Wrapping up Remove Image Background Easily

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1. Background Burner

Background Burner is a professional level background image remover tool whichis very much easy to use. You just upload the image and Background Burnerremoves the image background automatically. You need to have a valid email idto create a free account at background burner. Without having it, you can’tdownload the final image having no background. Let’s follow the steps belowfor using this.Step 1: Visit the Background Burner’s website and upload the image (you canuse drag and drop method also) to be edited.Step 2: Wait until Background burner automatically burns the image backgroundand creates multiple copies of images in a PNG/JPEG format. Select what suitsbest for your image. If you download the PNG version of the image, you get theimage with transparent background. However, you can add another background tothat image from the available backgrounds or you can use your own background.Step 3: If there still remain some part of image background after thebackground burner’s automatic removal, you can remove those manually via touchup button.Professional version of Background Burner offers more functionality like batchimage editing that costs $9.95/month for professional start-up. (VisitBackground Burner Website)

2. Edit Photos for Free Online Tool

‘editphotosforfree.com’ is a easy to use online tool that let you remove thebackground picture of any image with a minimal effort. This tool is completelyfree and you can download the converted image instantly, direct from thewebsite without any login or sign up procedure. The steps are as follows toremove the background image of a picture.Step 1: Head over to the website and use ‘Select Image‘ button to upload theimage.Step 2: Use yellow color to mark the outline area of the image. Use greencolor to mark the portion that you want to keep. Use red color to mark theportion that you want to delete.Step 3: Click ‘blue arrow‘ button to convert and preview the image.Step 4: Refine the image if necessary. Otherwise click the ‘Download‘ buttonto save the image.Website Link: http://editphotosforfree.com/photoapps/remove-background-from-image-online/

3. Clipping Magic – Online Image Background Remover

‘Clipping Magic’ is a very popular online tool which performs a magical workto vanish the background of an image. This tool is very easy and simple touse. Let’s start the image background removal.Step 1. Upload the image from your PC which is to be edited. You can use drag& drop method too. The tool allows you to load the image to Clipping Magic’swebsite using the image URL, if the image is available to the internet.Step 2. Now use Green ‘+’ foreground brush tool to mark the portion of theimage which is to be retained. Then use Red ‘-‘ background brush tool to markthe part of the image that is to be removed.Step 3: See the above screenshot and you get a clear idea about the magicalactivity of Clipping Magic. As soon as you mark the image with green and redmark, the online tool instantly removes the background of the uploaded imageinstantly and preview it. This is a paid tool and if you want to download theconverted image, you need to subscribe a paid plan i.e. $3.99/month.

5. Use MS-Office 2010/2013/2016 to Remove Background of an Image

You can use MS Office to remove the image’s background alternatively. Stepsare as follows: 1. Open a Word Document and navigate to insert tab. 2. Select picture from your desktop and insert it to the Word file. 3. Now, under Format section, choose “Remove Background” option. 4. The actual background is figured out automatically and select ‘Keep Changes’ to remove the background automatically.Depending upon the complexity of the image, you might have to use other refinetools such as mark areas to keep, mark areas to remove etc.

How to Remove Background From an Image Using Online Tools

We have listed some of the best online tools to remove background from imagesfor free. Before heading to the list, it is better to learn how things work.The first online tool is called Remove.bg. It does the job pretty well, andthe output looks promising. Let’s see how it works. Before getting started,you must have the image on your computer or the direct URL.1: Open the official website of Remove.bg on your browser.2: Click the Upload Image button if you have the picture on your computer. Ifyou want to insert an image from a website without downloading, click the URLoption, and paste the image link.3: Click the Download or Download HD button to download the edited image toyour computer.It is as easy as said. One of the best features of this online tool isreplacing the existing background with something else. It offers a bunch ofbackground replacements you can find after clicking the Edit button afteruploading and before downloading the image.It is possible to choose either a given image or a custom one you got fromother sources.In case you do not like to have a background image or want to create one forany official ID card purposes, you can use solid colors as background.No matter which tool you use to remove photo background, the summary is thesame. You click an image, upload it to the website, maybe edit it (choose thereplacement background), and download it. If you are OK with these steps, itis better to take a look at the following tools to find the most suitableoption for you.

2. Removal.ai

Like PhotoScissors, you can choose an image only if it is present on yourcomputer. The image editor comes with some options you may not need. Forexample, it lets you choose the opacity/transparency, blurriness, contrast,noise, etc. However, one noteworthy feature is you can insert a shadow, makingyour image slightly different from the background. Apart from that, you caninsert text, header, etc. Next, it is possible to replace the originalbackground with something else. It lets you upload a replacement, or you canchoose something from the given list.Pros: * Add text as watermark * Replace background * Change brightness * Set custom image resolutionCons: * Bunch of unnecessary options * No option to paste the direct image link * No manual selectionOpen Removal.ai (Free, Paid)

5. Background Burner

Background Burner requires you to create an account to download the editedimage to your PC. Apart from this simple drawback, there is no disadvantage tousing this background removal tool. Talking about the features, you can uploadimages only from your computer. It has a manual selection option to keep orremove a specific part of your image. After uploading an image, it shows threeor four different versions of your image, and you can choose one among them.Pros * Manual background selection * Multiple versions of the image * Original size image downloadCons: * No background replacement * Create an account to download imageOpen Background Burner (Free)

Mobile Apps to Remove Background From Image

In case you are using a mobile and you do not want to use an online tool dueto any reason, use the following apps available for Android and iOS.

2. ClipDrop

ClipDrop lets you click a picture with your mobile and export it to yourcomputer. With the help of the companion app, you can directly send a selfieor any other image from your Android or iOS mobile to your Windows or Maccomputer. The best thing is that it will remove background from the image asyou send the image to your computer.The free edition helps you perform ten such exports, which might not be enoughfor you. In that case, spending a few dollars allows you to access morefeatures and clips.Download ClipDrop: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchase)

Free Sources to Download Images for Background

If you want to replace the existing background with a new one, the followingwebsites will help you download it.

Wrapping up: Remove Image Background Easily

These are some of the best online tools to remove image background. However,if you want to click some selfies and remove the background, it is better touse mobile apps instead of online tools.[Web] Easily remove backgrounds from photos with Background BurnerBelieve it or not, one of the most tedious parts of image editing isbackground removal. Not only does it consume a lot of time, it also requiresyou to be very thorough especially when it comes to removing the unnecessaryparts. If you don’t thoroughly remove the background, the outcome of youredited image will be too dirty. Fortunately, there are free background removaltools that can help you complete the task. One good example of this isBackground Burner – a free web app.

Conclusion and download link

I find Background Burner really useful especially when it comes to cleaningthe images that most people use to showcase their products on various blogs,websites and online shops. I also like the fact that it’s fast and accurate.You don’t need to wait for too long just to get your image cleaned so whydon’t you go ahead and give this free online image background removal tool atry?Price: Free Version reviewed: N/A Requires: Works on any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) onany desktop operating system (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OS X, Linux,etc.) Background Burner homepage

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