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Searching for the latest version of the Nitro TV App? We got the Nitro TV Apk Download link right here for you.

Nitro TV is one of the most amazing and cheapest streaming services right now. Their offers are not only mouth-watering but also make offers from other streaming companies look like dog poop.

Before we drop you the Nitro TV Apk Download link, we’d like to refresh your memory with some things you should know about the Nitro TV App.

Nitro TV App works with IPTV technology just like many other streaming services.

In simple terms, IPTV technology allows you to stream movies and TV shows through your internet connection.

IPTV is a rising system of watching TV shows and movies and over 50 million people subscribed to the service in 2018.

If you go through the Nitro TV website, you will see a statement “We only support Android devices” and might start wondering if your device is compatible with Nitro TV.

Well, here are the…

List of Devices Compatible With NitroTV

Fortunately, NitroTV is compatible with almost every platform on the planet earth. So you don’t have to worry.

  • Kodi
  • Perfect Player
  • Firestick
  • Fire Box TV
  • VLC
  • Gemma
  • Openbox
  • Xbox
  • Tablets
  • Android Devices
  • SmartTV
  • IOS
  • OSX
  • Apple TV4,
  • Windows via a web browser,
  • MAG Boxes
  • Aviv

If you don’t see your device platform up there, then you have a problem.

You can easily solve that by upgrading your device to one of the platforms listed above or you can simply get a new device that runs on any one of the platforms.

Key Features of NitroTV

  • Nitro TV features 2,500 channels including pay per view events at no extra cost.
  • Thousands of On Demand entertainment options
  • Plug & Play Technology
  • Pay as you go! Month to month service (Annual services also available)
  • No long-term commitments
  • No activation fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No credit check
  • Professional 24/7 Support in email and live chat support system.

Nitro TV Apk Download

You can get the Nitro TV Apk Download for Android, Firestick, IOS and other devices HERE

Nitro TV Subscription Cost

Like I said Nitro TV offers you 2,500 channels and they do this for a really cheap price.

You can check their price list below.

Nitro TV Price List

Nitro Monthly Cost

1 – 2 Devices – $20 monthly

3 Devices – $30 monthly

4 Devices – $35 monthly

Nitro Annual Cost

1-year payment – $199

Nitro TV Internet Requirements

If you’d ever stream videos on Youtube, then you’d know that having a strong internet connection is crucial.

Although normal download speed is around 10mbps, it is recommended your internet speed be at least 30mbps to avoid internet interruptions like annoying buffering.

Check the speed of your internet here

How To Make Pay Or Renew Your Nitro TV Subscription

To do this, you simply go the Nitro TV payment page HERE

Follow the instructions there and you’re good to go. It is easy and simple and wouldn’t take your time.

What kind of payment option does Nitro TV accept?

When making payments on Nitro TV online page, you would be required to use your card.

Nitro accepts all major credit or debit card as payment methods

Popular Q & A

Where Can I Use Nitro TV?

Good news is that you can use Nitro TV anywhere there is wifi provided that your bandwidth is at least 10 – 15mbdl

 Can I Use Nitro TV On Multiple Devices?

You can use Nitro TV on more than one device without subscribing to the multiple connections plan. But there is a catch; you wouldn’t be able to use those devices at the same time. Using it all at once would result in your home IP getting blocked and you’ll lose your service.

If this happens, you simply contact Nitro to unblock your IP and that will be done without any extra charges.

Nitro TV Contact / Customer Care

If you require help or assistance, you can contact Nitro through any of their customer care channels listed below.

Customer Care Hotline:  (954) 913-9227

Contact them through email HERE


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