mmdrivers in a set of cans too. The comparison with the Cloud Alpha works heretoo, as the tuned ports of the new TriForce drivers operate in a not-dissimilar way to the HyperX design. The discrete ports keep the bass, mid,and treble separated to keep the different tones from interfering with eachother, much like the dual-chamber layout of the competition. * Restrained styling * Comfortable * Great audio * Can’t wait for the wireless versionThe SteelSeries Arctis 7P/7X is very nearly the perfect gaming headset. On theone hand, that’s not shocking, considering that its predecessor, theSteelSeries Arctis 7, was already well on its way there. But in the threeyears since the Arctis 7 came out, SteelSeries zeroed in on the headset’s fewlingering issues, eradicated them, and added a few helpful enhancements alongthe way.The end result is a $150 headset that’s ready for both the PS5 and Xbox SeriesX, as well as any other system you own — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, phone ortablet. With excellent wireless connectivity, a comfortable fit, long batterylife and solid audio quality, the SteelSeries Arctis 7P/7X has absolutelyeverything a gaming headset needs to succeed, with no wasted features orconfusing controls.There are a few quibbles that keep the Arctis 7P/7X from absolute perfection.Three years later, the music quality is still underwhelming, something thatother gaming headsets have rectified in the meantime. The 7P feelsunderfeatured, compared to the 7X, despite costing the same amount of money.But otherwise, the Arctis 7P/7X is one of the very best gaming headsets I’veever reviewed, and the sooner you can pick one up, the readier you’ll be forthe next console generation. Read on for our full SteelSeries Arctis 7P/7Xreview. * Works with just about every system * Great gaming sound * Comfortable fit * Long battery life * Music quality could be better * 7P model is less versatile than 7XThe Corsair HS60 Haptic is easily the best gaming headset we’ve seen in a longtime. While not without its faults, those faults are largely cosmetic or amatter of taste rather than any particular technical failing.While it isn’t a wireless headset, anyone who has ever used one can tell youthat this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s no interference or batterylife issues to worry about.What’s more, the haptic feedback on a gaming headset sounds like a totalgimmick, but we can assure you, it’s actually not. Listening to theInterstellar soundtrack through the HS60 Haptic with the haptic intensitypushed up to full can only be described as an experience.For gaming and communicating with teammates, the sound is sharp and clear inboth directions, and the haptic feedback adds a surprising level of immersionwhile playing Call of Duty: Warzone and other intense titles.All that said, the arctic camo look might be off-putting to many – but, to befair, might just be the kind of aesthetic some gamers are really looking for –and the microphone is detachable, so you can lose it if you’re the kind ofuser who loses anything not tethered to the wall. * Excellent sound * Haptic feedback is like wrapping your head with a subwoofer * Excellent noise-cancelling microphone * In theory, you can lose the detachable mic * Some might prefer a wireless headsetThe HyperX Cloud Alpha is the best gaming headset for most gamers, offeringnearly perfect sound quality. Noise reproduction with these cans soundsnatural, with the drivers avoiding flaws like overly aggressive bass or highs.It’s not revolutionary headset, but it’s a fantastic value, especially if youcan find it for under $100.In terms of long-term wearability, the headset earns its Cloud branding with alight, comfy fit built with quality materials. This includes thick memory foampadding on the headband and earcups and HyperX’s decision to opt for aluminumover plastic in some important areas. The overall look and feel is one ofquality.If you like the Cloud Alpha’s design but want something with some morefeatures, there’s also the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. It’s basically the sameheadset but with 7.1 virtual surround sound, an inline controller and basssliders on each ear cup. The black-and-blue or all-black color options(instead of the Cloud Alpha’s black and gold or black and red) add moreoptions too. * Excellent all-around sound * All-day comfort * Finicky mic positioning * Cable may be too longOutfitted with ASTRO Audio V2, you can rest assured that you will hear everysound – be it music, movies or in-game dialogues with utmost clarity.Furthermore, the connection here is completely wireless so users get to enjoythe convenience and freedom that cannot be expected from wired headsets.Though it’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing, this luxury headset is morethan just a pretty face. It is equipped with a free ASTRO command centersoftware that gives you complete control over your virtual environment. Thisis in terms of audio settings and voice communication balance and it alsocomes enabled with USB sound card functionality when using your computer inorder to further balance the game and voice streaming.Even better is the fact that there’s no need for optical cables. Additionally,the headset comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last formore than 15 hours at a stretch when fully charged. It is further engineeredthis way to make the charging process, as well as headset pairing simple. Itsboom microphone also provides super-clear, low-latency voice communicationthat ensures even a whisper is clearly heard on the other end. Though it doesa pretty good job on its own, this product can be bought with an optionalmodification kit (for even more flexibility and customization).It even includes replacement synthetic leather ear cushions and headbandswhich makes for better noise isolation. Please note that the mod kit is onlycompatible with the Gen 4 version of the A50 Wireless Headset. * Rechargeable battery that can last 15+ hrs * Equipped with Dolby Audio and ASTRO Audio V2 * In-built mix amp and Mod kit ready * Works with Playstation 4 and PC

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