Why Choose Arkansas for Online Higher Education

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University of Arkansas International Student Admission

Although the admission process for International and domestic students isalmost the same there are some additional requirements that an internationalstudent has to fulfill.An International student must give proof of English proficiency along withtheir high school certificates in which they should have a secured grade orpercentage to be eligible to apply. The applicant has to provide variousdocuments and his/her IELTS or TOEFEL scores along with SAT and ACT scores, ifthe applicant clears the eligibility criteria then he/she can apply forvarious courses offered by the university.Application Portal: University’s Official websiteApplication Fee: 50 USDAdmission Requirements: International students are asked to submit thefollowing documents through their online application process. * Statement of Purpose * A photocopy of the ID sheet of your present passport * An academic record and documentation * SAT and ACT scores * IELTS or TOEFL scores * Transcripts translation and Credential evaluation * The supplemental and Financial Support Form * Evidence of the Immunization FormSupporting Documents: Other requirements may include a letter ofrecommendation from teachers or professors which may have taught the student.Students are required to mail the admission materials to the University ofArkansas:Silas H. Hunt Hall, 471 Garland Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States.

University of Arkansas Undergraduate Admissions

The University of Arkansas offers undergraduate admission for various courseslike agriculture, law, food and sciences, engineering, business,administration, Management, healthcare, and many more.Students are required to attach transcripts along with their onlineapplication for validation.Where to apply: Online portalApplication fee: 50 USDAdmission Requirements: Applicants should defer the ensuing documents at thetime of admission: * Proof of residency * Guidance counselor recommendation * English proficiency test score for international applicants * ACT and SAT Scores

University of Arkansas Graduate Admissions

The University of Arkansas offers graduate admissions for various courses inDesign, Economics, engineering, medical, business, administration, management,architecture and agriculture, and also in Health care and Education.A student should have a bachelor’s degree from an authorized and recognizedUniversity of higher education, with a grade point average of 3.0 on the last60 credit hours of educational coursework or a 3.0 aggregated gradepercentage.Some requirements for some of the popular graduate programs offered by theUniversity of Arkansas are given below:Requirements | Executive MBA | MS in Computer Engineering | MS in BusinessAnalytics | MS in Information Systems | MS in Accountancy —|—|—|—|—|— Application Fee (Non-refundable) | 60 USD | 50 USD | 60 USD | 40 USD | 40 USD Transcripts | Required | Required | Required | Required | Required GMAT/GRE | GRE/GMAT Required | GRE required | GRE/GMAT required | GRE/GMATrequired | GMAT required Essay | Required | Required | Required | Required | Required Work Experience | 3+ years | 2+ years | 2+ years | Not required | Not required Professional CV/Resume | Required | Required | Required | Required | Required Recommendations | Required (3 letters) | Required (2 letters) | Required (3letters) | Required (1 letters) | Required (2 letters) Admission Interview | By invitation only | By invitation only | By invitationOnly | By invitation only | By invitation only If the student clears the eligibility criteria then he/she can easily getadmission in this university with his/her choice of course. To avail benefitslike housing and scholarships then a student should apply a priorityapplication before November 15 which has an early acceptance rate of 88%.Students should thoroughly follow the criteria provided in the application andmust provide all necessary documents and academic certificates.

Accredited Online College Programs

You can research Arkansas’s top affordable online colleges in this section.Rankers choose schools that offer excellent programs at affordable prices;each program features at least three online programs and charges out-of-statestudents no more than $25,000 per year in tuition. Rankers also analyzedschools’ student-to-teacher ratios, graduation rates, and career counselingservices. Each school description includes a direct link to its onlineprograms.See Our Rankings Methodology

Top 10 Online Colleges in Arkansas

? This represents the average net price of attendance for full-time studentsas gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics. Individual costsmay vary. Costs per credit hour may also vary by program or degree.

Arkansas’s Top Affordable Online Colleges

1. Arkansas State University 2. 3. Southern Arkansas University 4. University of Arkansas at Little Rock 5. Arkansas Tech UniversityLocationRussellville, AR 6. Southern Arkansas University 7. Henderson State University 8. University of Arkansas at Monticello 9. 10. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Why Choose Arkansas for Online Higher Education?

In 2016, Arkansas colleges and universities offered 48 online degrees,attracting nearly 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 82 of which wereinternational.Many factors draw U.S. students to online learning. Previously underservedgroups — such as full-time professionals, single parents, and laid-off workers— benefit from online education. Likewise, international students earn degreesonline to avoid travel and housing costs associated with living abroad. * Number of Programs Offered Completely Online in Arkansas 48 * Undergraduate Students Enrolled Exclusively Online in Arkansas 6,748 * Graduate Students enrolled Exclusively Online in Arkansas 8,084 * Total International Students enrolled Exclusively Online in Arkansas 82Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Cost of Attending an Online College in Arkansas

Arkansas residents who earn a bachelor’s online spend approximately 60% lessthan out-of-state students who attend the same public colleges anduniversities. For associate programs, in-state students save 25% on tuitioncompared to out-of-state students. To qualify for in-state tuition, newresidents must live in Arkansas for six months; Arkansas boasts one of theshortest residency requirements in the United States.Some Arkansas colleges and universities participate in the Academic CommonMarket (ACM), a consortium of schools in 16 southern states. Depending on theACM state where you live and your intended major, you may qualify for in-statetuition at an online college in Arkansas.In-state tuition $7,924 – public,four-year institution $3,195 – public, two-year institution Out-of-statetuition:$19,323 – public, four-year institution $4,582 – public, two-yearinstitutionSource: National Center for Education Statistics, 2017 Explore Online DegreePrograms in ArkansasSearch ProgramCompared to online programs in other states, Arkansas boasts competitivetuition rates that can save you thousands of dollars on your degree.Continue reading to review three online tuitions at a public four-yearuniversity, private four-year university, and two-year college. Nearly allprivate schools charge in-state and out-of-state students the same tuitionrate. Keep in mind that tuition rates differ at other private and publicschools; you may find more affordable online programs in Arkansas than theprices below.:

Considering an Arkansas School as an Out-of-State Student

In 2016, just over 3,000 out-of-state students earned their degrees online inArkansas. Out of this group, graduate students outnumbered undergraduatestudents by a 5-to-1 ratio. In this section, you can learn more about how out-of-state students may benefit from tuition reciprocity agreements anduniversity-specific policies that attract talented out-of-state students. Asalways, research specific colleges and universities to learn more abouttuition and financial aid policies that can impact tuition costs.Out-of-state undergraduate students studying exclusively online in Arkansas474Out-of-state graduate students studying exclusively online in Arkansas 2,591

Are there any free online classes I can take from Arkansas colleges?

Unfortunately, as of the writing of this article, no colleges or universitiesin Arkansas offer free online classes, such as massive open online courses(MOOCs). One reason that free online courses may not exist in Arkansasinvolves NC-SARA. When MOOCs first appeared, states grappled with whetherMOOCs fell under NC-SARA regulations. States did not know if MOOC creditswould transfer between schools in two states. NC-SARA has yet to resolve thisissue, meaning that some states like Arkansas do not provide free onlinecourses.Despite Arkansas colleges and universities not offering MOOCs, you can stilltake free online courses at institutions in other states, the credit fromwhich may transfer to an accredited online university in Arkansas. To find outwhich schools might accept MOOC credits, contact their admissions departmentsfor more information.Although the state’s colleges and universities do not offer free onlinecourses, Arkansas boasts a unique program that grants residents aged 60 andover free tuition at all public colleges and universities. This guaranteeextends to online courses and programs. Though restrictions apply, seniorcitizens can expand their educational horizons, stay active in retirement, orprepare for a second career that more closely aligns with their interests.

How can I find the online program options at Arkansas colleges?

Unlike other states, Arkansas does not have a centralized website detailingall online program options at the state’s colleges and universities. However,some universities, such as the University of Arkansas, boast easy-to-useonline resources that explain online learning. For both in-state and out-of-state prospective students, these university websites include valuableinformation about degree options, the online learning experience, and tuition.Also, admission counselors may provide additional information that applies tolow-cost online degrees in Arkansas.As you review college and university websites, make a shortlist of those thatbest match your academic interests and career goals. Doing so will allow youto turn dozens of potential programs into a manageable few. Explore OnlineDegree Programs in ArkansasSearch Program

Arkansas Scholarships and Grants

Your FAFSA results may qualify you for a Pell Grant, which the governmentawards to students with financial need, typically those who earn fewer than$20,000 per year, but students who earn up to $45,000 per year may stillqualify. If you do not receive a Pell Grant, start your scholarship and grantsearch through the list below. Some scholarships on this list only acceptapplications from Arkansas college students. 1. Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Arkansas single parents enrolled at a two- or four-year college or university may apply. Other scholarship requirements include a minimum 2.0 high school GPA, eligibility for need-based aid, and U.S. citizenship or permanent residency. Application materials and deadlines vary by county. Scholarship Amount: Varies

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